Create Your Own Cute Collection of Dresses in Time for Summer!

Summer’s coming up, and that means a total wardrobe overhaul for most of us. It’s time to fill our wardrobes with lots of skirts, vest tops, shorts, and of course, pretty summer dresses! But what if I told you that you could make your own cute collection of summer dresses? They’re so simple to make, and you won’t have to worry about anybody wearing the same thing as you on the beach, by the pool, in the beer garden, or in the park. Read on to learn how:


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The Men’s Shirt Dress

This dress is very cute and all you need is an old button up shirt from a man in your life. Simply cut the top off the shirt, making what you have left the ‘skirt’ part of the dress. Make sure it’s the length you’d like. You can then choose a cute vest top to sew on top! If you want a middle, you can use a stretchy band or ribbon to make a belt. If you don’t have any men in your life or they don’t have any old shirts, look on eBay and in charity shops for old shirts going cheap.

You can even create a dress solely from a man’s shirt. It’ll need to be quite large to make sure it covers you up – simply put it on so you’ve wrapped it round your bra strap line like a towel, and tie the sleeves into a bow. You can then button the shirt up and voila!

Pillowcase Chemise

All you need for this is an old silky pillowcase, some ribbon, pins, scissors, tape measure, and a sewing machine. If you don’t have a pillowcase, you can find this fabric online. Cut off the top seam of your pillowcase, and measure it to workout where you need your armhole to be. Now measure the width you’d like your neckline to be. Mark and cut your pillowcase at an angle from the bottom of your armhole to the side of your neckline. Roll and pin the seams along the arm holes, and then sew with your sewing machine. Using your ribbon and a safety pin, run your ribbon through both sides of the top of your chemise and tie!

T-shirt Dress

A basic t-shirt can easily be turned into a basic t-shirt dress with this tutorial. Find a long t-shirt in your size, a t-shirt 2 sizes larger, scissors, a tape measure, pins, and a sewing machine. Use your larger t-shirt to measure how large you’d like the skirt of your dress to be. Cut open the seams on both strips you’ll be using for the skirt. Pin and sew the hem in the 2nd strip of fabric that you’ll be using for your skirt. Try to use the existing hem as much as you can. Now sew your strips together. Use big stitches on the edge of your skirt so you can gather it together. You should now have a skirt ruffle! You can then carefully measure, pin, and sew your skirt to your smaller t-shirt.

Please let us know how your summer dresses turned out in the comments!


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