How to Choose a Unique Engagement Ring to Suit your Quirky Fiancee

It can be very difficult to find your quirky fiancee an engagement ring that’s unique and says something about her. At a distance, engagement rings can look very similar, so how exactly can you make sure that she makes a statement every time she flashes her hand? Well we’ve got some tips for you, so you can make that engagement ring extra special! Read on to learn more:

Make Sure The Diamond is Special

Anyone can buy a huge diamond, but it’s the quality that counts. The four C’s are very important: colour, cut, clarity, and carat. For example, buying a well cut white diamond for your fiance will have something that jewellers call ‘intense fire’ – referring to the colours inside the diamond that make it so beautiful. Clarity has a big impact on the diamond’s appearance – a large diamond isn’t very impressive if it’s cloudy on the inside! Concentrate on spending your budget on a quality diamond rather than a large diamond.

Choose a Unique Shape

An uncommon diamond shape is sure to please your quirky fiancee. Round diamonds are the most popular shape, but there are many more to choose from: pear, marquise, emerald, princess, oval, and heart shapes are all available. Classic engagement rings from Pravins in London fit this description!

Pick a Quirky Setting

The classic setting is a 4 prong or 6 prong mount, and although it’s flattering for a nice diamond it’s very common. You could also go for:

  • Bezel Setting – this setting is great for people who prefer a slim ring with little maintenance.
  • Tension settings – this showcases the beauty of a stone and looks clean and classy.
  • Invisible settings – again, provides a clean look for the diamond and is unnoticeable.

Go for a Coloured Diamond

Diamonds also come in colours other than white, so your quirky fiancee may want one of those. You can buy ‘chocolate’ or ‘champagne’ diamonds that are a shade of yellow/tan, and there are blue and pink, but these are very rare and expensive.

Modify The Band

You could get the band engraved with a message of love or pattern, or even choose an unusual metal to set it apart from the other engagement rings. Most bands have a mirror like finish in platinum, white gold, or gold, but a tungsten carbide band could get a lot of attention.

Have a Look for a Vintage Ring

Vintage rings can be a great find, and they already have a lot of history behind them which makes them all the more exciting. These rings have seen life! If your fiancee is into unique, vintage findings she’ll love a vintage ring. Victorian style and art deco are lovely.

If your fiancee isn’t like the rest of them, and loves to show off her individuality, you should honour that by getting her an engagement ring that shows that. It’s a ring she’ll likely wear forever, so it’s important that she’ll like it enough to show it off day after day. Follow our advice to go against the grain and treat your fiancee to the perfect ring!

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