Adding Raspberry Ketones and Green Tea to Your Weight Loss Plan



Most of us try to follow a variety of routes designed to enhance weight loss. This is just done in light of giving an extra boost to our weight-loss efforts. So, if you’re thinking of combining raspberry ketone and green tea, there’s really nothing wrong in it. Till now, you might have used both separately in supplement form to simplify your path to a fit and slim body and if not, let’s first see what they are individually capable of doing towards your good weight as well as health.

Raspberry Ketone and Green Tea Evaluations

Ever wondered where red raspberries get their aroma from? It’s a compound found in raspberries, and a little less in other berries, called ketones. They generally go into weight-loss supplements due to their ability to burn fat and slow down weight gain. In simple words, it utilizes excess glucose in the blood before it gets a chance to be converted into fat. Currently, there are studies to prove this which have been performed on mice, but there are even people who have also tired raspberry ketone pills whom you can meet or call to know how they feel about it.

Green Tea on the other hand is equally impressive for its antioxidant capabilities in regards to health and wellness. Besides being a popular drink due to its antioxidant properties that protect the body from the damage caused by free radicals, green tea also contains components that are believed to enhance metabolism which are known as Catechins. There is also no shortage of studies to determine effectiveness of green tea for weight loss. Most of them say that it is the active ingredient, epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) which is a type of catechin for which green tea extract is used in many dietary supplements.

Taking the confusion out

Looking at the benefits of both, it seems that green tea combined with raspberry ketone may not only enhance weight loss efforts but also keep you peppy and energetic. Some markets have also tried to combine raspberry ketone and green tea extract into one pill like the Raspberry Ketone Plus supplement, so you don’t have to take two separate pills to provide an extra boost in weight-loss efforts.

Did we tell you that green tea also contains caffeine? Yes it does! This caffeine is believed to increase or enhance metabolism, or the rate at which the body consumes calories for fuel. Even Raspberry ketones are believed to project their metabolism-boosting capabilities. So does that mean you will get double the punch when it comes to metabolism boosting effects? And does this combination really provide a positive effect on weight-loss efforts?

Raspberry Ketone and Green Tea Benefits Taken Together

There are already products in the market as we told you that mix Raspberry Ketone with various other elements such as kelp, acai berry, African mango & green tea extract which independently give different weight loss perks such as an energy boost, an appetite suppressant & anti-oxidants for optimum health. But if we are talking about just Green tea extract and Raspberry Ketones that are two scientifically supported nutrients which safely and effectively promote weight loss, it is better to confer with your physician regarding dosage, efficacy, and safety. In order to, think about if fat deposits burning are your main priority or if you could possibly benefit from cravings control and boosted energy. And when you have chosen which is best for you, put on your sneakers, pick up some organic produce, and natural supplements like green tea extract and raspberry ketones and you are ready with the right recipe for successful weight management.

Reasons Why You Should Give Up Smoking



You probably, hopefully know the main reasons why you should stop smoking.  The fear of cancer, heart disease and a greatly shortened life though, do not seem to be enough to push people to give up the habit.  Rather than preach to you what you may already know though, the team at Beauty Bloggers thought it might be a bit more interesting if we talk about some of the less obvious reasons why you should give up smoking and consider trying out e-cigarettes from somewhere like Mist E Liquid to help you kick the habit.

Brain Fog

According to lots of research conducted by the Archives of Internal Medicine, it is thought that smoking could fog your mind.  The study found that smoking during middle was linked to lessened reasoning abilities and memory issues.  Interestingly though, it also found that these risks were reduced in people who had quit a long time ago.

Could Cause Diabetes

Normally associated with diet more, there is strong evidence to suggest that smoking could be a serious risk factor for diabetes.  According to information collated from 25 different studies, smokers are at least 44% more likely to develop Type 2 diabetes than people who don’t smoke.  While that percentage covers the whole spectrum of smokers, the people with the biggest habits, of 20 or more cigarettes a day, were most at risk.

Makes It Easier For Infections To Take Hold

It is interesting to note that the Federal Advisory Committee on immunization Practices in US has made it a recommendation that all 19 to 64 year olds who smoke be placed on the list of candidates for vaccination for pneumococcal.  This is basically because there has been research that shows people who smoke are at greater risk of infections caused by pneumonia-causing bacteria than those who do not.  Although the exact reason why has not been established, it is thought it could be related to the fact that smoking damages the protective mucous membranes of the respiratory system, making it much easier for infectious organisms to take hold and cause the spread of diseases.

It Could Impede Your Sex Life

That’s right, smokers are more likely to experience conditions such as erectile dysfunction that could impede their sex life than non-smokers are.  It is thought that the risk increases as the number of cigarettes you smoke a day increases.  So, if you want a better chance of avoiding a life of relying on Viagra, you need to give serious consideration to cutting out smoking from your daily life.

It Could Cause Wrinkles Anywhere And Everywhere

As you may or may not know, smoking contributes to premature facial wrinkles.  However, a recent study conducted by the Archives Of Dermatology in 2007 discovered that smoking could also lead to wrinkling all over the body, particularly in more private areas such as the buttocks and under your arms.

We know it is not easy to give up smoking, and we are not suggesting it is; but, when you consider some of the things that smoking can cause, beyond lung cancer, heart disease and discoloured teeth, does it not give you some food for thought?

How to Lose Weight the Healthy Way




Crash diets may seem like a good solution, but even if you do manage to lose weight, it’s not sustainable. Often people who have gone on a crash diet will slip back into old habits pretty quickly. Yo-yo dieting is also pretty bad for your health. What you need is a diet that’s going to achieve your goals, and help you to stay healthy at the same time.

It’s not healthy to suddenly lose a lot of weight, and then quickly put it back on again. The best thing to do is to try and approach weight loss in a sustainable way. You need to follow a healthy regime or diet programme that’s backed by experts. Here’s some top tips for losing weight the healthy way.

Change your mindset

For most people, the key to losing weight is in their mind. It’s not just the food you eat that you need to change, but how you look at food entirely. Unless you are ready to make real change in your life, and put in the hard work and effort to alter your habits, you will no doubt be unsuccessful.

Try and see food as fuel, packed with healthy nutrients to help make you fitter and stronger, rather than constantly lusting over naughty treats that don’t provide anything nutritious. Decide on certain goals and challenges, and find the mental strength to stick to them. Speak to a nutritionist or health and fitness expert and come up with a manageable diet that’s going to make you feel strong and healthy, not lacking in energy and weak.

Work with an expert

Get someone on board who you can work with to reach your goals, who is experienced and qualified. Personal trainers, nutritionists and life coaches can all help you to work towards your weight goals. It’s pretty hard to try and lose weight on your own without the support of someone who knows what they are talking about, and can keep an eye on your progress.

Eat natural and cut out processed foods

Instead of simply eating less, think about the types of foods you are eating. Try and cook your own meals rather than buying fast food or microwave meals from the supermarket. If you have cooked your own meal with fresh ingredients, you know everything that has gone into it.

One way to look at things is to only eat natural foods that aren’t processed or refined in any way. The 105 plan is made up of a diet which encourages you to eat food that is as close to its natural state as possible. The aim of the 105 plan is to reset your body and allow you to tap into your fat stores for energy. It can help you to achieve a more energy efficient body and mind.

Find a sport/type of exercise you love

Lots of people try to lose weight by forcing themselves to do a sport they don’t love. If you can find a type of exercise you actually enjoy, then you will be more likely to do it more often.

You don’t have to be doing gruelling gym workouts every single day. Mix it up a little, and plan a weekly exercise regime that includes some fun classes, enjoyable walks or runs, or a team sport that you really enjoy. This should help you to lose weight in a healthy way, and also see exercise as more of a positive thing.

Gradually increase your activity levels

If you haven’t done much exercise before, then you will probably find an intense fitness regime far too much. Try to increase the amount of weights and cardio you do gradually and safely with the help of a fitness expert. They will know how far to push you in order for you to reach your goals.

Be sensible

There’s a lot of conflicting information out there about dieting. Try to ignore common dieting myths. Don’t do anything too extreme like cut out major food groups or try and starve yourself. You need to make sure your body is still getting all the nutrients it needs if you want to lose weight and stay strong, fit and healthy.


How Obesity Affects Your Overall Health

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People are putting on weight quicker than ever, and more and more people are now not just overweight, they are obese. Being obese means you are at risk of developing various serious health conditions. We are usually aware of this, but this awareness does not seem to be enough to make us lose weight. It is important that people look for the best weight loss Westchester NY facilities before it is too late.

Obesity is a disease, and it needs treating as such. People must know about the dangers and they have to learn how to avoid these. Obesity should – and can – be prevented, but help also needs to be available for those who didn’t prevent it.

The Dangers of Obesity to Overall Health

Scare tactics sometimes work. The following lists present the very real, and lethal dangers you expose yourself to by becoming obese.

  • Heart disease and stroke, which is one of the leading causes of death in obese people.
  • Type 2 diabetes. Type 2 diabetes can cause blindness, loss of limbs, organ failure, coma, and eventually, death.
  • Women are at increased risk of developing ovarian, gall bladder, and breast cancer. Men are more at risk of developing prostate and colorectal cancer. It is believed that this is due to the hormonal imbalances in the body of an obese person.
  • This is caused by the increased pressure you put on your joints, particularly in your lower back and your knee.
  • Breathing problems. Conditions such as asthma are common, but also sleep apnea. With a sleep apnea, you actually forget to breathe while you are asleep. This can lead to significant brain damage and even death.
  • Arteriosclerosis. This is caused by raised levels of bad cholesterol in the blood stream. It means your heart has to work much harder to keep your blood flowing properly. Heart failure is almost inevitable.
  • Silent diseases. This includes high cholesterol and high blood pressure, both of which can have lethal consequences.

Unfortunately, the longer someone is obese, the worse these health conditions become. Not just that, but it becomes increasingly difficult to lose weight as you get older as well. Inactivity leads to a loss of a pound of muscle tissue per year. Furthermore, the older you get, the slower your metabolism becomes. This means that the time to make changes is now.

The reality is also that the young are now affected by obesity. If a child is overweight or obese, it is more likely that you will remain so during adulthood. Again, the longer the wait with addressing the problem, the more difficult it becomes for them to ever lose the weight. Nobody will tell you that tackling obesity and losing weight is easy. It isn’t, and anyone who claims otherwise is probably trying to make a quick buck out of selling you something. But just because something is difficult doesn’t mean it can’t or shouldn’t be done. Remember, as well, that as time goes on, your life will become more and more difficult, so if you’re going to face some difficulties, why not make the end result a positive one?

weight loss pills

Are weight loss pills right for you?

While weight loss pills do not provide a quick fix for shifting unwanted pounds, they can be effective in helping you gradually bring your weight down and improve your overall health and wellbeing. There are many different types of anti-obesity medicines that have been clinically tested, but orlistat is currently the only one that has been proven to work and is considered safe to use.

Orlistat is an ingredient in the weight loss aid alli. This particular treatment is available from most high street pharmacies and from online retailers such as If you want to suss out if this drug is right for you, keep reading.

What you need to know

As with most medicines, it’s likely you’ll want to know exactly how alli works. Orlistat, the active ingredient, works to reduce the amount of fat your body takes in from the food you eat. In fact, it can block approximately one quarter of the fat you consume from being absorbed. When accompanied by a lower-fat, reduced-calorie diet and an active lifestyle, alli can boost your weight loss by up to 50 per cent, helping you shed an extra pound for every two you lose through dieting and exercise.

Although alli is an effective weight loss aid, it isn’t suitable for everyone. This treatment is intended to be used by overweight individuals with a body mass index (BMI) of 28 or above, so if you don’t fit the requirements, it isn’t for you. If you’re unsure of what your BMI is, you could speak to your doctor, pharmacist or use an online BMI calculator to work out your statistics.

What you can expect

While alli pills can provide a steady way of obtaining a healthy weight, you will also need to be willing to adopt a healthier lifestyle. In order to work effectively, this treatment needs to be used alongside a nutritious and balanced diet and in conjunction with a regular exercise regime. Even when your treatment comes to an end, you will need to be prepared to carry on eating healthily and remain active in order to prevent your weight from creeping back up.

Like all medicines, alli can have some side effects. Some of the most common side effects include sudden or more frequent bowel movements and oily stools. These are caused by the way the drug works and are also known as diet-related treatment effects. If you’re concerned about any of the side effects, you could speak to a pharmacist or your GP.

Alli could be a great solution for you if you’re looking for a way to give your weight loss programme a boost. However, before you decide to try out diet pills, it pays to know the facts and assess whether this option is right for you.

Take Group Fitness To Another Level

Are you bored with individual workout routine? It could be because you’re doing it all on your own. Individual sports like weight lifting and running are both good for your heart, but they’re a little tough on your soul. Spice up your routine by adding a fun and challenging group fitness class and you’ll realize what you’ve been missing.


It doesn’t matter what it is. You could choose yoga, a spin class, boot camp, or even Muay Thai – as long as your class is headed by a qualified and experienced fitness instructor. By ensuring your classes is run by a skilled and certified professional, you’ll guarantee a safe workout. No more wondering if you’ve got the right position or if you’re holding a pose long enough. An instructor will let you know exactly when you’re doing it wrong – and right!

That’s another reason why group fitness classes are so great. They can motivate you to do more than you would on your own. Most people, while on the treadmill, do the bear minimum and watch the clock the whole time too. When surrounded by your peers, you’ll be inspired to keep up with the others. Meanwhile, your instructor will be cheering you and everyone else on, keeping high-energy levels in the class at all times. With their enthusiasm, your boredom will be banished and so will be your time watching the clock.

The great thing about group fitness classes is that they won’t come at the cost of your bank account. For those of you who are wary to sign up with a gym for a yearlong membership, you can let go of the breath you’ve been holding. Now you can get the same kind of instruction you’d expect at a membership-based fitness centre without signing along the dotted line. Stay contract free by visiting a pay-per-use gym, where you only have to pay for the classes that you attend. You never have to pay for any class that you don’t attend or any equipment that you don’t use.

But don’t worry about losing out on the expertise you’d expect from a gym’s fitness instructor. Pay-per-use fitness centres make your health their number one concern, so they hire only the best instructors in the area. To see what a typical pay-per-use facility can offer check out You’ll find that all of the classes you want (like yoga, spin, and MuayThai) are offered at a varied schedule to accommodate anyone’s lifestyle. Meanwhile, they’re headed by enthusiastic and committed fitness instructors who are qualified to create a fun and safe fitness experience.

Once you amp up your fitness routine by adding at least one group fitness class to your solitary exercise regime, it’ll be like the dawning of a new day. You’ll realize just how fun and effective your fitness can be with the help of a certified instructor and a class full of like-minded people. Fitness boredom will be a thing of the past.

Boost Your Weight Loss With These Awesome Hacks

Let’s face it. Losing weight is never easy. Yet it takes virtually no effort to gain weight! None of us enjoys having to face up to needing to lose a few pounds. It’s hard work and requires a lot of sacrifices. Extra exercise and changes to our diets require commitment and tenacity. And it takes time. But you can speed up your weight loss with a few simple ideas and lifestyle hacks.

Start tracking your weight at least once a week. You can use any one of several great diet apps. Alternatively, why not use an activity tracker to record your progress? The latest fitness bands and sports watches can synch up with several different apps at once. This means you can record your food intake, activity and even your mood on a moment by moment basis. Having it all there in an easy to read chart can help motivate you to keep up the good work.


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Many people give their weight loss a kick start with a detox. Cleansers and metabolism quickeners are ideal for people who want to see results quickly. Using things like iaso tea can help you lose some weight at the start of your weight loss program to inspire you to put in the work for continued success. Other detox ideas include fruit smoothies and fasting. If you have medical conditions, it is best to consult your doctor before any major changes to your diet.

One pound of fat is a whopping 3500 calories. You would have to burn off 3500 extra calories in a week if you wanted to lose that one pound of weight. This equates to 500 calories of exercise each day. You can use apps or activity websites to see what combination of activities will add up to 500 calories. Of course, if you are eating fewer calories than your resting burn, you will not need to do as much to reach this target.

It’s important to balance carefully the calories going in and the amount you are burning through exercise. If you eat too few, you can feel faint, dizzy and unwell. You’ll feel hungry and might not be able to stick to your diet plan. If you eat too many calories, all your exercise efforts may be in vain. You can calculate your minimum calorie requirements using an app or website. You will need to know your current height and weight.

When it comes to staying motivated, visualizing your results in your mind might not be enough. We all want to see results. Take two empty jars. Label one up as ‘pounds to go’, and the other as ‘pounds I’ve burned’. If your weight loss goal is 30 pounds, pop 30 pebbles or marbles into the ‘pounds to go’ jar. Each time you weigh in a pound lighter, you can move one marble to the ‘pounds I’ve burned’ jar. This helps you see results clearly and easily, no matter what you’re wearing.

Feeling hungry is one of the hardest feelings to take and not act upon. Hunger leaves us reaching for all those foods we shouldn’t be touching. Vegetables contain almost no calories or fat. You can snack on raw carrots, celery, cucumber and peppers at any time. Add a salad to your lunch, and fill your plate with vegetables in the evening. You’ll then be able to eat more without damaging your diet at all. You’ll feel fuller, and you’ll be getting plenty of vitamins and minerals to support your health.

One of the easiest ways to burn calories and improve your fitness is to walk. Swap out any car journeys of two miles or under for a walk. When you take into account traffic jams and parking problems, you may even get there quicker! Walking briskly gets your heart rate up to improve your circulation. A slower walk means you are active for longer. These are great ways to burn calories and boost your weight loss.


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Housework is another good way to boost your weight loss. It is a physically demanding task. If you can dust, vacuum and iron every day, you will be boosting your calorie burn and weight loss. It’s quite a good workout!

Sometimes your weight just won’t shift. Using one of these boosters can help it get going again. Can you get up half an hour earlier or swap out half an hour of TV time in the evening? This extra 30 minutes can be used to burn off even more calories to boost that weight loss. Best of all, you’ll be getting fitter and healthier with each minute.


Yes, You Can Have Perfect Teeth With These Simple Tips


More than ever, the perfect teeth are becoming desirable. A great smile will get you ahead in life because everyone loves a gleaming set of pearly whites. However, not everyone is born with the perfect teeth, so are you just expected to get on with your life? Not if you don’t want to because there are plenty of options available to you that can put that crooked smile straight again. All you need to do is a little bit of knowledge.

Clean Them Thoroughly

Your teeth might have all the components for a perfect smile, but you might not maintain them properly. If that is the case, all they need is a good clean and they should be as good as new. Or, almost as good as new! Plaque and discolouration are a real turn off, but it can be easily managed by brushing your teeth twice a day. To get rid of all the dirty leftovers that affect teeth, mouthwash and floss for maximum effect.

Whitening Products

Teeth age with time and wear and tear just like any other part of the body. As a result, they might be beyond natural cleaning remedies. To be frank, cleaning and a spot of mouthwash might not cut it because you need something stronger. To make your peggies gleam again, you can always buy teeth whitening products. For the most part, they are affordable and easy to use as long as you follow the directions. Be careful, though, because whitening products are strong and can cause a bit of damage and embarrassment if you get it wrong.

Get Them Straightened

However, some people are not born with the right components for perfect teeth and need a little bit of cosmetic help.  The right cosmetic dentist is incredibly effective and will get the job done if you choose wisely. For example, if you have crooked teeth, there is a simple procedure to straighten them and make them look healthier. All you need to do is consult a clinic that specialises in these procedures and get their advice.


Teeth have the tendency to be different shapes and not symmetrical, which is where veneers come into play. Veneers are a piece of material that is placed over the teeth to cap them and make them look longer or shorter, depending on your requirements.

See The Dentist

It is hard to maintain your teeth without the help of a specialist. Even if you have the best teeth possible, they can suddenly turn if you leave them unattended for an extended period. The day to day rigours of life can take their toll on your pearly whites, which makes cleaning even harder. Therefore, a toothbrush and a piece of floss might not be able to do the trick. Dentists have industry equipment that can completely kill all the harmful bacteria in your mouth.

Just because you are born without them, that doesn’t mean you cannot have the perfect smile you always dreamed of.


5 Quick and Easy Tips For Keeping Healthy

Keeping healthy can be hard for some people. There’s always some health food or new miracle fat burner on the market. It can get confusing. It’s best to keep it simple though. Complicated diets and exercise programs go nowhere. If you want to get healthy and stay that way the basics are always best. Here are five tips for keeping healthy that you need to try.


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Eat Clean

No matter how much exercise you do, you can never out train a bad diet. Athletes swear by this, and the do a lot more exercise than you do for sure. Just because you swam for half an hour does not mean you can get away with eating three slices of cake. Eating clean means good fats and oils. It means fresh fruit and vegetables. It means lean meats and complex carb sources. Most of all, it means little to no refined sugar in your everyday diet. No sodas, no sweets.


Keeping healthy means staying hydrated too. It doesn’t matter if you’re exercising or not. You need to give your body the hydration it needs to function. Are you drinking any water during the day? You should ideally be having a cup of water every hour and a half during the daytime. You get out of your body what you put in. Sometimes just not any water will do. Check out this Berkey filter review to find out more about water filters. Sometimes tap water can contain lead and metal traces as well as other assorted sediment.


You can’t be that healthy without moving your body occasionally. You don’t have to be a gym rat to be completely healthy. You don’t need to dedicate yourself to exercise. What you should do is find something that works for you, and stick to it. Try a range of different activities and see what sticks. Running might not be your thing, and neither might weights. There are plenty of ways to exercise though.

Treating Yourself

Part of maintaining a healthy diet is at least in part that you allow yourself a treat. This can be once a week, or every other week. It helps wean you off those sugar cravings you get, but it also helps keep your diet in check and stopping your splurging on junk. A cheat meal once a week can be very beneficial. So long as you keep it high in protein and carbs it can be very beneficial for recovery after a hard week of working out.

Rest Appropriately

You need to get at least eight hours a night to recover properly. Some people naturally sleep less or more, but it’s always good to get as close to eight hours as you can. Rest doesn’t just come down to sleep though; you need to incorporate it into your workout regime for relaxation purposes to avoid burning out. Sometimes you’ll need to take a week out to recover. This can be every two months or so. It’s also a good idea to have a four-week load cycle with your workouts. Don’t do the same amount every week either. Start off small then progress to your limits by the third week. Use the fourth week to come down from that to lead into the more relaxed first week of another cycle. It’ll stop your central nervous system from wearing you down due to all the adrenaline you’re pumping through your body regularly.

How To Look Cool Whilst Exercising

Do you want to improve your fitness levels and get into shape before the summer arrives? Would you like to fit into those beautiful dresses you purchased this time last year? Then you must implement an exercise routine as soon as possible. Dieting will only take you so far, and then you will have no choice but to make an extra effort.

Some ladies worry about the way that appear to other people when working out, and so we’ve listed some of the best ways to look cool below. We hope that reading them will encourage you to stop worrying about appearances and find the motivation to get started. As the old saying goes, Rome wasn’t built in a day. You shouldn’t expect to see amazing results during your first week. Stick with it though, and you will reach your ideal weight and size in no time. It’s all about dedication to your goals.

Always wear sweatbands

Cotton sweatbands are not only the favorite fashion accessory of people who exercise, but they are also a functional item. If you don’t want to look a mess, you will need something that soaks up all the sweat from your brow. Presuming your routine is strenuous, you could lose a couple of pints of sweat every day. By looking online, you will find a wide selection of different styles and colors to suit every taste. Get yours now, and you will look the part when people see you out jogging around the local area.


Pam loves pie

Buy some high-end exercise trainers

Many of the top trainer companies release specialist products for use while exercising. Simply wearing the same pair you have on during your free time is not going to cut the mustard. You want people who see you out on the streets to think you look cool, and so you should take a look at getting some running trainers. Again, you can get them in a vast quantity of different styles and colors. That means you are sure to find something that suits the other clothing items you might wear. Just because you’re working out, that doesn’t mean you can’t stay coordinated.

Work out with friends

You probably know lots of other women who want to lose weight and improve their health. So, why not ask some of them to join you during your exercise routine? Performing the workout with friends could help to stop you from looking like a loner, and that might make you less self-conscious. If your entire group wear the same colors and accessories, you could look pretty cool to any passers-by who notice you out and about.

We hope our suggestions will help you to find the motivation required to make positive changes in your life. While you shouldn’t worry about how you appear to other people, most women do, and so precautions are needed. So long as you implement the ideas we’ve just relayed, you are going to look fantastic while working up a sweat. Last, but not least, you should keep a smile on your face. Exercise can be enjoyable you know!