Why Barbour Is a Truly Special British Brand


It doesn’t matter what you are doing out and about, you need the right outdoors clothing.  Even if you are just taking the dog round the block for a walk or you are taking your kids for a jaunt around the local wildlife park, we all want to look our best, while staying protected by the British weather.  The British outdoor look of a nice waterproof jacket, wellies and a cap are as British as the weather they protect you from.  In fact, I know for a fact that Becki at www.fluffyfashion.co.uk, a good friend of mine, can often be seen around Bolton rocking that kind of outdoor look!

As outdoor clothing brands have started to follow and even initiate fashion trends recently, there is a certain pressure to stay en trend as well as being protected.  The main reason that many brands have found themselves popular with urban fashion lovers is the fact that outdoor clothing tends to made to very high standards.

Fashionable clothes that are right for the occasion is not something that is just restricted to high street urban labels now, as Barbour and other similar brands are producing attractive and comfortable that will look good on you whether you wear them in the middle of the great British countryside or in a busy shopping mal.  Barbour can be bought online at their website and from most reputable high street outdoor stores.

Its wax jackets are what Barbour are most famous for – hardwearing, warm and of course, waterproof.  Barbour has been making its iconic jackets since 1884 at its South Shields factory.  In fact, the original and some would say best, Beaufort jacket is still produced at the factory.

All clothing items are waterproofed with Syllkoll wax, which as well as keeping you dry, will also keep you from getting too hot or cold.  Their products, from hats to jackets and lots of other items all come with a lifetime guarantee and traditional but desirable colours such as navy blue, black and olive green.

It does not take a lot of effort to have an item reproofed.  You just need to take your Barbour item along to a store and they will repair/reproof it without even questioning you.  This is why people buy their outdoor clothes from Barbour again and again – the standards and services that are expected of any self-respecting British company.

Celebrity endorsement may not be something that everyone looks for, but Barbour does have its fair share of famous models.  Helen Mirren, like the real Queen Elizabeth II, wears Barbour in the film The Queen, while Daniel Craig can be seen wearing the brand in the most recent 007 film, Skyfall.  In 2012 Barbour won the Draper’s Menswear Brand of the Year Award.  With famous faces wearing their clothes and the company winning awards, it surely makes Barbour clothing worth paying for.

As mentioned earlier, Barbour’s workmanship extends beyond the production of new items, as customers are free to bring along clothes that need repaired, which just tells you how popular the goods must be if people want to have them repaired rather than replaced.

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