Best Beauty Apps for your Smartphone

appHitting the jackpot with tech beauty regimens

Thanks to modern advancements in technology, maintaining a fab look has become more convenient—Android and iOS not only supplied our gaming, entertainment, or travel needs, they also equipped us with our needed beauty apps which can be used anytime, anywhere. Here are the best beauty apps around:


Discovering the latest beauty tips and tricks will now be just a click away. The newest hairstyles and makeup looks are regularly featured on this app, with a lot of comprehensive reviews on various beauty products which are out on the market. Step-by-step video tutorials of how to create pretty looks are also available, so we won’t be at a loss on how to go about prepping up for a night out for the theater or a round of bingo games.


Your eyes are not mistaken—this online bingo brand can actually have an affect on our beauty since it’s an effective way to beat stress. Stress is known to affect our skin and make it lifeless, and a few minutes of exciting bingo games can make a difference to help us relax. Besides, the brand also has a beauty line composed of a perfume, self-tanning lotion, and a range of nail polish, which makes it more than just a gaming platform.

Sephora to go

The world’s favorite beauty store now has an app that lets its clients browse and buy products, as well as create a must-have list for next store visits. In-store classes may also be explored and reserved, along with beauty services and other Sephora events. A digital version of the Beauty Insider Card may also be saved in this app, in order to make store checkout easier.

Good Guide

Beauty enthusiasts who are also environmentally conscious love this app because it gives information on whether a product is eco-friendly or socially responsible. Safe, healthy, and best of all, ethical products can easily be found using this app which utilizes barcode scanning to retrieve information while shopping. Personal shopping lists may even be created via customized product recommendations.

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