The Do’s and Don’ts For Mens Fashion This Summer

Weather-wise we are certainly far from the skin-crisping summer days we all long for. But now is probably the time you’ve booked your lads summer holiday only to realise you haven’t quite got those washboard abs that are, nowadays, obligatory before you remove your shirt.

So, you hit the gym in the hope of being THAT guy on the beach, whom everybody snarls in envy at. Well, good luck with that!

But what about away from the beach? What should I wear when strutting around the streets of Spain or Ibiza? More importantly, how do I look good, but for a suitable price?

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I’ve seen some real sights whilst I’ve been on holiday. Men’s fashion seems to completely go out the window as summertime approaches. Could it be because we want to dress like our dads? No, surely not. Maybe it’s because we just don’t shop well enough to find suitable clothing.

Have no fear, I’m here to give you a fashion guide 101. Not quite a 101, more of a straight-up do wear this, don’t wear that plan, which will make sure you’re trendy and up to date, because women love a trendy fella.

DO: Find Suitable Swim Shorts. For all that is holy, find some shorts that, firstly, compliment your figure and what-not, but more importantly, don’t give innocent members of the public nightmares or reasons to laugh at you.

Simple medium length swim shorts are perfect for coverage, comfort and a tan!


Wear Socks and Sandals Together. Yeah, sand between your toes is horrific, it almost ruins your day. But that doesn’t give you the right to walk around flaunting your white socks and sandals. OK, so David Beckham did it, or should I say tried it, so it must be cool? WRONG. No matter who you are, this combination just doesn’t work out.


Keep It Colourful. Finding men’s clothes that aren’t black or grey is a task in itself. It also makes me wonder if we’re even allowed to wear anything else but these colours. Of course we are, and I think the brighter the shirt is on holiday, the more colourful your personality comes across.

Aim for some light-pink or baby blue coloured summer clothes to spice up that dreary wardrobe of yours! You might feel reluctant to splash out on branded pink, yellow or light-blue clothes. If that’s the case, you’d be missing out on a few bargains in the sale sections on affordable retail sites like Get The Label.


Wear Cargo Shorts. 1997 called; they want their shorts back. Not only do cargo shorts prevent your legs from transforming from milk bottles, they also look humiliatingly out-dated. Today’s shorts are sleek from waist to hem and offer a more sporty, athletic look. These 90s shorts just don’t do the human body justice, sagging past your knees giving you a Mr. Blobby-esque silhouette.


TLC. That’s correct, tender-loving-care. I can’t believe I’m about to say this, but I do believe some men should sort out their hobbit-like feet before they bare them to the rest of the world.

In all honesty, we guys need to get over the stigma surrounding pedicures and just do it. Over-grown toe nails and grizzly foot hair just doesn’t cut it anymore, so its time for some maintenance.


Use Strong Aftershaves. There’s nothing quite like a humid, head-pounding day with added essence of a strong woody-scented aftershave. Mixed in with your natural odour, it’s well and truly nauseating. Switch to something light, citrusy and easier on the nose.

Follow these simple do’s and don’ts, and you’ll be just fine.

Good luck!

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