Best Celeb Dads of 2014  


Father’s Day may have been gone but that is no reason to stop spreading the fatherly love. Whether your dad is moaning in your kitchen or relaxing in his McCarthy and Stone retirement property, there should be no stopping you sending out some Daddy hugs all year round.

So, in honour of all the great Dads out there, we’ve picked out the big names and claimed The Best Celebrity Dads of 2014!

Zach Galifianakis

Acclaimed for his well-kept private life, the talented Zach Galifianakis has to be included on this list – reports of him escaping his own You Are Here premiere to be there for the birth of his child place him as one of the coolest and most dedicated Dads out there.

Barack Obama

Regardless of your political alignment it’s hard to argue that Obama isn’t a top-notch father. He admits his faults, buys his kids an adorable dog and even finds time to watch his daughter’s football game – all whilst being the President of The United States of America!

Will Smith

When you have kids that shine as brightly as Willow and Jaden, you must be doing something right. Will Smith makes a conscious effort to include his children in his own work, with his son Jaden starring alongside him in 3 films.

Prince William

You’ve got to hand it to this new dad. He’s got all the pressures of fatherhood along with being heir to the British throne and is placed under constant scrutiny from the media.

Prince William’s outings with his son have proven to us all that not only can he handle the private nappy changes but also the very public probing of his family’s personal life.

David Beckham

Football hunk David Beckham is a dad that looks good and plays well! What’s more, he recently donated all of his Paris-Saint-Germain salary to charity when playing for the French team. He has a son that modelled for Burberry and another potentially following in his famous football footsteps – Mr Beckham, we salute you!

Neil Patrick Harris

It’s hard to fault Tony Award-winner Neil Patrick Harris. From his devotion to partner David Burkta to his beautiful twins, the progress he has made within the LGBTQ community is unrivalled and that makes him a top dad in our opinion.

Dax Shepard

Adorable husband to Kristen Bell, the powerful duo have recently made headlines over their work to protect children from paparazzi. In an effort to raise his child safely and privately, this number one Dad has stood up for his family’s rights and made an awesome name for himself while doing so. Hats off to this cool Dad!

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