DIY Spa Treatments You Can Enjoy at Home


Even though going to a spa to get a special treatment can definitely be a worthwhile treat, there are times when you may need to budget or perhaps you’re simply too tired to even leave the house. Or maybe you want to be able to pamper yourself and rejuvenate your skin whenever you want, without having to book an appointment.

Regardless what your reason is for wanting to enjoy a spa treatment at home, check out some of the best DIY options below to get the results that you’re searching for.

Make a Rose Water Toner Astringent

A rose water toner is a great astringent, and it is really popular at spas. But you can save your money and make your own by getting a cup of firmly packed rose petals and pouring two cups of boiling water over them. Cover them and let the mixture steep until all of the liquid has cooled. Then strain it and squeeze out any liquid that remains in the rose petals. Refrigerate the water, keeping it in a sterilised jar in between uses. Apply the mixture to your skin for its healing, astringent abilities.

Use Coconut Oil to Condition Your Hair

Is your hair in desperate need of a deep conditioning treatment that you would find at a spa? Well, rest assured that you can get the same results right in the comfort of your own home, especially if you have a lot of kinky or really curly hair. Simply take some coconut oil and apply it throughout your hair. Leave this natural conditioning treatment in your hair overnight, or use a heat cap if you do not have a lot of time. You should notice that your strands are shinier and softer once you rinse it out.

Make Your Own Body Scrub

A body scrub is yet another popular DIY spa treatment that will help exfoliate the skin throughout your body, leaving behind soft, smooth skin from your head to your toes. To make your own completely natural body scrub right at home, all you have to do is combine some brown sugar with olive oil. The oil serves as a healing moisturiser while the rough texture of the brown sugar will naturally slough off dead skin and reveal the glowing skin beneath.

Soak Your Body in Moisture

Create a nourishing bath that you can soak your whole body in to rejuvenate every inch of your skin. Use olive oil, some vanilla extract, and coconut milk. Add warm water to your tub and pour in the ingredients as it fills. You can even rub some of the water onto the skin as you soak.

Even though there are plenty of great DIY spa treatments that you can make and enjoy right at home, there are certain spa treatments that you simply can’t get at home. For example, a hot stone massage or other speciality massage that requires massage tables provided by therapyessentials.co.uk is something that you should splurge on at the spa for all of its healing benefits.


Foot Problems? Incredible DIY Foot Care Solutions


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Staying beautiful means that you need to look great from head to toe. Many people neglect their feet when they are beautifying themselves. Your feet are just as important as your face. You should give them the same care and attention as you would any other part of your body. If your feet are dry or painful, you need to make sure that you take care of them. There are many ways to ensure that you have smooth, healthy feet. Doing so will mean that your feet are sandal ready at a moment’s notice. Here are some incredible tips to keep your feet looking and feeling healthy all year round.

Make A DIY Foot Scrub

You can buy foot scrubs from many chemists and online, but why not make your own? Creating a foot scrub is a cheap alternative to paying expensive prices. Make a sugar foot scrub, using coarse brown sugar as a base. Add olive oil to loosen the grains of sugar and turn the mixture into a scrub. You can then add a variety of healthy ingredients to complete the scrub. One of the best ingredients is coconut oil, as this creates a rejuvenating scrub. Use the scrub after you shower to get rid of dry skin on the soles of your feet.

Use Ice To Relieve Pain

If you have inflamed or painful feet, try using ice to cool your feet down and relieve the pain. You can make an ice pack using some ice cubes and a cloth to put on your feet. Often you get painful feet when you stand for long periods during the day. If that is the case, your feet should stop hurting with a little ice. If you often have painful feet, you might suffer from plantar fascia (http://www.PlantarFasciitisHQ.com). If you think you suffer from this problem, seek medical help.

Trim Toenails Before You Paint

As part of your beauty regime, you likely paint both your fingernails and your toenails. When you do so, it is vital that you remember to cut your toenails. There is a knack to cutting nails the right way. Make sure that you cut the nail in a straight line. Many people make the mistake of trying to follow their toe-line when the cut their nails. Doing so will give an uneven nail and mean that as the nail grows, it jabs you in the foot. That can lead to all sorts of medical issues. Cut the nail straight across to avoid this problem.

Exfoliate On A Regular Basis

When you have dry skin on the soles of your feet, you will find that your feet often hurt. The best way to solve this problem is to exfoliate your feet on a regular basis. You can do so using a foot scrub (as I mentioned earlier) or a special exfoliation tool. One of the best tools for exfoliation is a natural bristle brush. You can buy these online or even use a toothbrush instead. Use a brush to scrape away old, dead skin cells. Doing so will allow new skin cells to breathe. Your feet will feel much healthier when you exfoliate them on a regular basis.

Always Dry Your Feet Well

After you wash, it is vital that you dry your feet. Many people are lazy when it comes to drying their feet and put their shoes on whilst their feet are still wet. Doing so could cause a range of problems. You could get infections or diseases on your feet if you don’t dry them. Take the time to exfoliate, dry and moisturize your feet before you put your shoes on each time.


Make Your Own Beauty Products With These Items From Your Kitchen Cupboards

When you’re trying to avoid using harsh chemicals on your skin, organic beauty products are great. But sometimes you want something completely natural, and that’s where using food comes in. Instead of eating everything in your cupboards, save some of it for your beauty regime. Some foods contain great naturally-occurring products that are great for your skin and body. Using everyday foods as beauty products can save you money too. It doesn’t cost much to whip up your own face mask or body scrub. Try these beauty uses for food, from cleansers to weight loss aids.

Clean Your Face

There are lots of different foods you can use for homemade face washes and masks. Use leftover egg whites to make a face mask. Beat an egg white until it’s smooth, apply it to your face, leave to dry and wash it off. If your skin needs soothing, try an oatmeal face wash to reduce redness. Mix oatmeal, lemon juice and honey in equal parts for a face mask that will calm your skin.

Scrub Your Face

To clear your pores or get smoother skin, make yourself a homemade face scrub. Honey and brown sugar makes a great scrub that doubles up as a body scrub. You can also mix sugar with lemon juice for an invigorating scrub. If you really need a wake up, use your leftover coffee grounds to make a scrub that will revive you.

Hair Products

You can give your hair a good clean with vinegar. Use a cheap, light vinegar, such as cider vinegar or white wine vinegar. It will help to get rid of any built up residue from your conditioner and help to give you silky and shiny hair. You can also use lemon juice on your hair to lighten it. It’s not much of a secret, as people have been doing it for a long time, but it’s worth remembering.

Lose Weight

Some foods might be able to help you lose weight. For example, pure garcinia cambogia extract is currently popular. Fruits that could have weight loss properties include pomegranates, grapefruits, avocados and strawberries. If you just want to stop being so hungry all the time, fill up on fruit with a high water content. You’ll feel fuller without taking in too many calories. And even if these fruits don’t help you lose weight, they have lots of other health benefits.

Wake Up Your Eyes

If you have tired eyes, don’t immediately start cutting up a cucumber. Putting tea bags on your eyes could be better for those bags under your eyes. Brew some black tea bags and put them on your eyes once they’re cool. The tannins in the tea could really help your eyes to perk up.


George Grinsted

Before you use any of these beauty treatments on your skin, make sure you test it on a little patch first. Some things, like lemon juice, are best avoided if you have sensitive skin. You don’t want to apply a new face mask and wash it off to reveal a shiny, red face!


How to Create a Spa Experience in Your Very Own Bathroom

We can’t always afford a real spa experience at a big posh spa, so occasionally we have to improvise. This post is going to help you to create a spa experience in your very own bathroom using the right elements, so you feel just as relaxed and content as you would in a real spa:


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Low Lighting

You need to have low lighting so you feel perfectly relaxed. It’s up to you how low you go, just make sure you can see what you’re doing!

Lots of Candles

Whether you use a couple of nice smelling Yankee candles or loads of little tea lights is up to you too. Tea lights can help to create a magical atmosphere!

Aromatherapy Oils

You can put a few drops of aromatherapy oil in your bath to help lift you up and give you a sense of well being. Research what they do to make the right choice.

Plenty of Bubble Bath

You need loads of bubbles in a spa bath, so don’t be shy and pour a good dollop under the warm running water.

Relaxing Bath Salts

Bath salts can help to relax your aching muscles and get you ready for bed, so add a handful of those to feel brand new and rejuvenated!


Relaxing music is the perfect way to pretend you’re in a real spa. You can use a CD player, Mp3 player on a speaker, or your mobile phone on a speaker (or by itself, if it’s loud enough!). You can find lots of ready made playlists on Spotify so you can just hop straight into the bath and enjoy!

Exfoliate First

Before you begin relaxing in the bath, exfoliate your body using your favourite exfoliant or a body brush. This will help circulation, give you a glow, and reveal new skin cells. It’ll also help your body to absorb the goodness of the oils and moisturising products much more effectively.

Apply a Detoxifying Face Mask

Apply a detoxifying face mask so you can lie back, relax, and let the mixture do its job. You can buy a face mask for a fairly cheap price from Superdrug, or you can make your own by mixing ingredients you probably already have in your house! You could even apply a hair mask at this point.


Now you can simply lie back and relax for as long as you feel necessary. Keep topping the bath up with hot water if you need to! If you have a hot tub style bath, this will really help you to emulate the spa experience.


When it’s time to leave the bath, don’t turn the lights on and blow out the candles straight away. Dab yourself dry, and apply a lovely, rich moisturiser in firm, circular movements all over your body. You can then put on a warm, fluffy dressing gown and spa slippers before tidying up and relaxing with a good book!

You’ll love the tranquil feeling you get as you float around after your home spa experience – enjoy!


Can't cull the clutter

Can’t cull the clutter?

Can't cull the clutterYou may have heard of shabby chic and industrial chic which are revolutionizing the way we restore and reuse old furniture, but have you heard of shutter chic? Old-fashioned wooden window shutters are rarely used these days now that we have high quality double-glazing; however, many people are making excellent use of shutters for all kinds of home storage purposes.

Tall hinged shutters can be used for shelving by inserting shelves though the openings. These make excellent freestanding shelves for ornaments that add a modern feel to an antique look.

When fixed to a wall, shutters can be used to hang photos or store post and notes making a great family notice board.

Some people have constructed wardrobes out of reclaimed shutters, using three tall shutters, two for each side and one for the top. A clothes bar then provides the additional support. In large open plan bedrooms they look fantastic.

Women with a lot of jewellery have used shutters to manage and display their favourite pieces. A shutter is actually constructed in a similar way to a standard jewellery holder in a store. Shutters can provide excellent and simple storage for necklaces bracelets and watches especially.

To convert a shutter into a necklace holder is easy. First wash down the shutter and if there are any splinters sand them down. Hammer in some nails in rows along the wood supports. Finish off with a couple of layers of your favourite colour paint or sand down and varnish, and then you can display your jewellery with pride rather than piling it into drawers. A dark paint works best to help highlight your jewellery. Fit your shutter to a wall, ideally at a slight angle so that necklaces do not just hang freely, although if an angle cannot be achieved it is perfectly okay.

Women who organize their jewellery so that they can always see all of their possessions tend to wear a greater variety of items. As the saying goes, out of sight, out of mind.

You can buy shutters to suit all styles of windows so there are a great many options when it comes to size and shape of shutter – do not just buy the first one that is available for your project. The best place to search for second-hand shutters is eBay where there are many excellent bargains.

Necklace holders are certainly the most popular use of shutters, but with a little imagination and some craft tricks you could hang small boxes to organize all of your jewelry.

You can also make an interesting feature of your shutter holders. If you find a matching pair of short shutters you can place them either side of a wall mirror to create a window effect. An additional shelf below the mirror can be used to hold your jewellery boxes and the shutters will hold all your necklaces and bracelets. You can turn your beloved jewelry into a piece of art in your home to enjoy every day.

face mask

Creating a Home Spa: The Magic of Face Masks

face maskFor many women, facials are a sporadic treat experienced in the tranquil comfort of a spa. In reality, a healthy skin care regimen should include some sort of facial mask treatment on a much more regular basis in order to ensure healthy, glowing skin. After all, keeping skin nourished literally enables women to put their very best face forward.

Face Masks: The Benefits

Most home beauty regimens include cleanser, toner and moisturiser with facial masks being left out of the equation completely. Some may think facial masks take too long or they might not believe that they have any real benefit, but the pampering process of a applying a facial mask at home has many nourishing benefits.

Face masks serve multiple purposes; they detoxify skin, increase circulation moisturise and replenish the skin’s vital nutrients. Scientific benefits aside, giving yourself a home facial mask can be an indulgent perk at the end of a long day or the beginning of a relaxing weekend. If regular spa visits are out of the question (which for most women, they are!), applying a facial mask is the perfect activity to create a unique and indulgent experience in the comfort of your own home.

To get the most out of your home facial mask it’s important to understand your skin type so you can identify the appropriate product to purchase. One important thing to remember is that facial masks aren’t intended to be used the way cleansers and moisturisers are, so spending more on a quality product is a good idea as it will last for quite some time.

Here are a few ingredients to look for when purchasing the facial mask that’s right for your skin type:

Mature skin

Facial masks for this skin type are intended above all else, to replenish nutrients and support cell renewal. If you have any broken capillaries or burst blood vessels look for masks containing menthol, camphor and rosemary which can stimulate blood flow and help prevent any further damage.

Dry skin

There are plenty of masks available for dry skin so don’t be afraid to ask for help at your local cosmetics counter. Rich creamy masks can include ingredients like sunflower or jojoba oils which are great skin conditioners, while peel-away masks can contain different natural enzymes that remove dead cells and nourish the skin.

Oily skin

For skin that is prone to shininess and clogged pores, consider masks with super absorbent clay ingredients. Clays work well to remove oils and impurities from pores allowing other ingredients like aloe and algae to penetrate the skin to tone and nourish.

Whatever your skin type, facial masks are a great way to pamper yourself in the comfort of your own home and transform a laborious skincare routine into a lovely indulgence.

Image by Tomáš Obšívač, used under Creative Comms license


Expert Tips to Give Yourself a Relaxing Home Facial

Sometimes, especially in winter, our skin can begin to look dull, spotty, tired, and grey. When this happens, some people try to cover it with makeup, only to make their skin worse due to the ingredients. The truth is, there’s only one thing that can really make an impact on problem skin; a facial. The only problem is, that facials can cost a bomb load in the salon – so what can you do? One thing you can try is giving yourself a facial at home. Once you know the things you need and the steps to take it’s actually really easy, not to mention a nice relaxing experience to help you unwind and chill out. To give you a hand, here are the expert tips to giving yourself a relaxing home facial:

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Select The Right Kinds of Products

First of all, you need to determine what skin type you have and then choose products according to your skin type. If you just go and choose products willy nilly, you could end up making your skin even worse due to using ‘dry’ products on ‘oily’ skin, for example. The most popular skin types are as follows:

  • Oily skin – if you always seem to have a bit of a shine, maybe with spots and open pores.
  • Dry skin – dry, flaky skin.
  • Combination – a mixture, for example; oily on the T-zone and dry on your cheeks.
  • Normal – fairly normal skin with no huge problems.
  • Mature – if you have noticeable lines and wrinkles.

You might already know what kind of skin type you have, but if you’re not sure make sure you ask a professional. You can then purchase products to suit your skin type. You’ll need:

  • A cleanser.
  • A toner.
  • A moisturiser.
  • A face mask.
  • An eye mask (optional).
  • A facial exfoliant.
  • Eye cream (if desired).
  • A mask brush (optional).
  • A handful of clean facial cloths.
  • Cotton pads.

You can find many of these great products available from DermalSense!

Now you can begin your facial:

1. Protect your hair by tying it up with a hair elastic and headband, or wrap it up in a towel.

2. Take a penny sized amount of cleanser, rub it in your hands to warm the product, and then smooth over your face. Start from the neck and work your way up over the face, using sweeping motions to make sure you cover the whole surface.

3. Work in the cleanser with your fingers, concentrating on the forehead, nose, and chin. Remove the cleanser with cotton pads dampened in warm water, and then repeat the process to make sure your skin is totally clean.

4. Take your facial exfoliator and use a small amount to rid your face of dead skin cells, using gentle circular motions as before. Take time over the same areas as before; the forehead, nose, and chin. Remove the product with warm water.

5. Once your face is totally clean and dry, you can apply your chosen face mask. It’s best if you do this with a mask brush, as you get a more even application, however; you can do this with your fingers. Apply the mask from the neck (never neglect your neck) upwards, always using upwards strokes. Be careful around the eyes, mouth, and nose, and avoid your eyebrows to make life easier. Relax for half an hour, using a soothing eye mask at the same time if needed.

6. Remove the mask thoroughly with warm water and a clean cloth. You can now use cotton pads to carefully apply the toner, and then your fingers to massage in your face cream and eye cream (if using). Always use upward strokes and never miss out your neck. Take as long as you like on this part, smoothing out wrinkles and other imperfections with your fingers.

7. You’re all done. Your skin should now look and feel refreshed and revitalised! Repeat once a week/fortnight for the best results.

The skin is always on show, so it’s important that we take good care of it before it’s too late. Have fun with your facial!

Simply Beautiful Ways to Refashion Your Tired Old Jumper

Simply Beautiful Ways to Refashion Your Tired Old Jumper

Simply Beautiful Ways to Refashion Your Tired Old JumperIf you’re looking at your old, tired jumper from years past and thinking it’s time to send it out the door, you might want to think again. There are many ways you can refashion an old jumper to create fashionable new accessories. Whether you make it into a tote bag, a cardigan, or a hat, consider the following ideas before you throw out your old jumper. Instead, see it as material for a brand new project.


By simply cutting down the front and making some minor adjustments, you can add a zipper or buttons to create a beautiful new cardigan out of your old jumper. Add some patches or ribbon for a decorative accent, or oversized buttons for a fashionable accent. Additionally, you can take the strap of an old watch and attach it to your new cardigan as a clever way to fasten it, saving two items from the rubbish bin.


Another great way to repurpose your old jumper is to use the fabric to create mittens. Depending on the size of your old jumper, you may be able to make several pair. If you have children, you can make a few pair from an old jumper to keep their little hands warm all during the colder months. Add some wooden buttons for a stylish addition and a natural accent.


Believe it or not, the material from your old jumper can actually be remade into a beautiful new hat. Whether you want a wintery beanie-like hat or a fedora, there are ways to use the material from that jumper you no longer love to create a hat you’ll love for years to come. Wool jumpers are the best for this project, but you can use just about any material to create a beautiful hat.

Fingerless Gloves

Fingerless gloves are always popular, and in the colder months they serve a purpose, as well, keeping your hands warm and your fingers free. You can usually make several pair of fingerless gloves from one old jumper, and making some for your whole family is a great gift idea.


You can also repurpose the material from a tired old jumper to create a beautiful new tote bag. Using a Christmas jumper to create a beautiful bag for the holiday season is an excellent way to be fashionable and resourceful at the same time, and chances are you’ll have many people asking where you got your fashionable bag. Most craft supply stores have wooden handles you can purchase to create a beautiful and sturdy bag you can carry all season long, or give as a gift.

Boot Socks

Wearing boots with tights and a skirt or dress is a fashionable trend, but putting a pair of boot socks (much like leg warmers) over those boots can add a trendy vibe to your entire outfit. If you have an old sweater you no longer love, but you want a pair of boot socks for your outfit, you can simply cut up the sweater into sections, seam them up, and slip them over your boots.

Child’s Sweater Dress

If your old jumper is a bit oversized, or you have a small child, feel free to use that material to create a trendy, handmade sweater dress for your little girl. Of course, you don’t have to make it for your child; make a sweater dress as a Christmas gift for your friend’s daughter, your niece, or someone else close to you.


You can also cut up an oversized old jumper and create a fashionable new skirt. Pair it with tights and pumps in a neutral or contrasting colour, and you’ll be able to create a one of a kind, beautiful, fashion-forward look without having to purchase a new item of clothing.

As you can see, there are many ways to repurpose your old jumper and create a fantastic new clothing item or accessory. Making a handbag out of your old jumper is one of the easiest projects listed here, and you can always use another handbag. Since boot socks are back in style, as well, that’s another great option for those who want a very simple project with few steps. Regardless of what you do, don’t toss out that old jumper without looking into some repurposing options. You might be holding the material for your next favourite clothing item.

Megan Barnes is a style guru. She frequently blogs about inventive ways to bring fresh fashion to one’s wardrobe.