7 Tips For A Truly Flattering Plus Size Style

7 Tips For A Truly Flattering Plus Size Style


We hear the word ‘flattering’ all the time, but often struggle to find clothes that we really think look good on us. Here’s a definitive guide brought to you by Lovedrobe to finding and wearing plus size clothes that will make you look and feel amazing.

What is flattering?

What do you consider ‘flattering’? Clothes that enhance your curves, or cover them up? ‘Flattering’ is a subjective word when it comes to fashion because everyone has such a different idea of what looks good. So the first thing to remember is that ‘flattering’ is whatever you think looks good on you, then you can go about finding it.

Wear the right size

The best way to flatter any figure is simply to wear clothes that fit perfectly. Avoid the temptation to squeeze into a smaller size or hide in a larger one and know your measurements. That way if you’re shopping online to can refer to the size chart rather than relying on dress sizes. There are great ranges of plus size clothing out there by with brands like Lovedrobe, so finding the right size is just a matter of browsing.

Choose the right underwear

A great outfit always starts with great underwear as it will give you the right support and create a sleek silhouette that will look great no matter what you wear. Check out these great shapewear tips to help you find the perfect underwear for any outfit.

Figure-hugging vs figure skimming

There are two routes we all tend to go down when we get dressed; figure hugging and figure skimming. Figure-hugging styles cling to every curve, like shift dresses and pencil skirts. Figure-skimming are loose-fitting a skim over your curves, like tunics and kimonos. Don’t be fooled into thinking one is more flattering than the other, they both are, so which route you take depends on your mood and what makes you comfortable.

Illusion dressing

For some the notion of flattering simply means clothes that appear to magically sculpt your curves into the perfect hourglass shape. There are lots of plus size dresses out there that can do just that with the use of cleverly placed panels in contrasting colours or fabrics.

All in the details

We all have bits of our bodies we like more than others, so look out for styles that highlight the bits you like and hide the bits you don’t. Dipped hems and angel sleeves are great examples of on-trend design features that will boost your body confidence.

Throw out the rule book

Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t wear horizontal stripes, bold prints or bright colours. They can all be incredibly flattering so if you’re used to wearing head-to-toe black try stepping out of your comfort zone – you might surprise yourself!

Confidence is key

Whatever you wear, confidence is the best accessory. Experiment with different styles to find something you feel really good in, and watch your confidence soar!


Top 5 Fashion Accessories for 2017


As the year of 2016 has almost passed, we should take a peek at the up and coming fashion trends for 2017, or to be more specific, at the accessories that will restyle your look. Keeping up with the trends is not always that available (we’re talking about the budget limitations), since you can’t spend all of your money on new outfits that come and go with every season. However, there’s no need to buy completely new clothes when you can buy fashionable accessories and create new and trendy outfits. Therefore, we’ve come up with the list of top five fashion accessories that will be under the spotlight on the 2017 fashion scene.


The star from the 90s, the choker necklace, has made its way back and is planning to stay for at least another year. If you’ve been following the trends, you probably have your own collection of chokers. Although the classic black choice made of satin, plastic or velvet will always have the place in the fashion world, you might consider taking it to another level in 2017 by opting for heavy metal chokers that you’ll be wearing both with your fanciest outfit and your casual white tee and jeans. What makes these next-level chokers so great is the fact that you can combine them with almost any type of neckline, from a strapless gown, to a casual turtleneck.


One of the main features of earring trends for the next year is mismatching. This jewellery trend has made its way from the runway to the streets, so you can find a single earring options in almost every jewellery store. The trick with mismatching earrings is that the more different they are, the better effect and more unique look you will achieve. There are endless possibilities, and if you’re not used to experimenting, but you’re willing to try, this a perfect way to start. Another trending feature for wearing earrings is multiple piercings and earring stacking. Unlike mismatching, stacking requires more attention, so you’ll have to combine different earrings with more care.


Among the top must-have fashion accessories, belts cannot be left out, since they play an important role in completing any type of outfit. Belts are one of those accessories that can transform old outfits into new ones in no time. Obi belts have been one of the focuses of New York Fashion Week. These thick belts can be used in a variety of ways to form a fashion statement, so you can’t enter 2017 without one. A simple, but elegant black dress can be complemented with a bright leather obi belt. Skinny belts are another popular choice and you can wear them both around your waist and hips.


The list of top five fashion accessories wouldn’t be complete without mentioning glasses. For an elegant and chic look, you should opt for a pair of cat eye glasses that will accentuate your eyes and makeup. If you want to achieve a more unique and funky look, glasses with brightly colour frames with unusual patterns are just what you need. When it comes to sunglasses, they are another item on the must-have list. If elegance and authenticity is your first choice, you should go with Carrera sunglasses. On the other hand, round dark glasses will go perfectly with jeans and a casual tee.


A more stylish version of fanny pack for the following year is also referred to as “belt bags”. The new edition entails purses on belts around the hips, which can also be worn over the shoulder. Furthermore, an innovative minimalist line of handbags presents an elegant design in different styles. You can opt for a handbag that can be used as a tote, cross-body, backpack and satchel, and you’ll get both style and functionality.

Simple, but stylish accessories can make a lot of difference when it comes to restyling old outfits. The following year will open up many possibilities, and you are only to follow your imagination in combining new with the old.








Finding Your Ideal Dress

Finding Your Ideal Dress – Top 3 Hacks



You know how they say that clothes don’t make the man, right? Well, they left out one huge part which is that clothes can affect the way the person feels about themselves, especially when it comes to women. The need to always look our best is in our blood, so we are always searching for those fabulous heels, great pants that make our bum look awesome, and most of all, we are always searching for that one perfect dress in which we feel, and have that million dollar look. Finding a perfect dress is not easy, especially now when there are so many different shapes and sizes – I think that if I would try on one different type of dress every day, it would take me about 5 whole years to try them all out. Of course, why would anyone do such thing, right? Well, if you hadn’t stumbled upon this article today and read these advice, you would have to.

1) Know your body shape

Although the society tries to convince us that all women on earth should be 170 cm tall with small waist, round butt and D cups, we are all still aware that this is impossible. Every woman is unique and beautiful in her own way, and there are not 2, not 3, but 8 different female body shapes:


This is the most common body type. Your hips and bust are proportional, your bum is rather flat than round, waist isn’t defined very much and you first gain weight in your torso and later in arms and thighs.
When buying dress for this body shape, crucial is to make sure that your upper and lower part stay proportional, and accentuate your waist in the same time.
Pay attention to belted dresses, ones with V or U necks, ones with structured shoulders and the ones which are full and flow around your bust.


Pear shaped ladies have larger hips than bust, defined waists, long neck and slim arms and shoulders and they gain weight first in their bum and legs and later in upper body.
When buying dresses for this body shape, make sure that you create a balance by adding volume to your upper body and emphasizing your waist.
Pay attention to dresses with fitted waists that fall nicely all the way to your knees, V and U necks, and bright colored ones with bold patterns.


Your bust is smaller than your hips which have “shelf” appearance, waist is defined, you gain weight in tummy first and easily get love-handles.
When buying dresses for this body shape, the key is to deemphasize the tummy and draw all of the attention to your torso and legs.
Pay attention to strapless dresses, belted dresses, dresses with embellishments around your bust, and play with the lengths – show those legs sister!


Perfectly balanced hips and bust followed by a defined waist and rounded shoulders which are nicely aligned with your hips.
When buying dresses for this body shape, make sure that you dress your bottom and top part of your body equally and accentuate your waist in the same time. Basically, you can rock any type of dresses, from belted ones, over strapless ones, all the way to the wrap ones. Lucky!

Top hourglass

Basically, it is the same as the previous one, the only difference is that your bust is slightly larger than your hips.
The key is in balancing your bust with your lower body and accentuating your waist with clothes that will fill your lower half.
Opt for dresses with V necks, wrapped ones, A line dresses in darker colors.

Inverted triangle

The upper part of your body is larger, shoulders are broad, back are wide, hips are slim and waist is subtle.
The key here is in trying to create that hourglass effect by choosing clothes that accentuate your hips and bottom and add curves to them. Make sure that dress isn’t too short because it will create a top – heavy look.
Opt for dresses with narrow V necks, A-line dresses, and dark colors.


Your hips are narrow, your bust is large, waist is undefined and it is your widest part, your neck is short and you gain weight in your stomach and back.
You must De-emphasize your middle area and define your waist.
Look for dresses which are belted, square or wide V necks, wrap dresses or ones with tiered, or flared bottom parts.


Your hips are way broader than your shoulders and your bust, your waist is the widest part of your body and it is undefined, your upper legs carry some weight as well and your arms are slender.
The key is to create a waist and in the same time to balance your shoulders with your hips.
Belted dresses, dresses with boat – necks or princess sleeves, and straight bottom parts that fall nicely from widest part of hip are perfect for you.

2) Materials matter

Different seasons and occasions require different fabrics. If you don’t like ready-made dresses and are more into tailored ones, you can find all the fabrics online. Cotton, chiffon or satin dresses are for warmer months and wool, polyester and velvet ones are for colder months.

3) Know your style

By this I mean that you have to buy something you will really wear. If you are not much of a party chick, why would you buy more than 2 party dresses? If you have only edgy, leather and pointy accessories why would you buy a floral dress? Take time and figure out what you usually wear and go with it.

That would be it. I hope my advice helped you.


Khloe Kardashian Party Outfits



How incredible does Khloe Kardashian look right now?! She has come a long way since her younger days to say the least. She’s also been hitting the gym pretty hard over the last year, so we’re not surprised to see her flaunting it all over Instagram!

So with a new body and a new man on her arm, it’s time for a new wardrobe.

We absolutely love this ripped denim and nude tee combo. It’s so relaxed and effortlessly cool. It’s something you can throw on one morning for a comfy day shopping, or for our not-so warm weather in the UK, just pop on a bomber jacket over the top for all the warmth.

How incredible does she look in this white body con dress as well?! Khloe has paired it was a pair of knee-high nude suede boots and a nude clutch with fur detailing.

Do you want to dress like Khloe Kardashian? Khloe’s wardrobe is a girl’s dream. With floor to ceiling mirrors, fresh peonies and scented candles. Here’s some tip tips on nailing Khloe’s trendy vibe – think trends, leopard print and being confident…

  1. Leopard print

She loves leopard print shoes, dress and bags. She’s not afraid to stand out and be different.

  1. Shoes, shoes, shoes

Khloe owns 235 pairs of shoes, 71 of them being Louboutin (!!!). They’re all extremely high and the majority are, you guessed it, in leopard-print. Khloe is a no-flat girl.

  1. Jumpsuits and Maxi Dresses

They’re both stylish and super comfortable. They’re every-day throw-ons so there’s no hassle planning outfits or feeling restricted when running errands.

  1. Trendy with a twist

Make an everyday trend with your own spin on it. Khloe’s all about being unique and adding a personal spin to an outfit.

  1. Be confident

Be confident in what you wear, don’t wear something you’re not comfortable in. Wear figure-flattering clothes!


5 Tips on How to Reinvent Your Look

It can happen to anyone – one day you wake up and realise how bored you got with the way you look. Usually, people can’t even determine what’s the thing that they don’t like, but it can be basically anything – same old haircut or hair colour you had for years, a few extra kilos you always wanted to lose, a colour palette of your wardrobe, and so on. However, it’s amazing how changing a few details about yourself can change your whole perspective, and help you get your confidence back. Here are some tips on how to reinvent your look.

Start with your hair

Finding a hairstyle that suits your face, body, and personality is not an easy path, and once you find it -you might stick with it for years. However, a little change can come in handy so reconsider your hair length or colour. It doesn’t even have to be a drastic change – dyeing your hair a few shades lighter, or cutting bangs can do wonders. Even a tiny detail such as changing your hair parting can help reinvent your whole look.

Update your wardrobe

Fashion is one of those areas where you can experiment as much as you like until you finally find your style. If you got bored with your wardrobe, try treating yourself with a nice coat or boots. Also, consider making a U-turn and changing your whole style – it’s never too late for that. If you’re not sure where to start, try imitating a famous person’s style at first. Experiment, try different combinations and be patient – you’ll find your style eventually.

Reconsider your tattoos

That old tattoo you got when you were 17 doesn’t have to stay with you forever – at least not with the latest technology. Book an appointment with a trustworthy tattoo removal specialist and start a new chapter in your life. Also, if you’re not ready for a new permanent change on your skin, you can always opt for a temporary tattoo – think henna or metallic flash tattoos which have been trending for the last few seasons.

Upgrade your smile

Your lips and teeth define your face and a lot can change in your appearance if you decide to whiten your teeth, or perfect your pout. Teeth whitening is a relatively inexpensive procedure after which you’ll surely look younger and healthier. As for your lips, you can opt for plastic surgery or you can go for temporary options, like those popular lip plumping products. Even a bold lipstick colour can make a change, so go ahead and step out of your comfort zone.

Reshape your body

If you’re not satisfied with your body, change it. Sign up for a gym membership or force yourself to go for a jog before work. Start with little things like 15-minute workout routines until you create a habit. Also, consider balancing your diet. It doesn’t have to be a drastic change – start cooking more homemade meals, avoid fast food, eat regularly and soon your body will begin to transform.

Self-esteem comes from feeling good in your own skin and a healthy level of it can be beneficial both for your physical appearance as well as for your mental health. So, don’t be afraid to try a few new things but don’t go overboard. Whatever you do, adjust it to your personality. Go ahead – call your hairstylist or find that gym card you got months ago – and start working on yourself!


fashion statement

Fashion Musthaves – Fall 2016

With the NYFW behind us and a glorious, red-and-rusty fall ahead of us, it’s time we recalibrated our impressions and did a little fashion forecasting for the season.

Judging by what we saw on the NYFW runways, the season we are upon is going to be one amazing fashion rollercoaster filled with so many juxtaposed styles, materials, colors and fabrics that we almost feel dizzy. Naturally, designers made sure there’s something for everyone so, this time around, the fashion variety came in handy – just as it always does.

Let’s explore the world of statement fashion for the upcoming fall and decide on the styles that will take:

All Things Lingerie

The world instantly went crazy over lingerie inspired outerwear, and we can understand why; the naughtiness behind the cuts, the silk and lace dominance and the overall casual yet superbly chic oomph of the trend is, in lack of a better word, captivating. Combined with pieces like jean trousers, a lingerie top will instantly take your outfit from 0 to a 100, and a lingerie inspired dress for a date out will ooze confidence, sweet edge and a break from all-things-expected.

Statement Fur

A holdover from this past fall, fur – both real and faux – made a strong showing on catwalks and it looked amazing. It was showcased in various forms, bold colors and prints and designed in such a way that it will be, without a doubt, the street-style crowd pleaser. We can’t wait to see it paired with some wicked pieces under it.

Shearling Bombers

If you thought aviator-style shearling jackets are out, you thought wrong. This fall they are shown with everything from kick flares to midi dresses and, surprisingly, they do look chic. Don’t be surprised to see them paired with lingerie dresses and silk boots. It’s a crazy fashion climate out there!

Ruffled up Joy

Often presented in laughable proportions on runways, ruffles have rarely made their full swing in the actually-worn fashion. However, a surprising twist of things was this year’s show of ruffles with designers like Jill Stuart and Cushnie et Ochs successfully fusing structured high-fashion ruffles with wearability. We’re excited!

Plaid Overcoats

Plaid is boring; there, we said it. However, with designer labels like Calvin Klein and Victoria Beckham, plaid is twisted for upgrade and approached in a much subtler, cleaner and muted way which gave it a whole new dimension. Plaid is used on everything from outerwear to cocktail dresses, and we’re yet to decide if we’re liking it or not.


Luxe-looking dresses with subtly sexy silhouettes and dramatic blouses revealing shoulders at great length are the new craze of 2016. Truth is, we did notice the off-shoulder moment fighting for a comeback back in 2015 but we never thought it would happen this fabulously, this fast.

Dusty Pink & Yellow & Shades of Tan

While you may think these colors are more suited to spring than fall, think twice. Combined well, the colors look best when coming in form of separates with an autumnal feel, such as turtlenecks and coats.

As for tan, it’s obviously not going anywhere, still; tons of skirts, pants and knits ooze a sexy, chic vibe and we’re counting on all-tan-combos possible – from muted khaki to soft camel.

Gold Metallic Army

Gold metallic is happening and designers are making it wearable and luxurious-looking through smartly tailored jackets, pants and coats. We’ll see.

Pantsuit Chic

Pantsuit is the new power suit and while you might think it’s looking dull and old, it’s not. This one is a perfect staple of ladies fashion and we’re pleasantly surprised it’s looking as chic as it is. Often colorful, slim, stylish and sporting a diversity of necklines, the new power suit is just as suitable for the office as it is for a night out.

Choke Me to Style

Yes, the ‘90s are back but they’re looking so chic! Chokers are the new it accessory of the season and you can wear them in any color or thickness you like. Even the simplest of T-s will look spectacular with a choker added. It’s fabulous.




weddkng day

Looking perfect on your wedding day

Of all the days that you want to look your best, your wedding day is going to feature pretty highly. It’s the day when all eyes will be on you and you’ll be photographed more than ever before. So you can guarantee that it’ll also be the day when the stress finally gets to you and you break out or you look exhausted because you didn’t get to sleep the night before.

The best way to ensure that you’re looking simply astounding when he puts that beautiful platinum wedding ring on your finger isn’t difficult. There’s no big secret, all it takes is self discipline. From diet to sleep to de-stressing and relaxing, there really isn’t a mystery to looking great, except for the timetabling.

The first thing you should do as part of your skincare regime is start eating healthily. Plenty of salads and water or fruit juice will restore your vitamin balance, your skin’s PH and help to flush toxins out of your body. Healthy skin is glowing skin so cutting back on chocolate, burgers and alcohol might cut the fun out but you’ll look a million bucks.

Now that you’re prepared to start eating better, you’ll want to start doing more exercise too. Don’t worry, it’s not necessary to sign up for the gym! But getting out and about, taking stairs instead of the lift and walking instead of driving for short trips will increase your heart rate and tone your muscles. You should think about your posture too. Standing with your shoulders back and your chin up will add inches to your height, eliminate your double chin, thrust your boobs out and flatten your tummy.

As well as healthy eating and regular gentle exercise, it’s a good idea to go to the spa before your wedding. Take your bridesmaids and matron of honour and make a day of it. A good massage, spa treatments and a professional mani-pedi will get you relaxed and your lymphatic system working beautifully. Feels pretty good too! Now that you’re feeling more relaxed, it’s time to change your bedtime. Getting eight or nine hours sleep per night will allow you to get a much deeper, more nourishing sleep than you are probably used to. Sleep helps you recover from the stress of the day both mentally and physically. If you’ve got a few week’s worth of extra sleep under your belt when it comes to the night before the big day, you will feel much better in the morning if your sleep was broken.

That’s The Inside, What About The Out?

Now that your glowing skin is the perfect foundation for your makeup, it’s time to think about different ways of looking your best. There are any number of different YouTube channels that will tell you how to achieve different looks. These are great but it’s really recommended to visit a professional makeup artist who can tell you the best looks for your bone structure, the season’s popular colours and tones and techniques you and your bridesmaids can use to get the perfect look on the day.

If you like using face masques and topical peels, make sure you don’t use them within a fortnight of your wedding day. This is because, while your skin feels great afterwards, they tend to draw toxins to the surface but don’t eliminate them entirely. Combine this with the openness of the pores and in the days immediately after a good masque, despite being cleaner than ever, your skin is also more likely to break out.

When you’re washing, wash your hands thoroughly first, remove your makeup, and then wash your face. But don’t use a washcloth or flannel. Clean hands harbour far fewer bacteria than a cloth so using a flannel could mean that you’re washing more germs onto your face than you stand to clean off.

Another trick that many people overlook is keeping brushes clean. Because they are dry, they don’t tend to harbour much in the way of bacteria, but you do run the risk of spreading acne bugs all over your face every time you use them. Another reason to keep your brushes clean is that the cosmetics you use will be truer if the brushes don’t already have residue all over them. To was your brushes, simply give them a gentle shampoo, rinse them and let them air dry pointing down.


Top fall 2016 fashion trends

The summer is almost over and one stylish woman, like you, needs to prepare herself for autumn like a true fashionista. Now, when the slippers, sandals and ALL STARs are going in the drawer, the rubber boots, UGGs and CATs are taking their spot under the spotlight. No more ice – cold cocktails on a slow summer breeze, it’s time for sipping teas and hot coffees curled up inside your favourite plushy blanket. The colour pink is being replaced with orange, sky blue with navy blue and green becomes olive green. You now need to layer your clothes because you wouldn’t want to get cold. Of course, autumn really has some advantages, for example, even though it can be painfully cold, somehow everything feels so warm. The colours of leafs before falling are astonishing, and of course, there is Halloween, hot chocolate and oh, I almost forgot: new autumn collections and fashion shows!


Who says your jacket has to be simple and versatile? That is so boring. Especially when you can find so many fun and great looking coats and jackets such as fluffy – blanket – like outwear, graphic fur that breaks all the rules and those colour – blocked shapes (usually squares) are making you feel like you are walking down the fashion show in the centre of Manhattan. And what about colourful, happy spring shades? A lot of designers decided actually to refresh the entire fashion world by adding bubblegum pink, baby blue and orange sherbet colours on their winter coats. For the ladies who are into classics, some camel leather coats should do the trick, and those who are into experimenting must definitely try patch worked graphic – piece – shaped furs, or the oversized coats which really give you that dangerous girl attitude.


Over the last few years, knitwear has evolved a lot. Basically, you can find it in all colours, shapes and sizes. If you are into chic items, you can choose ultra-popular and fashionable sweater dresses which you can pair with any footwear you want – from sneakers to boots, it will always look fabulous. If you are a lazy bug or simply don’t have time for making enough effort to look stylish, just put on a poncho. They are around for two centuries now, which tells us a lot if you ask me, those cowboys sure knew what’s good, right? Oh, and have you heard about cardigans? They’ve seriously made a breakthrough lately, especially because you can combine them with anything you want, look great and protect yourself from cold. You can wear them with a wool tank under, but also with a long – sleeved shirt. Even with a printed T – shirt under they look bomb.

Other must – have garments

You would never guess what has made a huge comeback this year. That’s right, the velvet. Designers are getting crazy over this fabric and you can now find almost every piece of clothing made out of it. Next, Margiela, Balenciaga and Marc Jacobs have decided to bring back those uber chunky – sole Spice Girls and David Bowie boots. Yes, they may seem a little too much, but they will definitely be worn this year. Fendi, D&G and many other designers are getting pretty serious about tinsels this season. Spice up the coldness with any shiny garment you like. Opposite of this, a lot of designers from Lacoste to Anthony Vaccarrello brought the hoodies on the scene, because the comfort is the key. Now, if your bags are often too heavy, be happy because the bags with embellished straps (kind of like the ones on a guitar) are also coming in stores this fall, to help you overcome the weight of your bags once for all. If you on the other hand don’t need those straps and you get a lot of comments on the way that you hold your bag, joke’s on them because it is your time to shine. Celine and Prada have shown us that it is perfectly fine to hold your bag under your armpit, wrapped around your wrist, on your hip or even around your neck.

This was the short and concise version of all the trends that are coming this fall, and the rest of them is on you to explore. Get ready to rock those streets.


The Best Maxi Dresses of the Season


The maxi dress is a summertime staple, but it’s also the ideal piece of clothing to take you into the cooler fall months. They keep you looking cool and effortlessly fashionable even when you forgot to shave your legs. With proper styling, the maxi dress can be worn casually or dressed up for a cocktail party or other special event. Maxis do so much for us that we’ve decided to put together a list of the best long dresses of 2016 so you can enjoy them too.

The Best Maxi Dresses of the Season

Color-Block Maxi

Maxi dresses with big blocks of color tend to have a chic, modern appearance. They’re a great way of slimming down the overall appearance of the dress if many maxis are just too voluminous for you.

Shirtdress Maxi

The classic shirtdress can be lengthened to maxi proportions without losing any of its casual charm. Be careful when accessorizing this type of maxi dress, as they tend to be a bit bulkier than traditional sheathe dresses.

Embroidered Maxi

Embroidered maxis have an expensive look that makes them great for transitioning from day to evening. Unlike dresses that have a pattern woven into the fabric, embroidered dresses have a unique and eye-catching texture as well.

Halter Maxi

Maxi dresses with halter necks are a classic style, and one that’s not as difficult to wear as you might think. Wear a strapless bra with them for a seamless look, or wear your cutest undergarments and let the straps hang out.

One-Shoulder Maxi

One shoulder dresses tend to drape in unique ways, showing off curves you may not have even known that you had. These dresses tend to look best when they have relatively simple patterns since the draping does most of the work.

Floral Maxi

Whether you prefer big flowers or small flowers, floral print maxi dresses are essential for summer. Bright and colorful, floral dresses look great with a pair of sandals and a few simple accessories.

Sheer Maxi

A sheer dress might seem like a daring choice, but most sheer maxis come with a built-in slip so you can retain your modesty. A sheer layer on top gives you a floaty, breezy look that is effortless and cool.

Wrap Maxi

Wrap maxis are slimming and give you an instant hourglass figure. Look for one made of a lightweight fabric to keep the extra material necessary to achieve the wrap effect from dragging the whole dress down.

Tiered Maxi

Tiered maxis have an asymmetrical hem that is longer in the back than it is in front, or longer on one side than the other. This gives your dress a modern look and also lets you show a little leg.

With so many different styles to choose from, it’s time to stock your closet with summer maxi dresses.

Four Essential Things You Need To Know About Your Bra

Four Essential Things You Need To Know About Your Bra

A bra should be like your best friend, supporting you regardless of what is happening in your life. But like all lifelong friends, bras need to be understood and treated in the right way. Here are four essential things to know about your bra so that you can make your friendship last as long as possible.

  1. Finding the right fit

According to Debenhams, 85% of women in Britain wear a bra that is the wrong size. The solution should be simple: you go to a shop, get measured by a friendly sales assistant, get a selection of bras and buy what fits, right? Wrong. Your breast size can fluctuate for various reasons: hormones, exercise, diet, pregnancy. Understanding how your breast size changes according to your hormones and lifestyle is a vital if you want to get the right bra sizes for you. That way the next time your breasts change in size, you’ll have an armoury of different bra sizes in your wardrobe to support you.

It’s particularly important not to wear a bra that is too small for you. Wearing an ill-fitting bra can lead to back pain, scarring, bad posture and more, so it’s vital to get measured more than once every few years.

  1. What type of bra?

T-shirt bras, balcony bras, plunge bras, full cup bras, bandeau bras, padded bras, push-up bras, shelf bras, underwire bras – there are so many types of bras that shopping can be overwhelming. But aside from some specialist bras such as a sports bra for when you are doing exercise, a maternity bra when you are pregnant or plus-size bras that give you extra support, choosing a bra often comes down to personal stylistic preference. However, there is one rule that you need to follow: it has to fit. That means following the above rule and getting measured.

  1. How often should you wash a bra?

Once you’ve found the perfect fit for you, you’ll want to know how to look after it. After all, bras are on the pricier end of the wardrobe spectrum considering how many you need to own. That’s why you’ll want to preserve their lifespans for as long as possible.

The washing machine is one of the biggest enemies of the bra; it can cause the elastic to weaken and wear away the fabric. That’s why you should only wash your bra when necessary. Fortunately, you don’t have to throw your bra in the laundry basket each day and can wash your bra after 3-4 wears. For more tips on how to look after and wash your bra, especially the trickier, lacier kind, read this guide on how often you should wash a bra.

  1. Wearing a bra when you go to sleep: yes or no?

Always a topic of high contention, should you wear a bra when you sleep? Advocates suggest your breasts will defy gravity and stay perkier for longer if you do. Detractors claim that wearing underwire bras at night may even give you cancer. Neither are proven. The answer is simple: wear a bra when and if you need the additional support when you sleep. This can be the case if you are large-chested. But if you wake up with back pain or notice scarring beneath the band of your bra, give your body more breathing space and go braless.

Bras can be our best friends or our worst enemies. In the same way that even your best friends have their flaws, there is no one perfect bra. However, there is one general guide to follow: wear what is most comfortable for you.