How Botox Treatments Can Help You Look And Feel Your Best

How Botox Treatments Can Help You Look And Feel Your Best

How Botox Treatments Can Help You Look And Feel Your BestIf you want to update your appearance with a non-invasive cosmetic procedure, Botox treatments may be the best option for you. You may already know that there are a number of ways that Botox can improve your look as well as the way you feel, but were you aware that the treatment is not just reserved for improving facial issues?

When Botox is injected into areas of the face like the corners of the eyes or mouth or in the forehead, the medicine paralyzes the muscles in these areas, which temporarily gets rid of fine lines and wrinkles, and helps to stop new ones from developing. Some people have Botox injected into the side of their faces to lift a sagging neck or jawline, as extra skin in these areas can make the face look aged. The injections are helpful for anyone who is looking to reduce the appearance of these kinds of wrinkles, and even for people who are looking to avoid costly and dangerous surgeries like facelifts.

Botox can also be used to treat migraines – the drug has been approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to do so. When the injections are administered to the temples or forehead, the muscles that would contract to cause a migraine stop moving, resulting in relief. Some individuals also get Botox injections in their shoulder and neck muscles, as these parts of the body can experience pain and pressure due to migraines as well.

Injections of Botox are also an effective way to stop profuse sweating. If your palms or underarms sweat excessively, Botox can stop acetycholine production in the body. Acetycholine prompts the sweat glands to work, and when there is too much of the substance or it works overtime, sweat can appear at the most inopportune times – but after treatment with Botox, these symptoms often subside.

Another of Botox’s many upsides is the speed and simplicity of the procedure. If you’re using it for wrinkle reduction, there’s a good chance you can visit your clinic and have the procedure over and done with in about 15 minutes. In most cases, it’s safe for you to return to work immediately afterward. This makes the process quick and convenient, and keeps you from having to miss days or weeks of school or work.

For best results, it’s best to have your Botox treatments done at least twice a year. This will keep your skin taut and wrinkle-free. However, since every patient is different, keep in mind that you may have to visit the clinic for injections three or four times a year. An initial consultation is recommended before beginning treatment. For the best results from your Botox treatments, choose a clinic like Toronto’s Skin Vitality, which employs a number of expert physicians and nurses to help you figure out exactly what kind of Botox treatments are best for you.

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Brooklynn Donaghue is a Mississauga-based beauty enthusiast and long-time blogger. She recently discovered Toronto’s Skin Vitality Medical Clinic while searching for reliable Botox providers in the GTA, and was impressed by their experience and professionalism. She highly recommends that anyone else interested in rejuvenating their appearance check out for the best Mississauga Botox treatments, or visit to find out more about Skin Vitality.


A Bit Of 90’s Nostalgia – Bring Back The Nerds That Looked Like Nerds

90One of our favourite looks is the nerdy look.  This seems to confuse many people who might use nerd as an insult, but there is something about a woman in nerdy clothing, just like the famous nerds of music and TV.  However, it has to be said that nerds are not portrayed in the same way on TV nowadays that they were back in the 90’s. 

Felicity Porter – The Quintessential 90’s Geek

For us one of the quintessential nerds of the 90’s that you’d actually want to copy and borrow the style of, was Felicity Porter.  She was the main character in the show called Felicity and was played by Keri Russell.  Her style consisted of a lot of Bensimons or Converse sneakers, leather backpack, cardigans, starched shirts, baggy jumpers, chinos and very bushy curly hair.  When she wore a dress, it would be very long and plain.  She was the kind of nerd that didn’t have time for fashion but still managed to look great.

How Rory Gilmore From Gilmore Girls Really Changed Things For The Traditional Geek Look

Since then though, there hasn’t been the same sort of nerds, particularly in the 00’s.  Rory Gilmore for instance started off looking pretty nerdy with a jumper and leather backpack in the first episode of Gilmore Girls.  It all looked good for nerds everywhere until she got her bad boy boyfriend and swapped her geeky clothes for fringe cuts and sexy dresses.  The message seemed to be that nerds didn’t need to have nerdy clothes or a nerdy hairstyle.  That was a black day for all nerdy fashion lovers.

Elliot Reid In Scrubs And Amy Fowler In Big Bang Theory

It was an even quicker transformation for Elliot Reid in Scrubs, who went from wearing ironed shirts and khakis to low cut dresses in just a few short episodes.  So what is different for females?  Male nerds still dress the same, with Sheldon Cooper in Big Bang Theory being a great example of this.  However there is hope for nerds as Amy Fowler in Big Bang Theory continues to rock that sexy geek look of cardigans, shirts and chinos!

So there is hope for our fellow geek chic lovers out there.  As with any sort of fashion statement or trend – the advice is to wear what looks and feels good on you with pride and the world will take notice.  If they don’t, however, forget them – after all, what do they know?