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Welcome to BeautyBloggers.org, your one stop shop for everything related to the world of fashion and beauty.  Whether you want to know the latest products that you should be investing in, the hairstyles you should be trying and how to achieve them and want to stay on top of all the latest trends, then we have you covered.

The reason we decided to start a beauty blog is that we are all very enthusiastic and interested in the world of fashion and make-up.  The one thing that we feel really distinguishes our beauty blog from the others out there on the web, is that we don’t sugar coat things just to sell or promote particular products.  You can always trust beautybloggers.org to give you sound advice and our honest opinion, whether it’s a positive or negative one.

We understand that when you click through to a beauty blog and are looking at reviews of new products, that it is not very helpful to you as a consumer if we give the wrong information.  All that happens if we give a product a positive review because it’s a big name brand, even if it deserves a negative one – is that you are more likely to go and waste your money on something that is inferior.  From our point of view, it makes much more sense for us to give you the truth about a product because we want to encourage you to keep coming back to our blog – something that you would be less likely to do if we didn’t give accurate or reliable information or reviews.

It’s not all doom and gloom though, as the aim of this blog is to bring you all the good stuff that you should know.  The fashion products, techniques, styles and trends that you should be interested and investing in.  We like to think we are as passionate, if not even more so, about all things to do with fashion, make-up and hairstyling than the people we want to attract to our blog.

Look out for our exciting and informative features on the up and coming hairstyle, fashion and makeup trends of the coming year and also some great pieces of fashion do’s and don’ts.

As we are all fans of fashion and beauty products of all kinds at Beauty Bloggers, you can be sure that regardless of the styles and trends you prefer, no matter how outside the box they are, we will likely have posts that interest you.

We value the opinions and feedback of our readers and subscribers and look forward to hearing from you – particularly through the comments section at the bottom of every blog post.  We hope you enjoy reading them as much as we enjoyed writing them.


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