Choosing the Right Scent for You

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Certain scents trigger certain thoughts and feelings in people when they enter the nose. Floral scents can trigger thoughts of femininity and romance, while a more rustic or woodsy smell may be brought on by the smell of musk oil, moss or citrus. Determining which scent is right for you depends mainly on the type of feelings you are looking to elicit and impression you want to give.

Here are some considerations to take into account when choosing that right scent for you. These considerations include your personality and how you want it to be portrayed in a fragrance or perfume, the type of scents that you enjoy, perhaps those that bring about certain memories or emotions, and what others may think about the type of scent that is best suited for you.

What is Your Scent Personality?

Some people equate a scent with some luxurious scents and perfumes that you find in certain department stores. This may or may not be true of your personality type. When considering the type of smells that are best suited for you, you need to assess your personality type and how you want others to see you. If you are a person that is fairly down-to-earth with little to no frills, an expensive perfume (or cologne for men) may not be an appropriate match for you personality.

Conversely if you are a person who seeks the spotlight, is gregarious and craves attention, a scent that brings such notice is what you should look for. A fresh, clean smell maybe more in line with a jeans and t-shirt wearer while a spicy scent that hangs around awhile when you enter a room may be more in keeping with your personality.

Are There Certain Fragrances that You Enjoy?

Search your memory and think about the smells that you like the best. These smells are the type of fragrances that may be best associated with how you should smell. If you are uncertain about how a particular scent smells on you, take some time to visit a perfume counter at a local store and sample the different scents that they sell. Sampling a variety of smells can help you identify the one that you enjoy the most and is most identifiable with you.

What Do People Who Know You Think About Your Idea Scent?

Your family and friends can aid you in identifying the right scent for you. If wearing a certain fragrance is part of a larger plan on your part to attract the attention of a certain someone or produce certain feelings in a special person in your life, their opinion as to the type of scent you should wear may weigh heavily in your selection. Some people will make a strong association with certain scents to people in their lives; once this association is made, it can be difficult for them not to pass by someone wearing that scent without thinking about you.

Use this knowledge to solicit the opinion of others as to the type of scent they associate with you. It may not become your everyday scent but certainly for special occasions when you want to attract a desired level of attention, it can become the most powerful weapon in your arsenal.

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