5 Ways to Get Your Summer Interview Outfit Right

beautyChoosing an outfit for an interview is difficult enough as it is as you want to make the best possible impression on your prospective employers, but the weather always throws our plans into chaos even when we think we’ve chosen the ideal outfit the night before and you’ve even run the iron over it and laid it out on the dressing table neatly.

You can almost guarantee that whatever clothing combination you choose, the weather will ensure that you’ve made the wrong choice either leaving you a hot, sweaty mess or walking in like a drowned rat. It’s just typical sometimes. Some people will choose their favourite top or pair of shoes, just to help them feel more comfortable in the formal situation, while others will automatically opt for the smartest clothing they have to come across as professional. These are both really good ideas, but a top can go see-through if you get caught in a shower, while a suit can leave you very sweaty in the middle of summer.

To help you out through the summer months, when you are at risk of walking in red faced and the victim of a typical summer downpour, here are five top tips to help you to choose your outfit carefully to stay comfortable and impress.

Stylish, yet relaxed

Many will wear shirts or blouses with collars as a generic smart top, but in the summer months these can pose issues – especially for men who need to think about wearing a tie. In this case, a collared t-shirt or polo shirt would be acceptable without the tie, as would khakis and a belt. Ladies, an open-collared blouse would work well, as would a sleeveless version possibly teamed with a smart, open jacket for the walk or commute.

It’s summer, embrace it – with care

Just because the sun is out doesn’t mean you should attend your interview in shorts and flip flops (unless specified to come relaxed and even then, it is a risk). Ladies have the opportunity to wear summer dresses that will look as though they are vibrant and happy which will help you to feel more relaxed and will evoke positive feelings towards the interviewers. Men should never attend an interview in shorts. Jeans would work well when teamed with a polo shirt and a smart belt or a casual shirt.

Limit the accessories

In the summer when you have more skin on show than normal it’s easy to get carried away with the jewellery. Ladies should wear smart bracelets and a necklace you might normally wear to work or to a meeting, and limit the number of rings so that it isn’t like shaking hands with a robot with metal hands; while men should opt for a smart watch which will show style.

Consider the open-toed shoes in the rain

Shoes can be left until the day, but if you want to prepare the night before be sure to come up with a plan B pair. This one is obviously more for the ladies than the men, but wearing open-toed shoes in the rain could be disastrous so be sure to have a comfortable and smart alternative to adapt to the weather. Whichever you choose, make sure the heels, if present, are not too high so you can walk with ease along any cobbles or up any stairs – you don’t want to limp in!

Be comfortable, and confident!

The most important tip is to wear whatever you feel confident in, and comfortable in. Some clothing instantly makes us feel happy, like a dress or shirt, and when you’re wearing something that fits perfectly you’re much more likely to sit relaxed in your interview without fiddling with buttons or waistbands. Try the whole outfit on beforehand and if you’re not comfortable standing, and sitting, it may be worth reconsidering.

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