Bingo with the girls


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Playing bingo is something that groups of friends have got together to do for decades. For older generations, it was a weekly get-together down at the bingo hall that was a part of the weekly routine. For younger women today, though, bingo can be a game that you play in all kinds of venues.

An appetiser to a night out

Get ready for a night out in town and on the way there drop in for a few games of bingo in the local bingo hall. It’s a good way to start a night out, and you can have a few drinks while you’re there, enjoying the games and each other’s company before you go on elsewhere. But remember, you’re not supposed to make too much noise while you’re in a bingo hall as everyone will be concentrating on the number calls.

A girls’ night in

Instead of going out for the evening, you could invite your friends over, armed with their laptops, so you can all get online together and join in the same games. Bingo’s a great choice as when you play online the software does all the concentrating for you, marking off numbers on your cards that match the calls. You just need to get all your mates to sign up to the same bingo site, so you can play games together. Check out the different offers at a few bingo sites before you sign up – you might find some really good ones. For instance at – there’s a choice of different sized jackpots to play for, or if you want to keep costs down, you can choose to play the free bingo games instead. Whichever games you choose to play, it’s going to be far cheaper than a night out in town.

A virtual get-together

It’s not always possible for all of your friends to meet up on the same night. Some people might find it hard to book a babysitter or not live in the same town as the rest of you. You can still have the bingo night together, but do it virtually – so you all stay home and just connect online at your favourite bingo chat room. Bingo chat rooms are always buzzing with activity, and everyone there is doing the same thing – looking for some company while they watch the progress of the games they’re taking part in.

A way to wind down

If you’ve been out on a big night out, and come home too buzzed to sleep, then online bingo can be a great way to wind down at the end of a night. Whatever time you log in to a bingo site, you’ll never have to wait more than a couple of minutes for a game to start. And you never know, you may just win back the money you’ve spent on your night out!

Bingo’s always been a game that is entertaining and good value. Now that it’s online it’s even better value and gives you a wide range of gaming opportunities.

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