Celebrity Updos: The How to Guide


Being able to style their hair again is usually one of the things that Transitions Hair
clients are most looking forward to. With the advent of digital pin board Pinterest, achieving the latest hairstyle trends no longer means a trip to the salon as there are literally thousands of DIY tips available at your fingertips to help you achieve the look at home. Read on to find out how to recreate these hot celebrity updo looks yourself.

Eva Longoria’s Rolled Chignon

This is such an elegant, classy look that crops up regularly on the red carpet at Hollywood Events. A hairdo that has well and truly stood the test of time, there have been numerous contraptions and gadgets hit the market over the years that all claim to help you get the look yourself – but we’ve found a tutorial that is so quick to achieve and easy to follow that you can do it before work in the morning. Click here to see the tutorial.

Gisele Bundchen’sLong Waves

Speaking of hairstyles that are easy to do before work – celebrity waves and curls are another popular request that hairdressers are often asked to replicate. This DIY Guide shows you how to not only get Gisele’s look – but most of the magic happens while you sleep and there is no heat required. Click here to see the tutorial.

Kim Kardashian’s Fishtail Braid

Fishtail braids are so on trend at the moment and one of those styles that works for both a sleek and dishevelled look. Fishtails look more complicated to create than they actually are – if you can plait your hair, you can also create the fishtail braid yourself too. To get Kim’s chick look, run your flat iron over your hair before you get started or skip that step if you’re going for more of a tousled, boho look.Click here
to see the tutorial.

Lauren Conrad’s Voluminous Ponytail

Think you need really long hair to give your ponytail the length and volume that Lauren achieved? Think again – the secret to pulling off this look is to actually have two ponytails. By sectioning the top and bottom layers into two ponytails you create the illusion of length. This one is super easy to recreate – you could even combine it with the heat free waves tips above to really give your hair some texture and volume. Click hereto see the tutorial.

Reese Witherspoon’s Top Knot

The bun or top knot is a style that’s always been around, but is undergoing resurgence in recent years. You don’t need to have a lot of hair to get the same kind of volume that Reese’s knot has. This is another style that has countless tools on the market to help you do it yourself, but we’ve found a DIY tutorial that starts with a messy ponytail – no tools or tricks needed! Click here
to see the tutorial.

A word to the wise: these tutorials are easy to follow and recreate but when you’re running late on a Monday morning or the day of the event is not the time to start experimenting. Why not make a pampering weekend of it, get a pile of magazines or dvds to watch, and get some practice in?

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