7 Engagement Ring Trends That Are Creating a Buzz

While an engagement ring is a piece of jewelry that’s intended to be worn for a lifetime, engagement ring styles are inevitably influenced by current trends. The fashion world, the art world and popular culture all affect the design and look of engagement rings through the years, and this year is no exception. These seven styles are already making waves in 2014, and they are sure to steal even more hearts before the year is through:

1. The Cushion Cut


The modern cushion-cut diamond is now considered by some experts to be more in demand than the popular princess cut. A stunning hybrid of Mine and antique Old European cuts, the cushion cut has been dazzling brides-to-be worldwide. It has a bit less glimmer than a round cut, but its subtle, rounded, “cushioned” edges accent a very romantic feel.

2. The Halo Style


This trend surged in 2013 and shows no signs of fading away. The vintage-inspired design of the halo style has widespread appeal for a couple of reasons: the style effectively makes center diamonds look larger while also enhancing sparkle. Halo settings provide great value for the overall carat weight of a stone, and the effect is nothing short of breathtaking. A cushion cut diamond (described above) is an excellent stone choice for this style.

3. Emerald Cuts


With a stunning step-cut rectangular-shaped facet pattern, the emerald diamond cut exudes vintage appeal. It’s strikingly different from the cushion cut and has been seen on a number of celebrities lately, including music artist Ciara and actress Angelina Jolie. The timeless beauty of the emerald cut is also extremely versatile, and many different looks are possible.

4. Rose and Yellow Gold Bands


In past years, platinum and white gold were the trend in wedding and engagement ring bands. However, the tide has recently turned, and now rose and yellow gold bands are being increasingly chosen by discerning grooms. Gold and rose tones offer an antique vibe that can be the perfect accent for either vintage or contemporary engagement ring styling.

5. Multi-Stone


The multi-stone style is for those who will simply not settle for ordinary. Popularized by expert jewelers like Michael Hill, multiple diamonds within an engagement ring setting offer a brilliant, blazing look that will leave her with no doubt about how you feel about her.

6. Infinity Diamonds


The 50 million year process of pressurizing carbon that’s usually required to create a diamond can now be done in a lab in about three weeks. Customers who order Infinity diamonds get to choose the color, carat and clarity of their diamond. They can personalize their stone even further by adding words or phrases, photos and even their own hair.

7. Sapphires

Sapphires as an alternative to diamonds is another big trend this year, in no small part due to Kate Middleton. Not only are sapphires more affordable compared to diamonds – they are absolutely beautiful set in an engagement ring. A sapphire surrounded by diamonds can offer a gorgeous, elegant alternative to the traditional ring that is sure to stand out from the rest.

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