Different Facial Types To Be Aware of




Facial skin is so often subjected to substantial damage because of various environmental factors and stress. A facial is definitely going to be really good at offering a defense against aging telltale signs. We are faced with a true variety that is now available when referring to the different facial types that exist so choosing can sometimes be really complicated. It is important to think about your personal desires and needs before visiting any facial bar & body clinic since you want to know what to choose. The pampering process can basically utilize various different products in order to offer really interesting results. Based on the clinic you chose, people that administer the considered facial type can use varying techniques and products.

Traditional Or Clinical Facials

These are the facials that you only get after the specialist consults you. The trained therapist needs to assess skin so as to determine the best possible treatment course. A professional can easily decide what your current needs are so only after that a recommendation is done about the procedure that is the best one. Facials can resolve various different problems like oiliness, dryness, pH balance, rejuvenation or exfoliation. The most common facials of this type are balancing and deep cleansing treatments. Balancing is important in this case so individual facial skin problems can be taken care of with the correct treatment.

Anti-Aging Facials

When it comes to facials, most people use them in order to receive an anti-aging effect. It is quite normal to opt for such a facial in Studio City, CA. Two really common reasons why facials are performed include fighting sagging and wrinkles. Firming loose skin can also be done with facial massage, which is normally included with facials anyway. There are many clinics that will refer to this process with the name roulage. It practically means lift and roll. The big advantage is that blood flow will be increased. This leads to the skin being better and tightened.

Exfoliation And Microdermabrasion

These are the facial types that are the most commonly advertised and promoted because of the fact they offer really good results at the moment. Microdermabrasion is also referred to as brightening facials. Exfoliation means the therapist is going to eliminate the cells that are dull and dead from facial surface. Treatment does also include applying various different creams that are going to improve the quality of the skin that remains. Cleansing is great for us and acid peels can be added to the mix in order to remove impurities.

Remember The Following

When it comes to facials, there are so many interesting options you will want to take into account. Unfortunately, most people just go to the very first facial clinic and will ask for a facial. The lack of knowledge about the various facial types available is something you should always take into account. It is a mistake you do not want to make. The more you know about facials, the higher the possibility you are going to choose something that will offer huge benefits tailored to you as an individual.

Quality Skin Care Products at Great Prices



There are many manufacturers promising miracles when it comes to skin care and anti-ageing products, but it’s those that are honest, and that have put a lot of development into their product range, that we appreciate most. Those companies tend not to promise you miracles, but offer an effective, proven range of products that do the job. We can recommend the range from Elan Rose, an established supplier of beauty and skin care products offering clinically proven results. California-based, they have many satisfied customers across the world, and are there to help you keep your skin healthy and fresh.

For example, if you are looking for the best anti-aging night cream on the market, you’ll find their range to be well-priced and carefully concocted. The Elan Rose team use proven scientific methods to develop their products, and they take great care to ensure all are safe for use and effective. They choose ingredients very carefully, and you will find they are dedicated to their chosen field of interest.

Fast Acting Skin Care

With a choice of products including the night serum, with its proven anti-aging properties, and the ‘Hello Sunshine’ Day Cream, you can be certain that Elan Rose has something that will be right for you, and as they concentrate on these two products you are guaranteed the best results. Indeed, in trials, some women even reported seeing results in a few days, with all saying they could see definite improvement in skin condition after just a few weeks.

The use of vitamin e cream for face products is an innovative choice, and also has proven properties. Indeed, it is an excellent choice for anti-ageing, and will help remove lines that occur naturally with the ageing process. You will feel younger, too, as the creams remove any old skin that may be hardened and uncomfortable, as well as adding nutrients that improve skin condition and, when used correctly, protect against skin cancer.

Protects Against UV Damage

One of the most damaging factors in terms of the skin is, unfortunately, a natural and unavoidable one. We are all exposed to UV rays on a regular basis, and while you most likely take care to limit your skin’s exposure to direct sunlight, you may not know that damage is being done on a daily basis. The day cream from Elan Rose is designed to protect against the sun’s rays and offers an effective barrier to much of the UV exposure you can’t avoid, as well as keeping your skin hydrated – essential for its good health – throughout the day.

Choose Elan Rose as your skin care products and you are joining a long list of happy, satisfied customers who have discovered they are the best in the business, and at sensible prices. Have a look at details of these excellent products on the website now, or contact them for more information, and one of the team will be happy to help.

Taking a Vacation From Work Doesn’t Need to Mean Taking a Vacation From Your Fitness Routine



A vacation is the best way to take your mind away from any and all stresses in your work and personal life. However, for many people, it’s also the perfect opportunity to take a vacation from their fitness. If this sounds like you, this article has good news (or bad, depending on how you look at it) to help you stay fit on your vacation.

What’s Around?

If you have a strict regular weight based routine, your best bet is going to be looking for local gyms that offer single-day visit passes. While you might not have access to a personal trainer, you can easily take your routine with you and work out at your own pace. Consider this a nice balance between staying on your routine and giving your body a slight vacation away from its regular activity.

Any Room in Your Luggage?

If you have a bit of extra room in your luggage, fill it with fitness accessories. No, this doesn’t mean packing in a full set of weights or an exercise bike. But it is easier than you think; head to the Groupon Coupons page for Bowflex and pick up small items like handgrips, push up handles, or even just a skipping rope. All of these items can easily fit in your luggage and can be used inside your hotel room or even on a local beach.

Take Advantage of What’s Around

Speaking of the beach, don’t be afraid to use the natural resistance offered by a beautiful sandy beach to practice your cardio. Similarly, take in local sights with a run around an unfamiliar city block or through a nearby park.

Talk to the Locals

Fitness enthusiasts love company, and with the level of technology in the palm of everybody’s hand, connecting with like-minded people in your destination city is easy. Look up local running, weights training, or even power walking groups at your destination before you arrive and arrange to join along for a day or two. Walking groups will welcome newcomers visiting their city and often tour through the city streets at night, offering you an experience you would never have known while also keeping your fitness routine on track.

Just because you’re taking a vacation from your work doesn’t mean that you have to lose your fitness momentum or return to work looking worse than you left. Keep these tips in mind as you’re planning your next vacation and enjoy the best of both worlds.

Extend the Life of Your Hair

For countless women, how their hair looks and feels is one of the most important items on their to-do list daily.

Yes, some hair days do not come off as planned, but many others do.

That said there are various options on the table for you when it comes to getting your hair the way you want it to look and feel.

Turn to Those Closest to You

For starters, your female family members and girlfriends are oftentimes one of your best sources when it comes to the latest in hair trends. Lean on them to give you some pointers on not only how to make your hair look great, but also extend the life of it.

One of the tools many women turn to for better looking hair would be tape in hair extensions.

Such extensions allow you to find that perfect look, be it straight, curly or wavy. You also have the choices of various colors, giving your hair a different look whenever you decide the time is right for change.

So, how can you find such extensions without lots of time and effort?

As mentioned a moment ago, turning to the different women in your life is a great start.

For example, go with one of them on a trip to their beauty salon (perhaps you even use the same salon). Any stylist you meet with can provide you information on the latest trends in women’s hairstyles. One of those trends may in fact be just what you are looking for, especially if it involves turning to extensions.

Go Online for More Advice

Another option on the table is looking to the Internet for advice on the latest in hair extensions and other such beauty tips.

If you’re not sure where to start, doing a Google search is oftentimes your best option.

You can type in such terms as hair extensions, prices of hair extensions, where to find hair extensions etc. Before you know it, you will have a fair amount of information on hair extensions, giving you some ideas about which ones are best suited for you to wear.

Also keep in mind that not everything you come across online is always going to be 100 percent accurate, especially when consumers write to question or complain about a product. The only way to truly discover which hair extensions are best suited for you is to try them out.

Speaking of consumers and the Internet, looking at social media sites for different hair care companies is not a bad idea either.

Whether it is Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube etc. many hair-care companies are active on social networking sites. Better yet, you can oftentimes enter into discussions with other women looking for information on extensions, wigs, the latest color trends etc. By taking part in such conversations, you can find out what might be best as far as your hair-care choices.

Finally, look online for the latest from beauty bloggers.

Many of them give you great insight into what is going on in the beauty world.

Typically, a large number of beauty bloggers share information with one another, attend trade shows and networking events etc. together. As such, they have lots of information to share with consumers, information that could be just what you are looking for when it comes to what is in and out of style at the moment.

So, if the time has come for you to extend the life of your hair with better products, what better way is there than to reach out to those you know and don’t know for advice?

When all is said and done, you will likely have the look and feel you want, making you smile from ear to ear.

Creative Event Rentals and Design California



If you have been tasked with organising an event, you will have a lot on your hands! Whether it is a trade exhibition, conference or even a wedding, it’s up to you to get everything right, so any help you can get from others with experience is very much welcome. You need the best source from which to hire the best furniture – seating, tables, even table top decorations for weddings and backdrops – and we strongly recommend you check out the best company for wedding rentals Los Angeles and California, a great company called Archive.

Owners Regina Crosby and Krista Jon founded Archive with the intention of putting their creative talents to use for the benefit of others. A talented Florist, Krista can help with amazing floral decorations for tables and especially weddings, and have already helped many couples enjoy the very best in wonderful wedding organisation. For exhibitions, they can provide amazing backdrops and all manner of commercial staging, so don’t hesitate to call them if this is what you require.

Rentals and Styling

With a flair for styling and expertise in design, Archive can turn their hand to everything up to full event design and coordination, and have the ability to make any event very special indeed. Furthermore, they have the most impressive and comprehensive selection of tables and chairs for rent, so can help with all your seating requirements, no matter what sort you need. You will find the Archive team to be friendly and professional – as well as dedicated to making sure your event runs smoothly – and they are more than happy to discuss any special requirements you may have for unusual arrangements.

Although Archive operates out of Los Angeles they are available for events further afield, so don’t hesitate to talk to them wherever you are. After all, if you want the best service, it is not unusual to have to travel to find it, and Archive will come to you with no trouble at all. You can find many examples of their work in the excellent gallery on the website, so it is worth taking the time to browse for inspiration and ideas, then put them to the Archive team who will help you achieve what you want.

Expert Attention to Detail

You can rely on the team at Archive to provide you with attention to detail throughout, from the initial ideas stage to the presentation of the event itself. Whether you are hosting an event, attending an exhibition or organising a bohemian chic wedding they are the experts to talk to for all the finer details. With such professional help advising you and taking some of the stress off your hands you are free to concentrate on doing the bit you enjoy best, and if you use Archive for the entire event organisation, you can settle back and enjoy the day like everyone else!

Check out the Archive website now for more information, ad get in touch to discuss your requirements.

Adding Raspberry Ketones and Green Tea to Your Weight Loss Plan



Most of us try to follow a variety of routes designed to enhance weight loss. This is just done in light of giving an extra boost to our weight-loss efforts. So, if you’re thinking of combining raspberry ketone and green tea, there’s really nothing wrong in it. Till now, you might have used both separately in supplement form to simplify your path to a fit and slim body and if not, let’s first see what they are individually capable of doing towards your good weight as well as health.

Raspberry Ketone and Green Tea Evaluations

Ever wondered where red raspberries get their aroma from? It’s a compound found in raspberries, and a little less in other berries, called ketones. They generally go into weight-loss supplements due to their ability to burn fat and slow down weight gain. In simple words, it utilizes excess glucose in the blood before it gets a chance to be converted into fat. Currently, there are studies to prove this which have been performed on mice, but there are even people who have also tired raspberry ketone pills whom you can meet or call to know how they feel about it.

Green Tea on the other hand is equally impressive for its antioxidant capabilities in regards to health and wellness. Besides being a popular drink due to its antioxidant properties that protect the body from the damage caused by free radicals, green tea also contains components that are believed to enhance metabolism which are known as Catechins. There is also no shortage of studies to determine effectiveness of green tea for weight loss. Most of them say that it is the active ingredient, epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) which is a type of catechin for which green tea extract is used in many dietary supplements.

Taking the confusion out

Looking at the benefits of both, it seems that green tea combined with raspberry ketone may not only enhance weight loss efforts but also keep you peppy and energetic. Some markets have also tried to combine raspberry ketone and green tea extract into one pill like the Raspberry Ketone Plus supplement, so you don’t have to take two separate pills to provide an extra boost in weight-loss efforts.

Did we tell you that green tea also contains caffeine? Yes it does! This caffeine is believed to increase or enhance metabolism, or the rate at which the body consumes calories for fuel. Even Raspberry ketones are believed to project their metabolism-boosting capabilities. So does that mean you will get double the punch when it comes to metabolism boosting effects? And does this combination really provide a positive effect on weight-loss efforts?

Raspberry Ketone and Green Tea Benefits Taken Together

There are already products in the market as we told you that mix Raspberry Ketone with various other elements such as kelp, acai berry, African mango & green tea extract which independently give different weight loss perks such as an energy boost, an appetite suppressant & anti-oxidants for optimum health. But if we are talking about just Green tea extract and Raspberry Ketones that are two scientifically supported nutrients which safely and effectively promote weight loss, it is better to confer with your physician regarding dosage, efficacy, and safety. In order to, think about if fat deposits burning are your main priority or if you could possibly benefit from cravings control and boosted energy. And when you have chosen which is best for you, put on your sneakers, pick up some organic produce, and natural supplements like green tea extract and raspberry ketones and you are ready with the right recipe for successful weight management.

Top Gifts for the Girl Who Has It All

Gift shopping is a wonderful thing. Finding that perfect present that will make someone smile. However, sometimes it can be incredibly difficult, especially when it comes to that person in your life who has it all. Whether that’s because they have simple needs, or because they buy themselves everything they want, what do you get for them? Here are some ideas that will put a smile on the face of the girl who has it all.


Diamonds are a girl’s best friend. With jewelry to suit every taste, from flashy cluster rings, to simple single stone necklaces, ascotdiamonds.com will have something she will love.

Experience Days

Gift days like these are a great option for the girl who’s difficult to buy for. There are so many different experiences to choose from. For the adrenaline junkie, go for something like a race car driving day or an adventure break. Wine tastings and spa days are great options for those who prefer a quieter time.


If she’s got it all, why not give her a chance to learn something new. Consider local courses, such as cookery or art classes, or go online for even more options. Whether it’s something she’s already interested in, or totally new and different, the gift of learning can lead to so much more.


You can never have enough shoes. Shoes are a great gift for any woman, and can be very personal, so a great way to show how well you know her. Ask a friend for help if you are stuck for ideas or just want a little advice.

Gift Cards

Gift cards make a great gift when you just don’t know. Some people worry that gift cards or vouchers aren’t very personal, but if you choose a shop you know she loves this isn’t the case. Gift cards make a brilliant option if you want to get her something, but you’re not quite sure what she’s already got.


Chocolates are a go-to present for anyone. Make her a small gift box full of her favorite things: chocolates, flowers, bubble bath, a DVD. It doesn’t need to be expensive. Busy women often don’t have time to stop and relax. Make her a little pamper box to give her an excuse to treat herself.

Something Homemade

Homemade gifts are great. Often when children are young, they make people homemade gifts, then as adults we forget how lovely it can be to receive something someone has taken the time to make, especially for us. There is nothing more personal or loving. Great gift options for adults to make include food and drinks, photo frames and collages, bath products, candles, and scrapbooks – any one of these will be much appreciated.

Board games

With so much technology, it’s sometimes good to go back to basics. Board games are a great way to spend time together. Buy something she loved when she was younger to bring back some great memories, or try something new together.

One of these options is sure to be the right fit, no matter what your budget, but be sure to get a gift receipt, just in case.

5 Effective Ways to Use Petroleum Jelly




What’s something that is available at hand yet we tend to ignore it and that is the solution to our day -to-day problems? Its VASELINE(a.k.a petroleum jelly). Petroleum jelly is one such product that is very versatile in nature. Be it for healthy and smooth skin, smooth lips, or eyes that pop, a little petroleum jelly can help. It can even drive away bad hair days! Vaseline is an all-rounder and you can use it for a slew of time- and money-saving tricks.

Here are the 5 effective ways to use petroleum jelly:

  1. For eyes:

Petroleum jelly has various benefits for eyes. Rubbing petroleum jelly on your lash line with a cotton swab will help in removing the lash glue. Define your eyelashes by applying petroleum jelly and get shiny, thicker-looking lashes without mascara. You can also use this to tame your unruly brows or even to intensify your eye shadow.

  1. For body:

Have cracked heels? Want to protect your sore noses? Or fancy highlighted cheekbones? Petroleum jelly is the answer to all of them. Apply petroleum jelly to the affected areas and feel the difference. It is also best to help lock in moisture to your dried out skin and can even be used to treat sunburns when it is applied liberally to the affected areas.

  1. For lips:

In cold or dry weather, be it anything, applying a small layer of petroleum jelly on lips can help retain the moisture and avoid chapping, dryness, roughness and flaky lips. It can also be used to exfoliate by applying a thin layer of jelly and using a toothbrush to gently scrub away the dead skin.

  1. For hair:

To hide split ends, moisturize and mask damage by smoothing a small amount of jelly over split ends. But be careful! Use too much and it’ll turn your hair into a greasy mess. Also dabbing it a little on your hair can keep your hair well moisturized and manageable.

  1. For other purposes:

Besides the above mentioned uses, petroleum jelly can also be used to aid earring insertion, make perfume last longer, for shiny shoes, prevent corrosion and wood furnishing.

Now that you are genned up with the benefits of petroleum jelly, try them and feel beautiful with a game of online bingo on Bingo Magix. Visit the site to play.

Reasons Why You Should Give Up Smoking



You probably, hopefully know the main reasons why you should stop smoking.  The fear of cancer, heart disease and a greatly shortened life though, do not seem to be enough to push people to give up the habit.  Rather than preach to you what you may already know though, the team at Beauty Bloggers thought it might be a bit more interesting if we talk about some of the less obvious reasons why you should give up smoking and consider trying out e-cigarettes from somewhere like Mist E Liquid to help you kick the habit.

Brain Fog

According to lots of research conducted by the Archives of Internal Medicine, it is thought that smoking could fog your mind.  The study found that smoking during middle was linked to lessened reasoning abilities and memory issues.  Interestingly though, it also found that these risks were reduced in people who had quit a long time ago.

Could Cause Diabetes

Normally associated with diet more, there is strong evidence to suggest that smoking could be a serious risk factor for diabetes.  According to information collated from 25 different studies, smokers are at least 44% more likely to develop Type 2 diabetes than people who don’t smoke.  While that percentage covers the whole spectrum of smokers, the people with the biggest habits, of 20 or more cigarettes a day, were most at risk.

Makes It Easier For Infections To Take Hold

It is interesting to note that the Federal Advisory Committee on immunization Practices in US has made it a recommendation that all 19 to 64 year olds who smoke be placed on the list of candidates for vaccination for pneumococcal.  This is basically because there has been research that shows people who smoke are at greater risk of infections caused by pneumonia-causing bacteria than those who do not.  Although the exact reason why has not been established, it is thought it could be related to the fact that smoking damages the protective mucous membranes of the respiratory system, making it much easier for infectious organisms to take hold and cause the spread of diseases.

It Could Impede Your Sex Life

That’s right, smokers are more likely to experience conditions such as erectile dysfunction that could impede their sex life than non-smokers are.  It is thought that the risk increases as the number of cigarettes you smoke a day increases.  So, if you want a better chance of avoiding a life of relying on Viagra, you need to give serious consideration to cutting out smoking from your daily life.

It Could Cause Wrinkles Anywhere And Everywhere

As you may or may not know, smoking contributes to premature facial wrinkles.  However, a recent study conducted by the Archives Of Dermatology in 2007 discovered that smoking could also lead to wrinkling all over the body, particularly in more private areas such as the buttocks and under your arms.

We know it is not easy to give up smoking, and we are not suggesting it is; but, when you consider some of the things that smoking can cause, beyond lung cancer, heart disease and discoloured teeth, does it not give you some food for thought?

Dos and Don’ts for Taking Care of Prescription Eyeglasses



There are a lot of reasons why you need to take good care of prescription glasses. To begin with, they cost a lot. You need to pay for both the frame and the lenses. Also, you need them on a daily basis. You have decided to buy a pair because you need help with your vision. Otherwise, it would be very difficult for you to see things and live your life normally. Once you have bought your eyeglasses, you need to be careful or else they will get damaged. There are things to do and not do to maintain their quality.

  1. Don’t wash with hot water. When cleaning your eyeglasses, always use the cloth that comes with the case. It is soft and gentle. It won’t break or scratch the surface of the lenses. If there are stains that can only be removed with water, make sure that you use cold water instead of hot water. Otherwise, it will break the lenses or weaken them. When cleaning, you must use non-abrasive soap. It won’t affect the quality of the lenses, and it also doesn’t stick to the lenses, which makes them easier to clean.
  2. Don’t put in your pocket. If you are not using your glasses, place them in the case. Usually, when you buy them, they come with a case. You can use the case instead of your pocket. It will protect the eyeglasses better. If you place them in your pocket and you suddenly hit a hard object, they could immediately break.
  3. Just wipe, don’t brush. Just be patient if something gets stuck on the lenses that is difficult to remove. You just have to keep wiping using the cloth and it will soon be removed. Don’t force yourself to remove the stain or it will break the lenses. Brushing the lenses will definitely scratch the surface. They will then be as good as useless.
  4. Check the glasses regularly for damage. It is important that you check your glasses every now and then for damage. It is better that you prevent the problem from escalating. If they need to be repaired, have them sent to the right person immediately. Don’t wait until it is no longer economically practical to have them repaired before doing anything.

You need these eyeglasses every day. They make you see things better. They are also pricey. You don’t want to keep spending your money on eyeglasses just because you don’t take good care of them. If you want to avoid knock-offs that easily break, you have to stick with authentic items. For instance, you can check out Ray-Ban glasses online and you are guaranteed that they will last for a long time.

Image via freedigitalphotos.net (Stuart Miles)