5 Must-Haves Products to Add to Your Tanning Salon for Extra Income

salonWhen you own a tanning salon, it’s great when you can build a steady stream of regular clients, but there are always dry spells when few clients trickle in. Whether they’re working on their tans outdoors in the summer months or they’ve got too much else going on, when there are fewer clients, you’re bringing in less revenue. Start selling products that complement your tanning business, and you’ll add more cash flow. If you order from a reliable wholesaler, stocking your salon with accessories is fast and simple.


Nothing compliments a beautiful tan better than a pair of sunglasses. Whether on the beach or at the poolside in a swimsuit or walking down the street, wearing sunglasses not only protects a person’s eyes from sun damage, but it gives off the vibe of living a sun-loving life. Offer designer sunglasses at your tanning salon, and be able to price them lower than the typical eyeglass retailer by buying wholesale.

Call attention to the sunglasses you have for sale. Offer a discount on a pair with a certain number of tanning sessions. Put them on a mirrored display near the door so customers can try them on. Cute sunglasses at affordable prices become a client’s impulse buy on the way out, after she gets a mood boost from soaking in the warm UV rays from your booths.


In addition to offering something to protect your client’s eyes once they step outside, offer goggles for use in the tanning booths. Regular clients might bring their own goggles, but new and infrequent clients might forget, and having goggles on hand for sale or even rent is a great way to pull in extra revenue. You might include the goggles in the price of the booth time and hand them out to each client at check in, since it’s safest for your clients to use goggles.


Your client may have remembered to wear a bathing suit, but she could have forgotten to bring a towel. Covering up with a towel while walking between booths is a must for clients who wantto preserve their modesty, and for some clients who only want to work on tans on their shoulders and legs, the towel is a must to cover the abdomen and keep it from tanning. Provide easily accessible towels for sale and clients won’t have to worry about bringing their own.

Hair Ties

Part of the experience of tanning is relaxing under the warm glow. Sometimes clients even drift off to sleep. Then they wake up and discover they have tan lines because their hair fell over their faces. Stop clients from panicking over tan lines and add extra revenue by selling hair ties. Hair ties help clients keep hair off of their faces and shoulders so they achieve an even tan, and you can make them affordable so your clients won’t worry about bringing their own, figuring they can easily pick some up at the front desk.


Some clients do want tan lines — tan lines of their own creation. Tanning stickers let clients have all of the thrill and fun of a tattoo without any of the permanence. One session, your client might have a heart on her shoulder. The next, she might choose a butterfly on her ankle. If she doesn’t like how a design turned out, she can wait for it to fade and then tan again with a sticker placed in the same spot. Encourage your clients to have fun personalizing the tanning booth experience with stickers you put up for sale at the front desk. Offer shapes and words, from the cute to the sexy.

Point Blank Business Technologyreports that only 20 percent of tanners tan regularly. Non-regular patrons can actually prove to be more of a revenue stream than you might think if you start selling accessories. Unlike the regular tanners, they’re more likely not to have tanning accessories on hand. However, regular tanners are on the lookout for accessories that mesh well with their tanning lifestyle, too. Capitalize on your non-regular and regular clients alike by offering a variety of accessories both for the tanning booth and for the tanning lifestyle.


About the Author:Betty Talamantez has owned a tanning salon in LA for over fifteen years. She suggests tanning salon owners visit Miami Wholesale Sunglasses for incredible deals on fashionable accessories to sell.


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