Creating a Home Spa: The Magic of Face Masks

face maskFor many women, facials are a sporadic treat experienced in the tranquil comfort of a spa. In reality, a healthy skin care regimen should include some sort of facial mask treatment on a much more regular basis in order to ensure healthy, glowing skin. After all, keeping skin nourished literally enables women to put their very best face forward.

Face Masks: The Benefits

Most home beauty regimens include cleanser, toner and moisturiser with facial masks being left out of the equation completely. Some may think facial masks take too long or they might not believe that they have any real benefit, but the pampering process of a applying a facial mask at home has many nourishing benefits.

Face masks serve multiple purposes; they detoxify skin, increase circulation moisturise and replenish the skin’s vital nutrients. Scientific benefits aside, giving yourself a home facial mask can be an indulgent perk at the end of a long day or the beginning of a relaxing weekend. If regular spa visits are out of the question (which for most women, they are!), applying a facial mask is the perfect activity to create a unique and indulgent experience in the comfort of your own home.

To get the most out of your home facial mask it’s important to understand your skin type so you can identify the appropriate product to purchase. One important thing to remember is that facial masks aren’t intended to be used the way cleansers and moisturisers are, so spending more on a quality product is a good idea as it will last for quite some time.

Here are a few ingredients to look for when purchasing the facial mask that’s right for your skin type:

Mature skin

Facial masks for this skin type are intended above all else, to replenish nutrients and support cell renewal. If you have any broken capillaries or burst blood vessels look for masks containing menthol, camphor and rosemary which can stimulate blood flow and help prevent any further damage.

Dry skin

There are plenty of masks available for dry skin so don’t be afraid to ask for help at your local cosmetics counter. Rich creamy masks can include ingredients like sunflower or jojoba oils which are great skin conditioners, while peel-away masks can contain different natural enzymes that remove dead cells and nourish the skin.

Oily skin

For skin that is prone to shininess and clogged pores, consider masks with super absorbent clay ingredients. Clays work well to remove oils and impurities from pores allowing other ingredients like aloe and algae to penetrate the skin to tone and nourish.

Whatever your skin type, facial masks are a great way to pamper yourself in the comfort of your own home and transform a laborious skincare routine into a lovely indulgence.

Image by Tomáš Obšívač, used under Creative Comms license

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