Easy, Inexpensive and Effective Decorating Tips


At Beauty Bloggers we are always on the lookout for ways to beautify our homes as well as our hair and skin.  If you feel like your home needs a bit love and attention, but don’t want to go down the same road as everyone else, have no fear as we have gathered together some of our favourite, quirky, but attractive decorating hints and tips below.  The great thing is that most of these won’t break the bank and may include things that you already have in your home.

Transform Bookcases to Inject Life

If you do not fancy wallpapering every room in your house in their entirety, you should consider making good use of any bookcases you have.  By covering the backing of your bookcase with wallpaper you will add a subtle, but interesting pattern that will break up the monotony and give the room a new lease of life.

Mural Wallpapers

While we are on the subject of wallpapers, it is worth mentioning something truly brilliant that we came across while searching online one day.  Pick A Wall is an Australian company that produces unique wallpaper that are fully customisable.  There are many different stock images that you can choose from and there is the option to upload your own pictures as well.  When we first came across this, we thought it was an excellent way to transform a room into a more interesting and aesthetically pleasing space with very little work or effort.

Paint Your Ceiling

It is unlikely that you never paint your ceiling.  However, like most people you probably stick to the default of painting it white.  When you add colour on the other hand, it gives you, the people who live in your house and your guests something a bit different to look at when they look upwards.  Colours such as buttery yellows, lavenders and grey-blues can be eye-catching without being overpowering.

Make Your Own Runner

If you have a collection of rag rugs or other rugs in a cupboard somewhere that are taking up too much space just sitting there, why not put them to good use?  You could take those old rugs and sew them together to make an attention-grabbing runner.  It may even be worth looking at charity and second hand shops to see if you can get your hand on some dirt cheap if you have none or do not have enough to make a runner.  If sewing isn’t in your skillset, don’t worry because you could contact your nearest upholsterer or dry cleaner and ask them to stitch them altogether for you.

Appeal to All Your Senses

Don’t just decorate to please your eyes.  Think about each of your senses.  Use textures that you will want to touch and feel, by using textured paint.  Make use of wind chimes to delight your ears and feature treats for your nose by having a cylinder of essential oil, aromatic candles or a bowl of potpourri.

In the above short, but sweet list, you have seen how easy it is to decorate without doing too much work or spending too much money and the tips you choose to apply to your own home is entirely up to you!

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