The Definitive Wedding Planning Guide – Everything You Ever Needed to Know

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If you’ve recently been proposed to then congratulations; we bet you cannot wait to start planning your wedding. There’s so much to think about and plan, even if we have all had that perfect wedding all mapped out in our head since we were little. If you’re stuck as to where to begin then this is the guide for you. It includes three of the most important things we think need to be considered when planning a wedding; the clothes, the venues and the guests.

The Outfits

Of course, this is the most important part of any big day; no one wants to walk down the aisle in their pyjamas. However, it’s not just the obvious dress that needs to be considered, there are the bridesmaid dresses, the groom’s suit and outfits for all the groomsmen too. It is always best to go out and pick your perfect wedding dress first, so that you can arrange fittings for a few months before and then the week of your wedding. Once the difficult part is out of the way, you can then take the bridesmaids shopping for their dresses. Try to pick something which is going to match your colour scheme, if you would prefer a more traditional wedding. Want something more contemporary? Opt for different coloured dressed instead. Let the groom pick his own suit and the outfits of his groomsmen, as long as you trust him to choose well. To save money, you can always hire any outfits that you don’t want to keep after the big day.

The Venues

Depending on the popularity of your wedding date (Summer Saturday’s are most popular) then you might need to book your venues quite far in advance. Some of the most popular churches and reception venues can be booked up for years beforehand, so check before you set a date. You have several choices when it comes to picking a venue for your big day; wedding and reception in one place, wedding in one place, and your reception in another, or (our favourite) go abroad for the wedding and then have a reception when you get back. Having your wedding and reception in one place is the easiest, just make sure your chosen venue has a licence to carry out weddings. The ceremony in one place, with the reception in the other, is probably the most popular of the options. However, a wedding abroad has got to hit the top of our list, even though it can get pricey. If you’re searching for a venue to have your wedding abroad then use search phrases such as Seattle event venues or destination wedding venues, to find places that cater for your needs.

The Guests

Last up is the guests, and most importantly keeping them happy. You probably have a good idea of how many people you want to invite, but don’t forget about the people that you technically have to invite, such as long lost family members. Split the list into people you want to attend the ceremony and then people whom you want to attend the reception, unless it’s going to be a free-for-all. Send out your wedding invitations giving people enough time to RSVP and don’t forget to include your gift wish list, unless you want 1,000 toasters turning up at your door on the big day. Remember to ensure your guests are kept happy with plenty of good food, drink, entertainment and music to dance the night away. If your guests are happy then you’ll be happy; your wedding will be the talk of the town for years to come.

We think these are the three most important parts of any wedding, with everything else being the added touches that make your day unique. As long as you have a venue, are pleased with the outfits chosen and keep your guests happy then your wedding day should be a breeze.

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