5 Tips to Get Your Man to Dress Smart

If you want your man to dress smarter, you’re not alone. Many ladies wonder what happened to the man they fell in love with…he seems to have been replaced by some trackie bottom wearing, hole-y t-shirt loving, odd sock promoter. Perhaps that’s just what happens when you’re in a longterm relationship. You get comfortable. You think there’s no need to make an effort. Well ladies, you shouldn’t accept this – there’s never a reason to let yourself go. A couple should always make the effort for each other, to keep the spark alive. In fact not just for each other, for themselves. Dressing smartly can increase confidence, give a positive outlook, and even help productivity. There’s no better reason to get your man to dress smart, so here’s how to do it:


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1. Buy Him Smart Clothes

Why not treat your man to a few smart items from his favourite clothes shops (providing they’re not JD sports or Sports Direct)? A couple of nice business shirts could be nice for work/formal events, and you could get him some smart trousers and t-shirts to replace his hole-y garments. No man will turn down the gift of free clothing, just make sure he wears it!

2. Make Him Read Mens Fashion Magazines

Fashion magazines staring well dressed male models are sure to get the cogs in his brain ticking. You don’t need to necessarily come out with it and say ‘you must read this because your style is appalling’ (although that’s one route to take), you could just hand him the magazine and say ‘thought you might like this’, or even leave it lying around for him to find (risky, he might use it as a coaster). Providing he reads the magazine, he might get inspiration from a few of the smart looking models inside.

3. Talk About a Male Celebrity’s Style That You Like

Why not casually chat about a certain celebrity’s style you think is awesome? You don’t want your man to get too jealous, as this could cause arguments ending in, ‘well why don’t you go and live with him then?!’. Simply say something you like about the outfit and how you think it would look great on your man.

4. Educate Him on The Importance of Fashion

Your man might not realise just how important fashion is. Some would say, including designer Tom Ford, that dressing well is good manners. This is true! However, dressing well is also a sign that you like to take care of yourself, and a great outfit can even tell people a little about you. Express who you are through your choice of clothing!

5. Dress Smart Yourself

Ladies, you can’t expect your man to dress smart if you don’t exactly pride yourself in the clothing department. If you’re a slob, don’t expect him to change his ways. Set an example by dressing smart, and he might follow your lead.

Men are fairly simple creatures, try these 5 tips and you should have a smarter looking boyfriend/fiance/husband in no time at all. Have fun!


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