Brides to Be! How to Choose the Perfect Engagement Ring

There is nothing more exciting than shopping for your own engagement ring. While it is incredibly romantic that your partner presents you with a ring, some women like to choose their own to ensure that they get the ring of their dreams. As much as our men try, sometimes they can get it very wrong! Finding the perfect engagement ring is important as it will be something that you wear for a lifetime. Getting it right is imperative, so follow this guide to ensure that you have an amazing piece of jewellery that will last you a lifetime:


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Timeless Classics

The most common type of engagement ring is made of two parts: a diamond and the setting. Ensuring that you purchase a diamond ring  is a dead cert to making sure that your ring remains contemporary and surpasses all fads and trends. Diamonds are forever, remember. Opting for coloured stones, such as rubies, sapphires and pearls can make your ring look cheap and tasteless.


How much do you want to spend on a ring? You need to be realistic in your approach so that you can purchase something that is both good quality and great value. What is more, you do not want to spend a great deal of money on an engagement ring if you cannot afford it. The old convention of spending a minimum of two month’s wages is largely ignored these days. Buy whatever you can afford and ensure that you love what you are wearing. Price should be irrelevant.

The Setting

The most common choices of setting for engagement rings are white gold and platinum. Less commonly used settings are silver and gold, due to their value. However, your engagement ring should be whatever your heart desires. If you want a silver engagement ring, then go for it! You should always choose something that is a reflection of your own personal tastes as opposed to following trends and fads.

The Diamond

How many diamonds you choose to adorn your fabulous new engagement ring is entirely your choice. Typically, many women choose to have one or three diamonds adorning their fancy new jewellery.

Choosing a simple one-diamond engagement ring screams class and understated elegance. However, you will need to ensure that the diamond is off sufficient size so that it doesn’t look swamped, or lost, within the setting on your finger. A simple adornment of one diamond is a popular choice. Typically, they are set on white gold and platinum settings for maximum impact. They are a fashionable girl’s choice of engagement ring.

A trio of diamonds is incredibly popular. Smaller, princess cut diamonds are fantastic as they look subtle, and delicate within their setting. Smaller diamonds are perfect for this kind of setting as large diamonds will look tacky. What is more, three stone diamond engagement rings are popular for brides who prefer their engagement ring to look a little more unusual. It is perfect for any fashionista who loves to buck trends. YourFineJewelryBox website has amazing reviews of diamond rings. Take a look and see for yourself.

The key to choosing the perfect engagement is to keep it simple. Elegance and style are the keys to ensuring that you have an incredible ring on your left hand.

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