Dos & Don’ts Of Wearing A Bodycon Dress – All You Need to Know

A bodycon dress is a tight dress that you wear when you want to flaunt your natural curves. It’s not tight so as to restrict movement. But it’s body-hugging so it looks smooth and shaping on the skin.

For most women, to wear a bodycon dress is like a big decision. There are lots of things to consider and just as many things to avoid. If the thought of wearing a bodycon dress seems impossible or uncomfortable. Maybe you’re doing it all wrong.

These helpful tips on the dos & don’ts of wearing a bodycon dress are great. You can easily feel comfortable in a bodycon dress. So what it’s a form-fitting and body-hugging dress? It can look good and feel light without squeezing anything.

Dos of Wearing A Bodycon Dress

#1 Buy According to Your Body Type

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Not all bodycon dresses are designed the same. If you wear an incorrect bodycon dress, it can end up looking tight in some places. Or extremely loose in some places.

Take your body’s accurate measurement. And determine your actual body type. If you are close to having a pear-shaped body, hourglass shape, triangle, athletic, round, etc.

This will help you narrow down your search for the best bodycon dress.

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#2 Buy Shapewear for Bodycon Dresses

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If you want to smooth a bulge around your lower tummy or that extra fold near your waist. Shapewear is the best remedy for wearing bodycon dresses more comfortably. It creates a smooth and sleek look.

So that your figure looks more shapely rather than uneven. If you’re conscious about your flab or muffin top or side handles, shapewear can easily hide it in bodycon dresses.

Shapewear for bodycon dresses also come with bust support. Full-length shapewear offers crotch support too. So you don’t have to wear a bra or underwear under the dress.

#3 Buy A Thicker Material

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Thinner material can ruin the entire look of a bodycon dress. Even more so if you decide to wear shapewear inside. A bodycon dress of a thicker material has a firmer structure. It offers more smoothening and looks subtle.

A thin, lightweight material will show every little pleat and bump. If you wear darker colors, this may look invisible. But with bright colors, it looks louder and attracts more attention to the dress.

Don’ts of Wearing A Bodycon Dress

#1 Don’t Wear Too Many Accessories

When you’re wearing a bodycon dress, it makes a fashion statement by itself. Adding more flashy accessories to it might ruin its look. If you love wearing accessories, however, keep it minimal.

The simplest accessory that looks good on any bodycon dress is a pair of earrings. Avoid wearing chunky necklaces. Only a minimal pair of earrings can enhance the style of a bodycon dress. The rest looks too much and too flashy.

#2 Don’t Wear Contrasting Colors

When you’re already shy about wearing such a body-fitting dress. Wearing a bodycon dress that’s brighter than the sun is a big mistake! Instead, choose darker and more neutral colors. Such as black, grey, tan, mocha, etc.

These shades will compliment your body. And we already know what dark colors do, right? They have an effective slimming effect. So what better than a dark-colored bodycon dress to do the trick.

Having said that, if you do like lighter shades, go for neutral tones. Such as nude, sand, and baby colors.

#3 Don’t Wear Your Usual Underwear

What you need is a laser-cut or seamless underwear. Only that way will the underwear lines be hidden under a bodycon dress. If you want to not wear underwear at all, you can also opt for full-length shapewear.

Seamless underwear appears completely flat on your skin. You can buy it in a variety of colors. It has a minimal and feminine style. And it suits most bodycon dresses including knee-length styles.

Final Thoughts

It’s very easy to mess up wearing a bodycon dress. And you don’t want to do that especially if you’re attending an event. Go for the classic bodycon look with high heels, some light accessories, and a clutch-like handbag.

Really, this is all you need to rock a bodycon dress. So let these dos & don’ts of wearing a bodycon dress be a wake-up call for you! It’s time to feel good about your fashion choices. And these tips will help you look great in them too!

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