Inspiration: Wavy Hairstyles

When it comes to fashion, everything tends to be extreme – all patterns or completely monochrome. A dramatic night look versus natural and clean. This has sometimes been the case with hair, where trends have come and gone for very short or very long styles. These days however it’s all about moderation. Not too straight, not too curly. Wavy hairstyles are very much of the moment and luckily they can work whatever your hair type, length and colour. Here we list our favourite wavy hairstyles:

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  1. Wavy hairstyles: beach waves

You don’t need to be in summer to pull off beach waves. It’s a relaxed and casual look, but still elegant enough to take to work or for dinner! This style looks better with long hair, especially if your fringe is parted in the middle and smaller in length. But a straight fringe can also pull off these waves on both sides. The waves are big and loose from the ears down and they can be achieved in just a few minutes with a hair straightener or wide curler plus some salt spray.

  1. Wavy hairstyles: tight waves

If you have long, middle parted locks, these waves will give you that mermaid look you always dreamed of. And if you have short hair, then tight waves are just perfect! Small sleep-in rollers will do the trick, but it’s much easier to use a tight curling wand plus a bit of dry shampoo on the roots for volume. Don’t forget to include your fringe in the process and to side part it for a ‘killer’ effect.

  1. Wavy hairstyles: messy waves

On the other end of the scale are the effortless wavy hairstyles. If your hair already has a soft movement to it and gets wavy naturally, then you just need to keep that straight-out-of-bed look with some dry shampoo in the morning and you’re good to go! But if you want to go from straight locks to messy waves, the trick is to literally not put much effort into it! Use a hair straightener or curling wand to make the waves – make them uneven and don’t cover your whole head – and apply a bit of hairspray afterwards to keep them in place.

There are so many different options when it comes to wavy hairstyles. Make sure to get professional advice too if you’re going to make any big changes, so you can pamper your hair with the best products and quality!

Extend the Life of Your Hair

For countless women, how their hair looks and feels is one of the most important items on their to-do list daily.

Yes, some hair days do not come off as planned, but many others do.

That said there are various options on the table for you when it comes to getting your hair the way you want it to look and feel.

Turn to Those Closest to You

For starters, your female family members and girlfriends are oftentimes one of your best sources when it comes to the latest in hair trends. Lean on them to give you some pointers on not only how to make your hair look great, but also extend the life of it.

One of the tools many women turn to for better looking hair would be tape in hair extensions.

Such extensions allow you to find that perfect look, be it straight, curly or wavy. You also have the choices of various colors, giving your hair a different look whenever you decide the time is right for change.

So, how can you find such extensions without lots of time and effort?

As mentioned a moment ago, turning to the different women in your life is a great start.

For example, go with one of them on a trip to their beauty salon (perhaps you even use the same salon). Any stylist you meet with can provide you information on the latest trends in women’s hairstyles. One of those trends may in fact be just what you are looking for, especially if it involves turning to extensions.

Go Online for More Advice

Another option on the table is looking to the Internet for advice on the latest in hair extensions and other such beauty tips.

If you’re not sure where to start, doing a Google search is oftentimes your best option.

You can type in such terms as hair extensions, prices of hair extensions, where to find hair extensions etc. Before you know it, you will have a fair amount of information on hair extensions, giving you some ideas about which ones are best suited for you to wear.

Also keep in mind that not everything you come across online is always going to be 100 percent accurate, especially when consumers write to question or complain about a product. The only way to truly discover which hair extensions are best suited for you is to try them out.

Speaking of consumers and the Internet, looking at social media sites for different hair care companies is not a bad idea either.

Whether it is Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube etc. many hair-care companies are active on social networking sites. Better yet, you can oftentimes enter into discussions with other women looking for information on extensions, wigs, the latest color trends etc. By taking part in such conversations, you can find out what might be best as far as your hair-care choices.

Finally, look online for the latest from beauty bloggers.

Many of them give you great insight into what is going on in the beauty world.

Typically, a large number of beauty bloggers share information with one another, attend trade shows and networking events etc. together. As such, they have lots of information to share with consumers, information that could be just what you are looking for when it comes to what is in and out of style at the moment.

So, if the time has come for you to extend the life of your hair with better products, what better way is there than to reach out to those you know and don’t know for advice?

When all is said and done, you will likely have the look and feel you want, making you smile from ear to ear.

Tips for Getting the Perfect Winter Wedding Hair




Winter is the perfect season for a fairytale wedding. With the romance of candlelight, the sparkle of the snow and the excitement of Christmas, it’s what most of us have always dreamt of. Sadly, winter is also the most difficult time for hair, causing it to dry out and become frizzy. To help you get the wedding hair of your dreams as you walk down the aisle, we’ve put together our top tips to achieve those glossy locks…

Pick the right products for your hair type

Identifying your hair type will help you choose the right products in line with your texture and the present condition of your hair. The process itself, as described by Shampoo Truth, involves a few minutes of observing certain features of your hair to determine its unique characteristics.

Once you’ve done this, you’ll have a better understanding of what products to select for your hair. This will also save you money experimenting with various products, which you can put towards your honeymoon or a hen party instead!

Use rich conditioning treatments

Winter with its cold temperatures and dry atmosphere can damage your hair, therefore, in the months leading up to your wedding, it is important to use a deep conditioning treatment to keep hair and scalp moisturised. For strong, glossy locks on your wedding day, Shampoo Truth recommends coconut oil, butter or olive oil treatments to restore silkiness and shine.

Another great solution is a Moroccan oil intense hydrating mask. With the strength of Argan oil, not only will it help your hair get its shine back, it will regain its elasticity as well. According to customer reviews, the mask is suitable for all types of hair and the results can be seen after the first treatment. If used regularly, it will help you restore your hair back to its natural radiance, just in time for the big day!

Rock you natural hair texture

Work with what nature gave you and settle on a hairstyle which features your natural hair texture. If you have natural curls, let them show, instead of burning your hair with a flat iron directly before the wedding. With cold weather outside and central heating inside, fine straight hair will be more prone to drop curls, while naturally thick hair may frizz.

Putting your hair up is always a good option and you can incorporate braids, loops and some beautiful accessories to make the hairstyle dazzle. This will also mean that your hair will be neatly arranged into a beautiful style that won’t budge throughout the day!

Stick to the haircut rule

Do not get a haircut the day before your wedding day. There is nothing worse than a fresh haircut, or ‘haircut shock’. For some people the ends of their hair tangle more easily, while others report frizzy or fluffy flyaway strands after having their hair cut. This usually lasts until the first shampoo or a week in some cases.

Glamour recommends getting a haircut 3-4 weeks before the big day. During this time, your hair will relax and continue to grow out from the roots, eliminating any initial haircut shock. If you need a trim, go one week before your wedding day and always use a trusted hair stylist!

Make your winter wedding hair sparkle

Think of a statement piece for a classic winter wonderland look. A crystal tiara might be perfect to flatter your lovely lace gown and luxuriously long and loose winter hair. Experiment with feathers, diamantes and beautifully coloured, so when you take your first steps toward married life, all eyes will be on you!

Always ensure to show your hairdresser what you want to use so they can factor this into your hairstyle on your special day.

With all the energy that goes into planning a wedding, there’s a chance you may overlook the little things like getting your hair into shape for a perfect, winter wonderland look! Great bridal locks require love and devotion and the countdown starts now…

Top Things You Need to Know About Hair Removal


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Hair removal is often a tricky subject to discuss. Although there are a lot of tips and tricks on how to effectively remove (unwanted) hair from different parts of the body, there are still plenty of misconceptions and myths circulating among women. Whether you’re trying to do some tidying up down there or you simply want to have clean, beautiful legs for the season, these are some of the most important things to keep in mind.

Know Your Gadgets

There are plenty of hair removal gadgets designed specifically for women. Before you shop for one, however, it is important that you know the different products available and how they can be used for hair removal.

An epilator, for instance, is a great replacement for waxing and razors. Epilators work really well for removing soft hair from your legs and other parts of the body. You will get a smooth finish that lasts longer too. However, it is not designed to remove longer or thicker hair.

For that, you need a trimmer. A trimmer is for grooming the bikini line and removing coarser hair. It is usually small and can handle thicker hair as well as tough spots. You can use a trimmer before you use an epilator to get the results you want.

It’s Okay to Trim or Shave

One of the most common misconceptions about shaving is that it will cause your hair to grow back thicker and darker. This is actually not true. You can shave certain parts of your body and get great results without having to worry about the hair growing back thicker.

The rate at which your hair regrows depends on a lot of things, including your diet and your hormones, but shaving and trimming will not affect that rate. That said, trimming and shaving are not the methods to use for permanent hair removal.

If you’re looking for a more permanent result, the right hair removal cream or a series of laser treatments is the better way to go. Be sure to pick a suitable treatment depending on the sensitiveness of your skin to avoid any unwanted side effects.

Removal Creams Can Remove All

One last thing to remember when it comes to removing hair with creams is to use the right cream based on your skin and the hair you want to remove. No, you can’t just use an over-the-counter hair removal cream and expect it to do magic.

For starters, hair removal cream is not for removing facial hair. A lot of women suffer from rashes and flakey skin because they use creams meant to be used on the legs or other parts of the body to remove facial hair.

More importantly, the available hair removal creams are not designed to remove thicker hair as well. They are best for legs and underarms and they can help remove softer hair effectively. Be sure to read the instructions that come with the hair removal product for more details on how to use it properly.

Now that you know these basic things about hair removal, you can get that smooth skin you want using the correct methods. You’ll have much better results and can easily avoid unnecessary risks and side effects along the way.

The Power of the Wig



Does the celebrity make the wig, or does the wig make the celebrity? In an attempt to halt the inevitable ageing process, stars have looked to wigs to help maintain their luminary auras. For those without hair loss problems wigs can play a vital role in creating a persona that appeals to the masses. Here is a look at some of the most influential wigs amongst celebrities.

Andre Agassi

Before 1990 Agassi had never made it to a Grand Slam Final. But with the help of a blonde mullet, in 1990 Agassi made it all the way to the final of the French Open. With that iconic flowing mane Agassi went on to win his first two Grand Slams before deciding to part with his colossal wig after overtures from his then wife, Brooke Shields. It was only years later that Agassi revealed the truth – for decades we thought those beautiful blonde locks were his own.


Videos detailing how to style your wig like Beyonce’s abound on YouTube. Videos can be found in the dozens due to the many hairstyles displayed by Beyonce in her music videos, public appearances, and concerts. Her affinity for lace front wigs allow her to create specific hairstyles that reflect the image she’s trying to portray. Queen B’s ability to appeal to millions of followers can no doubt be partially credited to the myriad of Noriko, Amore, Ellen Wille and other types of wigs in her wardrobe.

Lady Gaga

The most outlandish wigs in the celebrity world belong to Miss Poker Face herself, Lady Gaga. Gaga has been accused of being unnecessarily ostentatious and more of a Hollywood experiment than a musician with genuine ability. Regardless of her intent, she is renowned for being a truly theatrical and impassioned performer. Her larger-than-life image has in part endeared her to the LGBT community by giving her fans the confidence to unabashedly express themselves.

George Costanza

George Costanza of Seinfeld is plagued with unfortunate events, sometimes even tragedy: the accidental death of his fiancé, the burning down of her father’s cherished cabin, the innumerable firings, etc. But for once George’s fortunes change when he comes in contact with a toupee. While Jerry and Elaine weren’t advocates of George’s new look, Kramer goes so far as to set George up on a date instead of Jerry, exclaiming to him that, “He’s got you beat.” George’s newfound self-confidence is short-lived, though, due to Elaine tossing his toupee out of Jerry’s apartment window. However, the mirth elicited by George’s new hair had given him unprecedented confidence, not seen before or after his toupee adventure.

These celebrities and fictional characters have harnessed the swaying power of wigs and toupees. Their use of hairpieces has helped cultivate personalities that legions of others now look to as idols.

Getting Hair Extensions: Your Guide To Everything That You Need To Know

For us ladies, our hair is very important, as is the way that we choose to style it. If you are a girl who dreams of having long locks, but your hair seems unable to grow, you might be considering getting extensions.

While short hair styles might be in right now, they don’t hold a candle to long, loose waves. For many of us, getting our hair to grow as long as we want it to is a struggle. Even if we do manage to get our hair to grow long, often, it ends up looking too thin. That’s why so many women are now choosing to get hair extensions – believe it or not, very few women have genetically perfect hair.


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Sometimes us girls just need a little help when it comes to perfecting our hairstyle, which is why extensions are so popular. However, before you get your extensions done, make sure that you know everything that you need to.

To ensure that you know everything that you need to know, we have put together a simple guide to getting hair extensions, below:

Choose an experienced stylist

First things first, always make sure to choose a stylist who has lots of experience. Many hairdressers and stylists aren’t trained in hair extensions, but some offer the service anyway.

So make sure always to check that the stylist of your choice has been  trained and has lots of experience. When it comes to choosing a hair stylist, it’s always a good idea to ask to see their portfolio of previous work. This should give you an idea of how skilled and experienced they are at doing hair extensions.

Understand that there are different types of extensions

It’s important to realize that there are several different styles of extensions and each is different. For instance, while some hair extension are great for adding length, others are ideal for adding volume.

This is why it’s crucial that you have an experienced hair stylist so that they can recommend the best hair extensions for you. You can also do some research before your appointment about all the different types of extensions.

Your hair can get damaged

One thing that you must understand when it comes to hair extensions is that if you don’t take care of them properly, they can damage your hair. Even when you do take care of them properly, hair extensions can still cause some damage to your hair.

The best way that you can prevent your hair from being damaged by your extensions is ensuring that you take good care of it. This means doing what your hair stylist tells you to do, attending all follow-ups and not leaving your extensions in for too long.

If your hair is stubborn and just won’t grow or grows but is thin, then you might be considering getting extensions. When done properly, hair extensions can be amazing.

However, if not done by a professional not only can they look fake, but they can also damage your hair. So make sure that you opt for a trained and experienced stylist to put in your hair extensions.

As long as you get your extensions done by a professional and take good care of them, you should be fine.


Bangin’ Bangs: Find Your Best Style!


You’re ready to update your hairstyle, but not sure about the right look. What about bangs? Bangs are a multi-faceted way to soften your features, yet add some pizazz and edge all at the same time.  They can also enhance any face shape – if you wear them the right way! Here are some ideas for bangin’ bangs, including which face shape can pull them off.

The Lash Grazer

Falling right at the eyelashes with a downwards angle right at the temples, these bangs add mystery with just a hint of attitude. Super dramatic, they will definitely be the focus of your entire hairstyle.  And, since the fringe is blunt and heavy, it will add width. This bang look is best for heart-shaped and oval faces and thick hair textures.

The Arched Bang

Boho is all the craze this summer, so it stands to reason there is a bang look to match the trend.  This is a lighter look of the lash grazer.  Trimmed with a razor, the bangs are cut in two sections – one that falls directly over the forehead, and then longer layers on the sides that blend nicely with the rest of the hair. This style is also great for oval faces.  If you are worried about covering up a few early signs of aging, the arched bang perfectly camouflages the forehead and the corners of the eyes – potential trouble spots for many women.

Above the Brow

Perfect for round or square faces, this choppy, short style gives round faces structure, and can soften square jawlines.  Above the brow bangs will bring attention to the eyes and flatter wider face structures. Looking for a more youthful look? Try angling the bangs from the middle, and getting slightly longer as you head towards the temple.  If you are ready for a more severe and fashion forward look, channel your inner pin-girl and do the opposite – with longer locks in the middle moving upwards as they graze the sides.

Side-Swept Bangs

Side-swept bangs suit every face shape as well as every hair length. They are the great all-around bang. You can rock them with short hair, long hair, pixie cuts, and bobs. Bonus? These classic bangs never go out of style.  If you are pressed for time, these bangs are perfect for women who don’t have the time to run to the salon every few week for trims. Get them cut and they grow beautifully and can easily blend into longer layers.

Need help creating the perfect side-swept look? Blow-Dry Taxi hosts a team of expert stylists who can come to your home or office. In under an hour, they can create the best bang look you’ve been dying to try.  Visit to check out their huge variety of styles.

So there you have it! Several bang styles that work with all different face shapes. Bangs are stylish, sexy, and can shave years off your look. Whether your best face feature is your eyes, lips, or cheekbones, there is a bang style that will frame the face and accentuate exactly what you want, in just the right way.

Men’s Hairstyles Past to Present


A man’s hair cut is an expression of his style, his personality. From Augustus Caesar to Justin Bieber, the hairdos of famous guys have influenced how the male population as a whole style their tresses, for better or for worse. Some trends that seemed like awesome ideas at the time – the “business in the front, party in the back” mullet, for example – are now widely regarded as fashion failures. Other hairstyles, however, have stood the test of time. These are the styles taught year in and year out at barbering school because they look just as good today as they did when they first debuted.



(This is not Elvis, but he sure does look cool with Elvis’s Hairstyle)

When it comes to cool, The King and his billowing pouf will always reign supreme. In the 1950s, the pompadour was the look of cool cats everywhere, and no one wore it better than Elvis Presley himself. Over a half a century later and this retro look remains in style. To achieve this rockabilly standard, the barber cuts the sides of the hair short, leaving ample length on top. To style, the barber combs the hair forward and then flips it up and back to create the signature pomp with the help of a great pomade.

Side Part


“Mad Men” may be over, but the 50s style side part worn by Don Draper is a classic cut that is always in fashion. Barbers customize this simple ‘do with stylish variations for the individual customer. Some men wear the hairstyle with lots of length on one side, while other men keep their coifs closely cropped. At barbering school, the next generation of barbers are learning the technique of the disconnected side part; a shaved part separates the two sides of the hair for the ultimate throwback appeal.



The afro. It’s an iconic style that was symbolic of the civil rights and black power movements of the 1960s. Although it’s most often sported by African Americans, anyone with very curly hair can rock this style. Just look to PBS “Joy of Painting” host Bob Ross for historical proof. The afro is essentially a ball of curls extending outward from the scalp, often with eye-catching volume. With specialized training in barbering school, a barber learns the proper techniques to shape afros for both men and women.



In the 1980s, the Mohawk was most decidedly a symbol of rebellious punk rock. The single row of towering spikes descending down the middle of a shaved head was meant to shock and awe the conservative class. Today, tamer versions of this hairstyle are popular for men and women. With the faux hawk, the barber cuts the sides of the hair short, and leaves a moderate amount of length on top. That way, the customer can spike up his ‘do when he’s ready to rock n’ roll all night, and then comb it down for the business meeting the next day.

Master the Styles

From fro to pomp, mastering these classic cuts takes training from a barbering school. The Marinello Schools of Beauty barbering school teaches students the essentials of cutting and coloring men’s hair, as well as straight razoring the face. After over 100 years in the business, Marinello Schools of Beauty has developed a unique program that incorporates lessons on career development. The expert marketing, sales and business management skills taught at Marinello Beauty School equips students with the skills needed to one day run their own barbershops. A fully accredited institution, Marinello Schools of Beauty offers flexible class schedules and financial aid to those who qualify.

Choosing the Right Wig for You


Wigs have been around for centuries, and in that time they’ve done everything from covering bald heads to denoting social status to making impossible hairstyles possible. Today’s hairpieces are more versatile than ever, and they’re becoming increasingly popular as a fashion statement. With so many options to choose from, how do you decide which one is just right for you?

Consider Your Goals

The reasons for purchasing a wig are as wide-ranging as the styles available. Some people buy them out of necessity after experiencing hair loss from a medical condition or treatment. Autoimmune diseases such as alopecia can cause thinning or complete hair loss, as can many cancer treatments. A set of faux locks can restore a patient’s sense of dignity and normalcy when medically induced hair loss occurs.

Some people buy wigs just for the fun of being able to quickly make radical changes to their look. Investing in a collection of hairpieces can enable the wearer to go from long to short, curly to straight, blond to brunette in an instant. While non-natural colors like blue or pink used to be reserved mostly for teens or performers, they’re becoming more and more mainstream – at least for a fun night out, if not for the office.

A wig can be a great way to try on – literally – a hairstyle you’re not sure you want to commit to permanently. For example, a color change can be such a shock at first that it’s sometimes difficult to decide objectively if you actually like it. If you dye your locks and then realize that the change is too dramatic or not what you expected, you’re stuck trying to find another dye that’s close to your original color. This can be frustrating, and repeated color treatments can damage your mane. A wig helps you avoid these problems – and you may just decide that the ability to change your hair color at will is more fun than making a more permanent change. Likewise, if you’re thinking about having your long hair cut short, a wig can help you decide if you’re really ready to part with your lengthy locks.

Complement Your Features

Once you’ve decided to buy a wig, you want to choose one that enhances your look. Consider your eye and skin tones and the ways in which a change of hair color may match or contrast with your other features. If you want your wig to appear natural, your tresses shouldn’t be a wildly different shade from your eyebrows. Also keep in mind that if your wig is a different shade from your current (or natural) hairstyle, you may want to consider adjusting your makeup accordingly.

Choosing the perfect hairpiece doesn’t have to be overwhelming; it can be a fun – or even liberating – experience. The right wig can express different aspects of your personality, enhance your style, or boost your self-esteem.

Beating the Fuzz: What are the Best Kinds of Hair Removal?

Ladies, beating the fuzz is important. You all know what I’m talking about. When it comes to shaving our legs and keeping ourselves trimmed, plucked and stubble free, it can be nothing short of a nightmare! We all love the feeling of baby smooth, silky legs. But, it can be so difficult to achieve this with regular products in our homes. Hair removal methods come in so many different formats now. It’s hard to know which one is best. If you are anything like me, you are a slave to shaving. In the winter, it’s not so bad. But, come the summertime, you don’t want to be wasting your time continuously shaving your legs. Shaving can also damage the delicate skin on your legs.

So, when it comes to beating the fuzz, there are all sorts of new things that we can try.


We’ve all felt the pain of waxing from time to time. I know that waxing my legs is one of the most painful things I can do! But, it’s perfect for us girls that like to achieve a smooth finish every time. Waxing is great as it slows down growth. The science behind this is simple. As the hair is ripped from the follicle, it takes longer to grow back. I find that waxing is the perfect solution as it’s cost-effective.

You can do it at home or head to your local beauty salon. What’s more, I love waxing as it means I don’t have to worry about it for six to eight weeks. It’s perfect for the long summer months. Of course, it can be painful, so if you have a low pain threshold, it may be wise to avoid this one!



Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal has become increasingly popular in the last few years. Now, we girls want to make sure that we have a permanent solution to our hair removal problems. If you are keen to learn more, check out Diana Bradley’s review of Tria 4X laser device. It’s full of useful information on how laser devices can help you. I found that laser hair removal was an excellent way of getting rid of unwanted fuzz.

The intense pulses of light are emitted into the skin that results in killing the hair at the follicle. If you are like me and want a near-on-permanent solution to getting rid of hair, this is the way to do it. It can be a little painful. But, like waxing it all depends on your pain threshold. It’s all about suffering for your art, after all. As many of us are keen to get rid of hair for good, this is the ultimate way to do so. You do have to be mindful of whether you can adopt this kind of technique in the home. For ladies with darker skin, it can damage the skins pigments. So, do be sure to do your research before you invest. It’s one of the safest ways to get rid of hair for good. So, you can wave goodbye to your razor!