6 Great Natural Cold And Flu Remedies

6 Great Natural Cold And Flu RemediesThere can be nothing more irritating and depressing than waking up to the realization that you have a cold or the flu.  Although there are plenty of so-called remedies on the market, at beautybloggers we prefer natural remedies, like those you might find at professional herbalists.  In this post we give you our recommendations for some of the best, natural remedies.

Oregano Oil

Now, it should be warned that the nickname for Oregano Oil is “Urine of Satan” for a reason.  Simply put, it’s disgusting.  However, it does work.  You can put 3 to 4 drops underneath your tongue and then drink a glass of water to take away the taste or add it to a vaporizer or diffuser to help when you are badly congested.  Oregano Oil works best when it is taken consistently as this helps to reduce symptoms and builds up resistance.  You can find out more about it here – http://www.huffingtonpost.ca/2013/11/14/oil-of-oregano-benefits_n_4274795.html?just_reloaded=1


Although there are many conflicting reports about Echinacea being a natural cold prevention, it seems to work best at reducing the effects and symptoms of a cold that you have already.  We would recommend taking a couple of Napiers’ Echinacea drops or taking it in the form of tea, as this will clear your congestion and keep you hydrated.

Ginger Tea

It is no real secret that ginger has some very impressive health properties.  Amongst these, it is a very potent as a natural antiviral, particularly if it is taken as close to when the virus started to take up residency in your body.  The best way to make use of ginger is to slice some fresh root into a cup or jug of freshly boiled water, add a squeeze of lemon juice and some honey.

Vitamin C Supplements

A lot of the research on Vitamin C is fairly controversial.  However, though it might not actually prevent colds, it is possible that it does decrease and lessen cold symptoms.  It is often recommended that if you want to really give your immune system a real boost, you need to take around 1000 to 3000 mgs at regular intervals over a short period of time.


Although it would seem that they do not act as a complete remedy for the cold or flu, Zinc lozenges appear to be very good at reducing the symptoms.  This is especially true if you take them as soon as you start to feel a cold coming on.  The way you can tell if a particular zinc lozenge is going to be effective or not is if it has around 15 to 25 mg of the zinc gluconate in one lozenge.

Salt Water Nasal Rinse Or Spray

Not only does salt water help to relieve nasal congestion, it also removes bacterial and viral particles.  You can either buy a premade solution in a spray bottle or make up a solution yourself.  Mix ¼ of a teaspoon of baking soda, ¼ of a teaspoon of salt in distilled, filtered and freshly boiled water.  Fill either a Neti pot or bulb syringe with the solution and plug one nostril while squirting into the other.  You need to allow it time to drain and repeat before doing the same on the other nostril.

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