4 Tips To Help You Wear Glittery Eye Makeup

Do you love using glitter eye make-up, but find it hard to pull off? You are not alone. If you are looking to achieve a glamorous and funky look using glittery eyeshadow and other kinds of make-up, but want to avoid looking like an overgrown school kid; we can help.

In the following post, you will find some excellent tips for using glitter eye make-up like a pro, that will turn heads and not make people question your sanity.

Don’t Overdo It

One of the biggest mistakes people make when using glitter eye shadow and other kinds of glittery products is that they go over the top with the amount they use. As well as making you look like a toddler who has had a fight with some stationary; using too much glittery makeup can actually be as irritating as it is messy, especially in the more sensitive parts of your body and face, such as your eyes.

Do pay close attention to how you apply the glittery stuff and how much you actually use. It is better to build up gradually rather than just piling it all on. The old adage of less is more, is very apt in this scenario.

Make One Part Glittery, Not All Parts

Another huge mistake, following on from the above, that many people make is getting carried away with how many glitter-infused products they use. It is not as glam as you think it is, when you have glittery eyes, glitter lips, glittery nails and glittery decolletage. Again, you just look like you had a disagreement with your some art supplies.

Avoid this mistake by deciding which body part you want to accent with glitter and run with that. A subtle, but suitably glamorous approach of course, is to use glitter eye product to make your pretty pupils stand out more.

Trial and Test Different Types Of Glitter Makeup

There are so many options out there nowadays, so it is a good idea if you don’t really know what suits you, to try a few different types of glitter makeup. See what works best for you – it may be that glitter nail polish is the way to go for you, or that glitter eyeliners and eye shadow work best. It is much better to work out what works and what doesn’t before you head out on town or go to that wedding or party, than having lots of people look at you a bit funny throughout the night.

Use It For Appropriate Occasions

Following nicely from the above point, our last tip regarding glittery makeup would be to think carefully about whether it is appropriate or not to wear it on a particular occasion.

If, for example, you are getting ready to go clubbing, you are going to a party or have a hot date; glitter eye make-up is a great way to complete a look. However, if you are planning your attire and look for an important business meeting, job interview, something similarly professional or a funeral; you might want to avoid wearing the glittery eye products. It may make you look a tad childish and unprofessional.

Finding a great glitter product brand is another key step to achieving glitter eye and face mastery. With that in mind, check out GlitterChic for some great products.

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