Why Some People Don’t Keep the Weight Off After Surgery



We live in a world where it seems to be harder and harder to follow rules. There is just too many of them! That said, there are situations in which you have to follow the rules, and this is particularly true if you suffer from one of the most conditions in the world today: obesity. While the fact that you are obese already means that you didn’t quite follow the rules, you will really have to change that if you want your bariatric procedures to be a success.

Why Bariatric Surgery Sometimes Fails

Overall, bariatric surgery has very good outcomes, with the majority of people keeping the weight off for five years or more. However, there are some failures as well, and you need to make sure that you don’t become part of those statistics. This means that you must change your lifestyle. The reality is that you became obese because you ate too much and moved too little. If you choose to have surgery, but you don’t also choose to change your diet and lifestyle, then bariatric surgery will only last for a short period of time.

There are a few reasons as to why surgery fails. These include:

  • Poor work by the surgeon, but this is incredibly uncommon. That being said, you do have to make sure that you find a surgeon who is properly trained, registered, and licensed to perform the procedure so that you can avoid this.
  • Not following the dietary and exercise requirements that are recommended to you – in other words: not following the rules.

If you don’t follow the rules throughout your recovery time, then it is far more likely that your surgery will fail. And surgery can fail in different ways. For instance, you may not be able to lose weight, you may not be able to keep the weight off, or you may even develop complications.

You will be prescribed a complete diet that has the right calories and vitamins and minerals. Additionally, you should be prescribed an exercise plan. You will also be told to take certain supplements. If you do all these things, then there is absolutely no reason for you to develop complications, or for the surgery to fail.

You will also be told to avoid certain things after you have surgery, including:

  • Alcoholic drinks
  • Coffee
  • Tea
  • Sweets
  • Pretzels
  • Chips
  • Pastas
  • Oven baked items

Unfortunately, these are things most people crave from time to time. In the first few weeks after your surgery, these things would be impossible for you to consume as your stomach will be too sensitive. Over time, however, as you move back to solid foods, you may want to eat those things again. What you have to teach yourself is that you must ensure that all your nutritional needs come first. If you eat small portions regularly, and you fancy a single pretzel, then that is fine. But if you fancy a pretzel and you haven’t had your regular portions yet, then don’t eat that pretzel!

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Cara Delevingne

Clients Want Brows Like Cara Delevingne — Give Them What They Want!



If you haven’t heard of Cara Delevingne, popular model and actress, then chances are you’ve been living under a rock. You can see her in the most recent blockbuster, Suicide Squad, in which she starred as the anti-hero, the Enchantress. Even if you don’t know her by name, you know her by her signature look: her thick, dark eyebrows. Because of Cara, as well as other celebrities like Lily Collins and Kendall Jenner, it’s become cool to have full, well-defined brows again.

Aside from celebrities making it cool, there are other reasons why people want to have thicker brows. Health disorders, illnesses, and medical treatments (like chemotherapy) can result in the loss of the hair. Meanwhile, some people naturally have less hair, with brows that don’t properly frame their eyes. There are those who are embracing the recent trend of wearing minimal, natural-looking makeup. A bold brow replaces bold makeup, letting those who go fresh-faced still have a defined and accented look.

The latest beauty enhancements let you achieve this look, solving issues of hair loss without relying on makeup. Brow embroidery, or microblading, is a semi-permanent way to create a thick, well-defined brow. Microblading, as the name suggests, uses micro blades to create pigmented incisions that take on the look of natural, three dimensional hair. Since it involves breaking the skin, even as shallow as these cuts are, it must be performed by those who have trained at a high-quality facility that meets all FDA, Health Canada, and EMA standards of excellence and protocol. This status is only possessed by the Lashforever Canada facility. You can read more about their commitment to offering elite training relying on the best products and techniques by visiting http://www.lashforevercanada.com/. With a simple click of the button you can enroll in one of their classes, too.

If you plan on making a career out of handling eyebrows, taking one of these classes is essential to your success. An HDI Embroidery Brow class lets you master the technique of microblading, so you can safely and effectively deliver thick, luscious, and beautiful looking results to all of your clients. You’ll learn the best ways to define a strong arch and fill in sparse brows with natural looking hair. Enroll so the next time you get a customer who wants the iconic look of Cara Delevingne, you can confidently deliver exactly what they want: full, thick, and gorgeous looking eyebrows.

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Top Things You Need to Know About Hair Removal

Top Things You Need to Know About Hair Removal


Royalty Free Photo


Hair removal is often a tricky subject to discuss. Although there are a lot of tips and tricks on how to effectively remove (unwanted) hair from different parts of the body, there are still plenty of misconceptions and myths circulating among women. Whether you’re trying to do some tidying up down there or you simply want to have clean, beautiful legs for the season, these are some of the most important things to keep in mind.

Know Your Gadgets

There are plenty of hair removal gadgets designed specifically for women. Before you shop for one, however, it is important that you know the different products available and how they can be used for hair removal.

An epilator, for instance, is a great replacement for waxing and razors. Epilators work really well for removing soft hair from your legs and other parts of the body. You will get a smooth finish that lasts longer too. However, it is not designed to remove longer or thicker hair.

For that, you need a trimmer. A trimmer is for grooming the bikini line and removing coarser hair. It is usually small and can handle thicker hair as well as tough spots. You can use a trimmer before you use an epilator to get the results you want.

It’s Okay to Trim or Shave

One of the most common misconceptions about shaving is that it will cause your hair to grow back thicker and darker. This is actually not true. You can shave certain parts of your body and get great results without having to worry about the hair growing back thicker.

The rate at which your hair regrows depends on a lot of things, including your diet and your hormones, but shaving and trimming will not affect that rate. That said, trimming and shaving are not the methods to use for permanent hair removal.

If you’re looking for a more permanent result, the right hair removal cream or a series of laser treatments is the better way to go. Be sure to pick a suitable treatment depending on the sensitiveness of your skin to avoid any unwanted side effects.

Removal Creams Can Remove All

One last thing to remember when it comes to removing hair with creams is to use the right cream based on your skin and the hair you want to remove. No, you can’t just use an over-the-counter hair removal cream and expect it to do magic.

For starters, hair removal cream is not for removing facial hair. A lot of women suffer from rashes and flakey skin because they use creams meant to be used on the legs or other parts of the body to remove facial hair.

More importantly, the available hair removal creams are not designed to remove thicker hair as well. They are best for legs and underarms and they can help remove softer hair effectively. Be sure to read the instructions that come with the hair removal product for more details on how to use it properly.

Now that you know these basic things about hair removal, you can get that smooth skin you want using the correct methods. You’ll have much better results and can easily avoid unnecessary risks and side effects along the way.

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Keeping Your Skin Healthy and Vibrant

Keeping Your Skin Healthy and Vibrant

You want beautiful and radiant skin, but as you age this becomes more and more difficult to maintain. Fortunately, there are ways to age gracefully. From products you apply to simple habits you can change, here are a few ways to get started in ensuring your skin stays luminous throughout your life.


Your skin needs moisture to stay healthy. Just like you can see the skin on a piece of fruit start to wrinkle and wilt, your skin requires work to keep it hydrated and looking healthy. Drink plenty of water to plump up your skin and reduce the appearance of wrinkles. Don’t stop there. You also need to moisturize your skin at least twice a day to keep your skin oils regulated.

Be careful with your moisturizer choice as many are filled with unnecessary chemicals. Try one of the Artistry products from Amway that are made from only the best ingredients and are customizable by skin type. You can learn more information about Amway’s products from its social media pages.

Sun Protection

Protecting your skin from the sun is one of the most crucial and best things you can do for your skin. You should stay in the shade as much as possible, wear hats and apply sunscreen any time you are outside. Even getting a light tan is a sign of damage to your skin. But don’t think that if you already have a tan that you are protected from getting further damage.

Wear at least SPF 30 on your face every day to avoid premature aging and skin cancer. Chances are good that the SPF in your makeup is not enough, so buy a specific sunscreen to apply beforehand.

Face Exercises

It may seem far-fetched that facial exercises actually work to tighten your skin and keep you looking young, but it is catching on more and more. You may feel a little silly in the beginning, but the goal of these exercises is to replace plastic surgery and injections. If doing a couple of facial stretches each day eliminates the need for Botox, you’re saving yourself a lot of money and pain. Marie Claire provides face yoga exercises that work specifically on your problem areas.

Habit Changes

Take a look at your daily habits and make changes to be healthier. Many bad habits that affect your overall well-being also affect your skin. For example, smoking causes a host of health problems, including lung cancer, cavities and wrinkles. Smoking dries out your skin and makes it lose its elasticity, which causes wrinkles and sometimes a grayish tint.

Another bad habit is eating sugary foods. Too much sugar causes inflammation and breakouts as well as more serious problems like diabetes and heart problems. Sugar also attacks collagen, which is the protein that keeps your skin looking young and fresh.

Skin is special — it’s the organ you see everyday after all. It’s just as important to take proper care of your skin as it is to take care of any other part of your body. Put your health first and vibrant skin will follow.

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The Best Maxi Dresses of the Season


The maxi dress is a summertime staple, but it’s also the ideal piece of clothing to take you into the cooler fall months. They keep you looking cool and effortlessly fashionable even when you forgot to shave your legs. With proper styling, the maxi dress can be worn casually or dressed up for a cocktail party or other special event. Maxis do so much for us that we’ve decided to put together a list of the best long dresses of 2016 so you can enjoy them too.

The Best Maxi Dresses of the Season

Color-Block Maxi

Maxi dresses with big blocks of color tend to have a chic, modern appearance. They’re a great way of slimming down the overall appearance of the dress if many maxis are just too voluminous for you.

Shirtdress Maxi

The classic shirtdress can be lengthened to maxi proportions without losing any of its casual charm. Be careful when accessorizing this type of maxi dress, as they tend to be a bit bulkier than traditional sheathe dresses.

Embroidered Maxi

Embroidered maxis have an expensive look that makes them great for transitioning from day to evening. Unlike dresses that have a pattern woven into the fabric, embroidered dresses have a unique and eye-catching texture as well.

Halter Maxi

Maxi dresses with halter necks are a classic style, and one that’s not as difficult to wear as you might think. Wear a strapless bra with them for a seamless look, or wear your cutest undergarments and let the straps hang out.

One-Shoulder Maxi

One shoulder dresses tend to drape in unique ways, showing off curves you may not have even known that you had. These dresses tend to look best when they have relatively simple patterns since the draping does most of the work.

Floral Maxi

Whether you prefer big flowers or small flowers, floral print maxi dresses are essential for summer. Bright and colorful, floral dresses look great with a pair of sandals and a few simple accessories.

Sheer Maxi

A sheer dress might seem like a daring choice, but most sheer maxis come with a built-in slip so you can retain your modesty. A sheer layer on top gives you a floaty, breezy look that is effortless and cool.

Wrap Maxi

Wrap maxis are slimming and give you an instant hourglass figure. Look for one made of a lightweight fabric to keep the extra material necessary to achieve the wrap effect from dragging the whole dress down.

Tiered Maxi

Tiered maxis have an asymmetrical hem that is longer in the back than it is in front, or longer on one side than the other. This gives your dress a modern look and also lets you show a little leg.

With so many different styles to choose from, it’s time to stock your closet with summer maxi dresses.

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Tips For Saving Money On Fragrances

Tips For Saving Money On Fragrances


As you are probably already aware, fragrances, particularly the designer fashion label kind, can be very expensive indeed.  The frustrating thing is that we all want to smell great, don’t we?  Which may be leading you to wonder how you go about getting what you want at a price you need.  Fortunately, there are various ways you can cut the price of fragrances and perfumes, if you shop with eagle eyes.  To help you hone those bargain searching skills though, we have put together a list of some tips for you.

Shop Online

Although it is nice to take a trip to the local department store, if you are trying to save money on buying your favourite fragrance or that one you fancy trying out, the chances of finding a bargain at the department store is very inconsistent.  Therefore, you should save a lot of time and wasted effort and shop online.  You will even find some online retailers that solely specialise in selling high quality designer brands for less.

Wholesale Fragrance Shopping

Although you have probably associated the idea of a wholesaler with wholesale clothing and not wholesale fragrances, you will find that there are still some good stores of this kind, particularly online.  The misconception about wholesalers is that you have to be a retailer or own a business to buy from wholesaler.  While the fact that this is true for some shops, it is not the same for all.  If you would like to know more, you should check out ApparelCandy.com

Coupons And Sales

Coupons and sales is one of the best ways to purchase things without it costing an arm and leg to do so.  It is no different when it comes to perfume shopping.  If you are interested in saving money this way, you have to have a lot of patience and a keen eye for coupons in newspapers, magazine and other areas as well as regularly checking your favourite sites and bricks and mortar stores to see if they are running any sales.

Clearance Aisles

After the rush of the Christmas period, there is one great way you could find some steep reductions on fragrances and perfumes for him and for her.  In the Christmas clearance aisles you will find many of the seasonal and gift items that didn’t sell out entirely.  As it is no longer Christmas now, the stores are looking to get rid of the stock so they can make room for the new stock ahead of spring shopping.

Purchase Larger Bottles

If you are not new to fragrances and have a specific scent that suits you and you feel comfortable wearing, one way to save money in the long run would be by purchasing larger bottles of that fragrance.  Although this will mean you are paying a considerable greater amount of money immediately, you will notice the savings in time when you don’t have to refill or purchase new bottles every few months.

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Rejuvenating Your Skin With Anti-Aging Laser Procedures

Rejuvenating Your Skin With Anti-Aging Laser Procedures


Collaboration with NY Laser Outlet


In the past decade, there have been tremendous advances in anti-aging methods.  The cosmetic industry is booming as a result of that.  There are anti-aging procedures to match every individual’s preferences and finances.  From fillers to hormones to plastic surgery, you can find a treatment to aid you in battling the signs of aging.  The myriad of choices can be overwhelming.  You need to know more about the procedures in order to select the right one for yourself.

Ablative versus Non-Ablative Procedures

The first thing you need to know about lasers and other treatments is that they are labeled either ablative or non-ablative.  This makes a big difference to most people as it affects recovery time and discomfort levels.

Ablative treatments target the epidermis (outer layer or surface of the skin).  The cells on the surface of the skin are damaged or vaporized, a single layer at a time.  This removes damaged cells and new skin forms to heal the epidermis and rejuvenate the skin.  Recovery time takes longer and some of the side effects are swelling and redness and possibly scabbing.  The risks include the possibility of infection and the procedure can be very uncomfortable.  The results of the procedure, once the skin heals, are very noticeable.  This method works well on mild to moderate wrinkling.

Non-Ablative treatments target the dermis (lower layer of the skin) while leaving the epidermis unharmed.  Collagen production and healing are done in the deeper layer of skin to smooth and rejuvenate the skin.  Recovery time is fairly fast and there are few risks or side affects.  It isn’t nearly as uncomfortable as ablative treatments.  Results aren’t as immediate or as  effective as ablative treatments.  This procedure works best on mild wrinkling.

Variety of Treatment Styles

There are a lot of different cosmetic lasers used at clinics and spas.  This is for several reasons.  For example, there isn’t any one specific laser device that works on all skin issues or skin conditions.  Let’s take a look at just a few of the treatments available:

Fractional CO2 Laser: This ablative device is used for skin resurfacing, to reduce wrinkles and lines and rejuvenate the skin.  Newer models are far less uncomfortable than older devices and have far less risks.  Full recovery takes about 2-3 weeks.

Pulse-dyed Laser: This laser uses an organic dye to target pink or red tones in skin in order to even skin tone and reduce scars.

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL): Also called heliotherapy, this procedure doesn’t actually use a laser.  It uses pulses of very bright light to treat skin disorders like psoriasis and acne.  It has limited side effects.  How uncomfortable it is depends on the device used and the intensity of the light.

Radio-frequency:  This isn’t an actual laser.  This non-ablative method uses radio waves to tighten skin.  It produces a warming sensation, but the treatment is very comfortable.  No recovery time.  No side effects.

Making a Decision

Before you decide on a treatment, there are steps you need to take.  First, consult with your dermatologist and discuss your needs.  They can tell you what your skin condition needs are and if there are certain treatments you need to avoid.  Next, research the clinic or spa you are thinking of using.  Make sure they have a great reputation and use certified technicians.  You don’t want someone working on you who doesn’t really know what they are doing.  Finally, make sure you know something about the particular treatment you want.  The best decision for you is an informed one.

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The Power of the Wig

The Power of the Wig



Does the celebrity make the wig, or does the wig make the celebrity? In an attempt to halt the inevitable ageing process, stars have looked to wigs to help maintain their luminary auras. For those without hair loss problems wigs can play a vital role in creating a persona that appeals to the masses. Here is a look at some of the most influential wigs amongst celebrities.

Andre Agassi

Before 1990 Agassi had never made it to a Grand Slam Final. But with the help of a blonde mullet, in 1990 Agassi made it all the way to the final of the French Open. With that iconic flowing mane Agassi went on to win his first two Grand Slams before deciding to part with his colossal wig after overtures from his then wife, Brooke Shields. It was only years later that Agassi revealed the truth – for decades we thought those beautiful blonde locks were his own.


Videos detailing how to style your wig like Beyonce’s abound on YouTube. Videos can be found in the dozens due to the many hairstyles displayed by Beyonce in her music videos, public appearances, and concerts. Her affinity for lace front wigs allow her to create specific hairstyles that reflect the image she’s trying to portray. Queen B’s ability to appeal to millions of followers can no doubt be partially credited to the myriad of Noriko, Amore, Ellen Wille and other types of wigs in her wardrobe.

Lady Gaga

The most outlandish wigs in the celebrity world belong to Miss Poker Face herself, Lady Gaga. Gaga has been accused of being unnecessarily ostentatious and more of a Hollywood experiment than a musician with genuine ability. Regardless of her intent, she is renowned for being a truly theatrical and impassioned performer. Her larger-than-life image has in part endeared her to the LGBT community by giving her fans the confidence to unabashedly express themselves.

George Costanza

George Costanza of Seinfeld is plagued with unfortunate events, sometimes even tragedy: the accidental death of his fiancé, the burning down of her father’s cherished cabin, the innumerable firings, etc. But for once George’s fortunes change when he comes in contact with a toupee. While Jerry and Elaine weren’t advocates of George’s new look, Kramer goes so far as to set George up on a date instead of Jerry, exclaiming to him that, “He’s got you beat.” George’s newfound self-confidence is short-lived, though, due to Elaine tossing his toupee out of Jerry’s apartment window. However, the mirth elicited by George’s new hair had given him unprecedented confidence, not seen before or after his toupee adventure.

These celebrities and fictional characters have harnessed the swaying power of wigs and toupees. Their use of hairpieces has helped cultivate personalities that legions of others now look to as idols.

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How Often Should You Wash a Bra

How Often Should You Wash a Bra?

We all know to keep our tops and trousers fresh and clean, but when it comes to bras there tends to be a bit of confusion. Some people argue that bras, like other items of underwear, should be cleaned every day, while others claim you are meant to wash these items of clothing a little less frequently.

So who’s right – and how often should you wash a bra?

Washing bras: the confusion

Some of the confusion regarding the washing schedule for bras is caused because there just isn’t a straightforward answer. Lots of helpful fashion blogs and advice pieces exist online, and most of these suggest the frequency with which you wash a bra depends very much on your level of activity.

To some degrees, this means that the washing schedule will vary by the type of bra, and the level of activity that is expected when wearing each item.

How often should you wash a sports bra?

A sports bra, which you’re likely to wear during a sweaty gym session or while engaging in group sports or going for a run, is likely to experience more wear than an everyday bra worn at work. Sweat can cause a build-up of bacteria, not to mention unpleasant smells, so this type of bra needs washing a little more often. Pop it in the laundry after each use to stay fresh, clean, and hygienic.

How often should you wash an everyday bra?

While sports bra require washing after every use, your normal cotton bra that you wear beneath your blouse at work or while relaxing at home can last a little longer. The general rule of thumb here is to allow 2-3 wears before washing if you’re only engaging in low or moderate activities.

Does your washing method affect how often you should wash a bra?

When it comes to answering the question of how often should you wash a bra, there is more to consider than just the type of bra or the amount of activity or wear it has seen. You also need to consider how you intend to wash it.

The reason lingerie professionals often advocate a less frequent washing regime for bras is because the process can cause slight damage to the underlining and fabric. So, how should you wash them?

  • By hand: this is an easy way to ensure a gentle wash and stops your bras from being exposed to the rough and tumble and high temperatures of the machine. You should use lukewarm water and a handwash detergent (check the dosage guidance carefully to avoid using too much) and leave your bras to soak for 30 minutes before rinsing and hanging to dry.
  • In the machine: for convenience, you can wash your bras in the machine but should select a delicate cycle using a lower temperature. Remember to do up the clasps and place the bras inside a pillowcase or wash bag to prevent them from snagging other items.
  • In the shower: it may seem an odd suggestion, but after showering why not wash your dirty bras by hand in the bath and leave them to dry naturally (preferably outside). Use wool or delicate conditioner to keep your bras soft and comfy.

So there you have it, how often you should wash your bra depends on how dirty they get and what method you use to clean them. Washing too often can accelerate the effect of wear and tear so always opt for a gentle cleaning method and leave it 2-3 wears between washing where you can.

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plastic surgery

Beauty, Beauty, Look at You!



They say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. This empowers us to find beauty where others have not dared to look, including within ourselves. Although beauty may be in the eye of the beholder, the feeling of being beautiful exists solely in the mind of the beheld. If one does not look beautiful to themselves when they look into the mirror however, one may opt to change their appearance cosmetically.

Cosmetic Surgery vs. Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery is a surgical specialty involving the restoration, reconstruction, or alteration of the human body. It includes cosmetic or aesthetic surgery, reconstructive surgery, craniofacial surgery, hand surgery, microsurgery, and the treatment of burns. While plastic surgery may be an absolute necessity for a person; cosmetic surgery is not. Cosmetic surgery is completely elective and could become quite costly. Some people can naturally afford to have cosmetic surgery, while others must win a lottery to be able to afford such procedures. If you’re looking to have a cosmetic surgical procedure and cannot afford it right now, play Powerball online now. The jackpots are usually very high and you’ll be able to afford cosmetic procedures like the celebrities.

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Of course prices vary from cosmetic surgeon to cosmetic surgeon, but we will look at average, sample prices for various procedures. There are many procedures that can be performed as well, but we will focus on some of the most common cosmetic surgery procedures.

The processes we see here include all the standard pre-operative screening and medical tests, which are necessary to have any cosmetic surgical procedure accomplished. The prices also include the hospital stay, if necessary, all the meals, and medications. An aftercare program or follow up is usually provided with the cosmetic surgery procedure and is also included in the cost.

Botox Injections (£150-£1,055)

Botox injections are by far the most popular cosmetic treatments performed nationwide, helping millions fight wrinkles and rejuvenate their appearance. Botox can help an adult patient of any age improve his/her appearance, not only by imparting a more youthful look, but also by alleviating an overly concerned look, helping you to look more refreshed or even more pleasant. The most commonly treated areas are those where muscle activity influences facial features, such as frown lines, wrinkles around the eyes, forehead creases, and in the corners of the mouth.

Breast Enlargement (£4,250-£5,300)

Breast augmentation is a cosmetic surgery procedure to increase breast size and enhance breast shape, typically through the placement of silicone or saline breast implants. From a cosmetic surgeon’s perspective the ultimate goal of breast augmentation is to enhance a patient’s natural proportions and create a more symmetrical, aesthetically pleasing breast profile. The exact procedure is tailored to meet a woman’s individual needs and it should be pointed out that the estimated range is based on the size and choice of implant.

Facelift – If I Could Turn Back Time (£5,725-£6,325)

Facelift surgery lifts and firms sagging facial tissues to restore a more naturally youthful facial appearance. It is often said that having a facelift works to turn back time helping a patient look like a younger version of themselves. By removing excess, sagging skin, smoothing deep folds, and lifting and tightening the deep facial tissues, a facelift surgery can help a person look not just younger, but simply better.

Rhinoplasty – The Nose Job (£2,600-£10,500)

Rhinoplasty, or nose reshaping surgery, improves the shape, size, and symmetry of a person’s nose, bringing it into better proportion with the rest of the face. When performed by a skilled, qualified cosmetic surgeon, rhinoplasty can be a rewarding and life-enhancing procedure. Patients often notice that their overall appearance has improved, as the nose they see now looks natural, like the nose they have always thought they should have.

Tummy Tuck (£3,700-£13,500)

A tummy tuck tightens and reshapes the abdominal area, helping to achieve a more aesthetically pleasing, slimmer overall appearance. Having a flatter, firmer midsection can dramatically improve the way clothing fits and looks, helping you feel more confident and comfortable with your body. During the procedure, the abdominal muscles are tightened and excess, sagging skin is eliminated, correcting a protruding belly and leaving the midsection flatter and better toned.

Go Ahead, Make Yourself Beautiful Again!

So, it’s important to point out that the prices are a rough estimate as to what you might pay for these various cosmetic surgeries. We’re sure the surgeons to the stars would charge a whole lot more and the stars could afford it too. If you won a multi-million dollar lottery you could afford any procedure on the list that you wanted and you could choose any surgeon available. Also, cosmetic surgery is completely optional. It is not necessary unless you really feel you need to change your appearance drastically.

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