Get Smooth, Hair-Free Skin In Time For Summer



Waxing is a preferred method of hair removal for many people, offering quick yet lasting results and silky smooth skin. 

With the nights getting lighter and weather getting (slightly) warmer, it’s time to start preparing our skin for summer by exfoliating, moisturising and removing excess hair. There are a number of different ways to get rid of facial or body hair, but, for many of us, waxing remains the preferred method of hair removal.

Why waxing?

When it comes to hair removal, there is a huge number of options out there, from shaving to epilation, and hair removal creams to laser treatment. So, why do so many people choose waxing? Waxing is a great solution for getting rid of a large amount of dense hairs, such as those found on your legs and your bikini area. It’s quick and effective and, although not permanent, the results do last several weeks – perfect if you’re going on holiday. It’s also relatively cheap, particularly in relation to more permanent solutions such as laser removal. The more often you wax, the thinner and softer your hairs become, making the treatment less painful and needed less frequently.

DIY vs Salon

It is possible to use wax on yourself at home, but it is not always straightforward, particularly for novices. A lot of home waxing kits use ready-made cold wax strips which are not as effective as hot wax, and if you do use hot wax it can be a very messy affair. Home waxing can also be very painful if you don’t know what you’re doing, leaving you with bruised, sore skin. When in doubt, it’s always best to leave it to the professionals.

Finding a salon

When it comes to getting waxed, finding the right salon or beautician is vitally important, so it pays to do some homework before making an appointment. The most important thing is to make sure that the salon you use follows recommended hygiene practices, such as wearing disposable gloves and using a disposable paper sheet on the bed – otherwise you could risk an infection. If you have sensitive skin it’s also a good idea to ask about the products they use so that you can avoid any harsh chemicals.

With so many beauty salons in Chelmsford, it can be difficult to sort the wheat from the chaff, but word of mouth recommendations are usually a good indicator of quality. Either ask your friends and acquaintances who they use or look online. A quick google search of ‘waxing Chelmsford’ will give you a number of recommendations and reviews.

Mimosa Beauty

One reputable salon offering waxing services in Chelmsford is Mimosa Beauty. Run by founder Jenny Lawson, Mimosa offers a wide range of beauty treatments, but sees waxing as its speciality. The salon offers a full set of waxing services, including the leg, arm, underarm, lip, chin, eyebrows and the bikini area, with prices ranging from £12 to £14.

For leg, arm, chest and back waxes, Mimosa uses Australian Bodycare wax containing tea tree oil which is known for its antiseptic properties, and 90% of the salon’s waxing treatments are carried out with hot wax. Mimosa’s fully trained therapists are committed to good hygiene, wearing disposable gloves and never ‘double dipping’.

Of course, waxing isn’t just for women. More and more men are waking up to the benefits of waxing, and Mimosa also caters for these with waxing treatments for the back, chest and intimate areas.

Be prepared

To get the results you’re looking for it’s important to follow some advice from the professionals. Make sure that the hair you want waxed has been allowed to grow to at least 1/4 cm in length, otherwise it will be difficult for the therapist to remove all the hair, and it is likely to be more painful. You should also exfoliate the area every two to three days in the weeks leading up to your appointment. This will help to minimise the risk of ingrowing hairs, leaving you with silky, smooth skin that you can’t wait to show off.


Skin-care On The Go



If you spend your days traveling and catching red eye flights, it is obvious that skincare may not be your top concern at the moment. But just because you are busy does not mean you cannot have beautiful skin. There are ways to alter your skincare routine specifically to fit your travels. So when you are on the go try this in-flight skincare routine to look and feel your best:

  1. Remove any makeup: If you are wearing makeup in the flight, wipe it off gently with make removal wipes. This not only lets your skin breathe but also unclogs any pores that may have led to unhealthy skin.
  2. Cleanse: Use a cleanser suitable for your skin type to further clean. It will lead to a fresher looking skin with no clogged pores.
  3. Use a face mist: A face mist will restore the moisture of your skin as it will completely hydrate it and leave you feeling very fresh.
  4. Moisturize: Don’t let your skin get flaky and dry. Use a good amount of your favorite moisturizer and gently rub it onto your face. It is a good idea to use a hand and foot cream to keep your hands and feet moisturized, which may be exposed to the airplane air that can lead to dryness.

It is important to buy all these products in travel sized packs to be able to carry them through airport security. With all else taken care of, now you can just sit and relax knowing your skin is going to be just healthy and perfect. And if you ever start getting stressed while waiting for these flights of yours to arrive, you can play some games at www.gamevillage.com to distract yourself.

Different Facial Types To Be Aware of

Different Facial Types To Be Aware of




Facial skin is so often subjected to substantial damage because of various environmental factors and stress. A facial is definitely going to be really good at offering a defense against aging telltale signs. We are faced with a true variety that is now available when referring to the different facial types that exist so choosing can sometimes be really complicated. It is important to think about your personal desires and needs before visiting any facial bar & body clinic since you want to know what to choose. The pampering process can basically utilize various different products in order to offer really interesting results. Based on the clinic you chose, people that administer the considered facial type can use varying techniques and products.

Traditional Or Clinical Facials

These are the facials that you only get after the specialist consults you. The trained therapist needs to assess skin so as to determine the best possible treatment course. A professional can easily decide what your current needs are so only after that a recommendation is done about the procedure that is the best one. Facials can resolve various different problems like oiliness, dryness, pH balance, rejuvenation or exfoliation. The most common facials of this type are balancing and deep cleansing treatments. Balancing is important in this case so individual facial skin problems can be taken care of with the correct treatment.

Anti-Aging Facials

When it comes to facials, most people use them in order to receive an anti-aging effect. It is quite normal to opt for such a facial in Studio City, CA. Two really common reasons why facials are performed include fighting sagging and wrinkles. Firming loose skin can also be done with facial massage, which is normally included with facials anyway. There are many clinics that will refer to this process with the name roulage. It practically means lift and roll. The big advantage is that blood flow will be increased. This leads to the skin being better and tightened.

Exfoliation And Microdermabrasion

These are the facial types that are the most commonly advertised and promoted because of the fact they offer really good results at the moment. Microdermabrasion is also referred to as brightening facials. Exfoliation means the therapist is going to eliminate the cells that are dull and dead from facial surface. Treatment does also include applying various different creams that are going to improve the quality of the skin that remains. Cleansing is great for us and acid peels can be added to the mix in order to remove impurities.

Remember The Following

When it comes to facials, there are so many interesting options you will want to take into account. Unfortunately, most people just go to the very first facial clinic and will ask for a facial. The lack of knowledge about the various facial types available is something you should always take into account. It is a mistake you do not want to make. The more you know about facials, the higher the possibility you are going to choose something that will offer huge benefits tailored to you as an individual.


Quality Skin Care Products at Great Prices



There are many manufacturers promising miracles when it comes to skin care and anti-ageing products, but it’s those that are honest, and that have put a lot of development into their product range, that we appreciate most. Those companies tend not to promise you miracles, but offer an effective, proven range of products that do the job. We can recommend the range from Elan Rose, an established supplier of beauty and skin care products offering clinically proven results. California-based, they have many satisfied customers across the world, and are there to help you keep your skin healthy and fresh.

For example, if you are looking for the best anti-aging night cream on the market, you’ll find their range to be well-priced and carefully concocted. The Elan Rose team use proven scientific methods to develop their products, and they take great care to ensure all are safe for use and effective. They choose ingredients very carefully, and you will find they are dedicated to their chosen field of interest.

Fast Acting Skin Care

With a choice of products including the night serum, with its proven anti-aging properties, and the ‘Hello Sunshine’ Day Cream, you can be certain that Elan Rose has something that will be right for you, and as they concentrate on these two products you are guaranteed the best results. Indeed, in trials, some women even reported seeing results in a few days, with all saying they could see definite improvement in skin condition after just a few weeks.

The use of vitamin e cream for face products is an innovative choice, and also has proven properties. Indeed, it is an excellent choice for anti-ageing, and will help remove lines that occur naturally with the ageing process. You will feel younger, too, as the creams remove any old skin that may be hardened and uncomfortable, as well as adding nutrients that improve skin condition and, when used correctly, protect against skin cancer.

Protects Against UV Damage

One of the most damaging factors in terms of the skin is, unfortunately, a natural and unavoidable one. We are all exposed to UV rays on a regular basis, and while you most likely take care to limit your skin’s exposure to direct sunlight, you may not know that damage is being done on a daily basis. The day cream from Elan Rose is designed to protect against the sun’s rays and offers an effective barrier to much of the UV exposure you can’t avoid, as well as keeping your skin hydrated – essential for its good health – throughout the day.

Choose Elan Rose as your skin care products and you are joining a long list of happy, satisfied customers who have discovered they are the best in the business, and at sensible prices. Have a look at details of these excellent products on the website now, or contact them for more information, and one of the team will be happy to help.

petroleum jelly

5 Effective Ways to Use Petroleum Jelly




What’s something that is available at hand yet we tend to ignore it and that is the solution to our day -to-day problems? Its VASELINE(a.k.a petroleum jelly). Petroleum jelly is one such product that is very versatile in nature. Be it for healthy and smooth skin, smooth lips, or eyes that pop, a little petroleum jelly can help. It can even drive away bad hair days! Vaseline is an all-rounder and you can use it for a slew of time- and money-saving tricks.

Here are the 5 effective ways to use petroleum jelly:

  1. For eyes:

Petroleum jelly has various benefits for eyes. Rubbing petroleum jelly on your lash line with a cotton swab will help in removing the lash glue. Define your eyelashes by applying petroleum jelly and get shiny, thicker-looking lashes without mascara. You can also use this to tame your unruly brows or even to intensify your eye shadow.

  1. For body:

Have cracked heels? Want to protect your sore noses? Or fancy highlighted cheekbones? Petroleum jelly is the answer to all of them. Apply petroleum jelly to the affected areas and feel the difference. It is also best to help lock in moisture to your dried out skin and can even be used to treat sunburns when it is applied liberally to the affected areas.

  1. For lips:

In cold or dry weather, be it anything, applying a small layer of petroleum jelly on lips can help retain the moisture and avoid chapping, dryness, roughness and flaky lips. It can also be used to exfoliate by applying a thin layer of jelly and using a toothbrush to gently scrub away the dead skin.

  1. For hair:

To hide split ends, moisturize and mask damage by smoothing a small amount of jelly over split ends. But be careful! Use too much and it’ll turn your hair into a greasy mess. Also dabbing it a little on your hair can keep your hair well moisturized and manageable.

  1. For other purposes:

Besides the above mentioned uses, petroleum jelly can also be used to aid earring insertion, make perfume last longer, for shiny shoes, prevent corrosion and wood furnishing.

Now that you are genned up with the benefits of petroleum jelly, try them and feel beautiful with a game of online bingo on Bingo Magix. Visit the site to play.


Here’s Why You Really Need A Facial




Our skin is really important and it protects the entire body from foreign substance harmful invasions. It is so important that we take care of our body and this always includes taking care of our skin. The problem is that so many tend to forget about the skin. It looks like most people are nowadays applying sunscreen when they go to the beach but the face is normally neglected. If you really want to be sure you are going to properly take care of your skin, you want to look for the best facial for sensitive skin in NYC or something similar. This is due to various different reasons, including the following.

Blood Circulation Increases

A regular facial treatment will increase blood flow circulation while stimulating the body’s largest organ. According to many experts, facials help delay premature aging. You want to use the facials because they are going to prevent the appearance of wrinkles as you are aging. Always be sure your skin is hydrated since avoiding dehydration is always a necessity.


Facials have the possibility of offering a really deep cleanse. This is much more than what you can do in the comfort of your own home. Facials regularly include various treatments like hydration, exfoliation and cleansing. That eliminates seated dirt and will affect impurities while promoting skin appearance and health.

Finding Products Suitable For Your Skin

This is one of the hidden advantages associated with facials. As you visit a spa and a beauty technician looks at you, it is possible to find various products that are simply perfect for the skin. So many these days use products that are pretty bad. That means skin becomes sensitized. You can find a great cosmetic doctor near where you live and gain access to home care regimens that are going to work really great for you.

Complexion Rejuvenation

A facial treatment will always guarantee complexion rejuvenation. It is really important to restore the natural glow of your skin. A facial treatment will remove the dead and old skin cells while promoting healthy cell growth. Various different pampering methods are going to help you, including applying lotions, peels, steam, exfoliation, massage and creams.

Reducing Stress

When you go to the beauty clinic and you go through a facial treatment stress can easily be lessened. Basically all the facial treatments will always help you to feel much more relaxed when massage is added to the mix. All specialists will tell you that endorphins will be released when you are going to be relaxed. Because of this, stress will be automatically reduced.

Always be sure that you include a facial treatment in your beauty routine once per month. Based on skin problems you can go even more often. Maintaining proper skin health and beauty is always something that is very important. It is a shame to see that so many make the mistake of not even considering getting facial treatments done since we are faced with various options that are simply perfect for your skin type.


When Your own Skin Becomes a Prosthetic Old Age Mask



Our skin is the one organ out of many that keeps changing with season and age. Where new elements associated with seasons are quite manageable, the skin can become thinner, lose fat, and no longer looks as plump and smooth as it once did with age. We can’t do much about these two variables than to accept these changes.

But, wait a minute, are you in your late 20’s or early 30’s and look beyond your actual age? If yes, then there has to be something that you are not doing the way it should be done which is making you look older than you actually are. Look out for the early signs of skin aging which are not happening to someone of your age.

The warning signs of skin problems itself tend to make us look older than we actually are. So, before our self-confidence takes a hit, here are 5 early warning signs of unhealthy skin that you can keep checking. There is a lot to do about it before it is too late:

Premature Wrinkles– Wrinkles and fine lines are destined to be a part of all of our lives. However, some people develop wrinkles prematurely, and this can be distressing. Environmental factors and lifestyle choices are typically to blame for premature wrinkles, so if you notice a few lines showing up, it’s important to make the appropriate changes to your daily life to eliminate your early skin aging and to prevent new wrinkles from forming.

Dark Spots– Dark spots on the face generally point to an underlying health condition or reaction to medicine, or may be your carelessness towards the skin. Also known as hyperpigmentation, they tend to make the skin look unhealthy and age you. Thank god there are sunscreens to prevent dark spots, so avoid going in the sun without them and avoid exposure to UV light as much as you can. But despite of the precautions, if they still find their way to your skin, get timely treatment.

Uneven Skin– It’s most often the skin that has to bear the brunt when anything goes wrong inside our body. Uneven skin is one such outcome of stressed and overtired body from a lack of rest, dehydration or malnourishment. To avoid uneven skin, make sure to get lots of rest, keep yourself hydrated and have healthy eating habits.

Chapped Lips– You may not realize, but lips also fall under skin, the thinnest piece of skin yet striking part on the body. A chapped lip can get painful if not cared for properly. They might crack and start to bleed or develop sores. Chapped lips also give an appearance of negligence. Keep your body appropriately hydrated and moisturized in order to avoid chapped lips.

Flaky Skin– Rough and dry skin is not only unhealthy, but can be responsible for your bad and overage appearance. The skin gets exposed to a lot of elements during the day that can an adversely impact on it, weather conditions being the primary one. Skin tends to become dry in cold conditions if not moisturized properly. Dry or flaky skin can also pinpoint to a more serious disorder like thyroid condition or psoriasis. Keep your skin properly moisturized and remain hydrated to avoid dry or flaky skin.

Rashes– Do you see skin rashes? They are usually one of the early signs of an allergy or a skin condition. So get your rashes checked as soon as they appear. It might be due to any reaction to a product or point to an underlying condition.

Over time, skin begins to age naturally as a fact of life. We all are ready to accept it but not by certain habits of mistakes. It’s never too late to halt any of the above concerns and there are product ranges like Skin doctors cosmeceuticals which understand this. You can go for a natural face lift or products to help women all over the world to look dramatically younger. We wish you stay young forever!

winter skincare dos and donts

Winter Skincare Do’s and Don’ts



Winter – loved by the mind, but hated by the skin. When the weather gets cold, the percentage of moisture in our environment reduces and there is of course the wind, who blows all of the remaining moisture away from our skin. Not to mention the central heating in our homes. Now, when cold and dry weather comes, the keratinocytes (skin cells) lose their water and leave our skin sore. Our skin becomes itchy and much more sensitive to all the damages from the outside. Basically you see that, using just moisturizer, just isn’t enough. Here are some of the things you should be doing and some of the things you definitely shouldn’t be doing during winter.


Switch up some of your skincare products

  • If you were using strong body wash products during summer (when you were fighting with all that sweat), switch to lighter, moisturizing ones.
  • Have you ever heard about the vitamin C serum? This serum is CRUCIAL for skin vitality since it helps your skin to renew collagen which was lost faster during coldness. It reduces wrinkles and rejuvenates your skin
  • Use alcohol free products which have a high concentration of hyaluronic acids in them for the recovery

Use air humidifier

The best way to save your skin from damage is to have home with a healthy level of humidity in it. When your heating is on, the humidity level drops to 10% or less. That is exactly how chapped lips and hands appear. Humidifiers keep the necessary moisture in the air and help your skin health.


Moisturizers protect our skin from all the rough elements in the air. As our clothes get heavier, so should our moisturizers. During summer, we use water-based lotions, but oil-based ones are for the winter. Before applying it, use a toner which is alcohol-free to hydrate your skin. Reapply the moisturizer at least 3 times a day.


People often don’t realize that the UV radiation during winter is almost the same as it is during summer. It has nothing to do with the warmth. This radiation damages your skin big time, but during winter you just don’t notice it. Make sure that you cover all your exposed places (face, neck, hands) with sunscreen that has at least SPF 30.


Make sure that you are always hydrated. An average person needs approximately 8 glasses of water a day in order to function properly. Water helps your digestion and your brain to function and of course, your skin to look its best.

Take care of your hands as well

Eczema and brittle nails aren’t a nice thing to see, right? In order to avoid this from happening, make sure that your hands are covered with a thick layer of hand cream and pampered with a nice and stylish pair of gloves.


Have long, hot showers

Yes, jumping in a hot shower after a cold day, feel just as good as jumping into a cold shower after a summer morning jog. One of these two is great for your body, and the other one is terrible. Can you guess which is which? Let’s put it this way: you know what happens to a chicken when you put it in a hot water? It becomes your lunch. You need to understand that hot water strips all the natural elements from our skin and makes it even dryer than it already is. Instead of steaming your entire bathroom and feigning that you are taking a shower in the deepest depths of hell with the devil himself, switch to a pleasant lukewarm water. You will get used to it eventually.

Cover your dry skin with just makeup itself

You MUST exofilate your skin before applying makeup on it. If you skip exofilation, the makeup you put on will make your skin look flaky and blotchy, and we don’t want that. Every little crack you have will be 10 times more visible. To exofilate quickly, simply gently rub a drenched washcloth over the dry area. After that use a moisturizer and primer and then put on your makeup.

Forget about your lips

Lips are skin too, you know? And did you know that UV lights can damage your lips as well as your face, back or any other body part? Make sure that you always carry a lip balm or a lip block in your purse and on your lips, which has a high amount of SPF in it.

Remember, take care of your body – it is the only place you have to live in.

Keeping Your Skin Healthy and Vibrant

Keeping Your Skin Healthy and Vibrant

You want beautiful and radiant skin, but as you age this becomes more and more difficult to maintain. Fortunately, there are ways to age gracefully. From products you apply to simple habits you can change, here are a few ways to get started in ensuring your skin stays luminous throughout your life.


Your skin needs moisture to stay healthy. Just like you can see the skin on a piece of fruit start to wrinkle and wilt, your skin requires work to keep it hydrated and looking healthy. Drink plenty of water to plump up your skin and reduce the appearance of wrinkles. Don’t stop there. You also need to moisturize your skin at least twice a day to keep your skin oils regulated.

Be careful with your moisturizer choice as many are filled with unnecessary chemicals. Try one of the Artistry products from Amway that are made from only the best ingredients and are customizable by skin type. You can learn more information about Amway’s products from its social media pages.

Sun Protection

Protecting your skin from the sun is one of the most crucial and best things you can do for your skin. You should stay in the shade as much as possible, wear hats and apply sunscreen any time you are outside. Even getting a light tan is a sign of damage to your skin. But don’t think that if you already have a tan that you are protected from getting further damage.

Wear at least SPF 30 on your face every day to avoid premature aging and skin cancer. Chances are good that the SPF in your makeup is not enough, so buy a specific sunscreen to apply beforehand.

Face Exercises

It may seem far-fetched that facial exercises actually work to tighten your skin and keep you looking young, but it is catching on more and more. You may feel a little silly in the beginning, but the goal of these exercises is to replace plastic surgery and injections. If doing a couple of facial stretches each day eliminates the need for Botox, you’re saving yourself a lot of money and pain. Marie Claire provides face yoga exercises that work specifically on your problem areas.

Habit Changes

Take a look at your daily habits and make changes to be healthier. Many bad habits that affect your overall well-being also affect your skin. For example, smoking causes a host of health problems, including lung cancer, cavities and wrinkles. Smoking dries out your skin and makes it lose its elasticity, which causes wrinkles and sometimes a grayish tint.

Another bad habit is eating sugary foods. Too much sugar causes inflammation and breakouts as well as more serious problems like diabetes and heart problems. Sugar also attacks collagen, which is the protein that keeps your skin looking young and fresh.

Skin is special — it’s the organ you see everyday after all. It’s just as important to take proper care of your skin as it is to take care of any other part of your body. Put your health first and vibrant skin will follow.

Rejuvenating Your Skin With Anti-Aging Laser Procedures

Rejuvenating Your Skin With Anti-Aging Laser Procedures


Collaboration with NY Laser Outlet


In the past decade, there have been tremendous advances in anti-aging methods.  The cosmetic industry is booming as a result of that.  There are anti-aging procedures to match every individual’s preferences and finances.  From fillers to hormones to plastic surgery, you can find a treatment to aid you in battling the signs of aging.  The myriad of choices can be overwhelming.  You need to know more about the procedures in order to select the right one for yourself.

Ablative versus Non-Ablative Procedures

The first thing you need to know about lasers and other treatments is that they are labeled either ablative or non-ablative.  This makes a big difference to most people as it affects recovery time and discomfort levels.

Ablative treatments target the epidermis (outer layer or surface of the skin).  The cells on the surface of the skin are damaged or vaporized, a single layer at a time.  This removes damaged cells and new skin forms to heal the epidermis and rejuvenate the skin.  Recovery time takes longer and some of the side effects are swelling and redness and possibly scabbing.  The risks include the possibility of infection and the procedure can be very uncomfortable.  The results of the procedure, once the skin heals, are very noticeable.  This method works well on mild to moderate wrinkling.

Non-Ablative treatments target the dermis (lower layer of the skin) while leaving the epidermis unharmed.  Collagen production and healing are done in the deeper layer of skin to smooth and rejuvenate the skin.  Recovery time is fairly fast and there are few risks or side affects.  It isn’t nearly as uncomfortable as ablative treatments.  Results aren’t as immediate or as  effective as ablative treatments.  This procedure works best on mild wrinkling.

Variety of Treatment Styles

There are a lot of different cosmetic lasers used at clinics and spas.  This is for several reasons.  For example, there isn’t any one specific laser device that works on all skin issues or skin conditions.  Let’s take a look at just a few of the treatments available:

Fractional CO2 Laser: This ablative device is used for skin resurfacing, to reduce wrinkles and lines and rejuvenate the skin.  Newer models are far less uncomfortable than older devices and have far less risks.  Full recovery takes about 2-3 weeks.

Pulse-dyed Laser: This laser uses an organic dye to target pink or red tones in skin in order to even skin tone and reduce scars.

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL): Also called heliotherapy, this procedure doesn’t actually use a laser.  It uses pulses of very bright light to treat skin disorders like psoriasis and acne.  It has limited side effects.  How uncomfortable it is depends on the device used and the intensity of the light.

Radio-frequency:  This isn’t an actual laser.  This non-ablative method uses radio waves to tighten skin.  It produces a warming sensation, but the treatment is very comfortable.  No recovery time.  No side effects.

Making a Decision

Before you decide on a treatment, there are steps you need to take.  First, consult with your dermatologist and discuss your needs.  They can tell you what your skin condition needs are and if there are certain treatments you need to avoid.  Next, research the clinic or spa you are thinking of using.  Make sure they have a great reputation and use certified technicians.  You don’t want someone working on you who doesn’t really know what they are doing.  Finally, make sure you know something about the particular treatment you want.  The best decision for you is an informed one.