Don’t miss out on these 4 health checkups before it’s too late

To practice habits and techniques that help disease prevention, everyone should have certain screenings and checkups done routinely. It goes without saying that health screening is an imperative part of disease prevention. It involves checking or testing certain conditions in the early stages among people who can be predisposed to getting the disease.

This can widely help improve the prognosis or the outcome of the disease. There can be many kinds of examinations such as a skin examination, tests such as cervical cancer screening tests, and even some recommendations for self-checks such as for breast lumps. It is important to ask your general practitioner about which screenings and tests you should get done for yourself.

Blood Pressure

It is important to get your blood pressure checked at least once every two years after you have turned 18. A technician or a nurse usually takes your blood pressure. They make you rest your arm on a table and wrap a cuff around the top part of your arm. This is an important part of monitoring your general health. High blood pressure can be very tricky to deal with, and once you start medications for it, there’s no going back.


When you were a child, you must have heard from your parents that it is important to have regular and routine checkups with your dentist. You must visit your dentist at least once every six months for a clean up as well as a checkup. The experts at Artistic Smiles Miami Dentist suggest that this time period can vary depending on the patient’s oral hygiene and health. This helps prevent several problems such as cavities, gingivitis, and even the need for root canals.

Sexually transmitted diseases

Although it is quite a taboo for women to be sexually active when unmarried, it is important to keep yourself safe. So must always keep a check on sexually transmitted diseases. The biggest concerns are chlamydia and gonorrhea, so be sure to check for these. Besides these, all adults above 18 should at least be checked for Hepatitis- C once. There are many times when you will not even know that you have contracted such a disease. This is why it is important to get regular screenings done if you have been sexually active.

Skin cancer check

The good thing about screening for this kind of cancer is that it can be done visually. It checks for birthmarks, moles, or other changing marks that are unusual in shape and size. Three kinds of skin cancer are usually checked for, the most dangerous one being melanoma. This is less common and is more likely to spread in the patient than the other two forms. This can help you find the disease in very early stages and possibly eliminate cancer through early detection.

Everyone wants to spend their lives in the best health that they can possibly maintain. To keep yourself fit and healthy, there are certain screenings and tests that you should go through at a certain age to help with disease prevention.

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