Embrace Summer In Your Home


When the warm summer feeling comes around that time of the year people tend to feel a little bit more positive and energetic. We all of a sudden have more time, we generally are on top of our chores and our overall mood is uplifted. Historically speaking, it is in human nature to feel this way, even ancient civilizations would begin great festivities at the time of the summer equinox. So it is important that this positivity is retained within your home and it is also important to learn how to adjust your home to keep that summer spirit to ensure a happier life; for as they say “it’s the little things that matter”.

So how does one begin?

Spring cleaning is always a good way to begin. Many people tend to over look the importance of it and yet it is fundamental for creating a positive vibe within your home and within yourself. It ‘washes’ away, so to speak, the gloominess of winter. No matter if you are chaotic or tidy, spring cleaning will create necessary order. You may also find it very therapeutic as you play some relaxing music to calm the soul. Spring cleaning is not necessarily about reorganizing your wardrobe; instead it can help you clean those inner cobwebs that may have built up and created some murkiness in your vision of life.  It is a great way to say good bye to winter and a hello to a new beginning.

Redecorating your home

Summer is always a good time to redecorate your home. The reason for this is that it diversifies your environment and helps your mind adjust to new things. One might think that redecorating their home can be financially straining however, depending on what you are going for it does not have to be so. Simple changes can be more than enough. For example, changing the sheets of your bed with some new patterns, changing the pillow cases on your couches to a variety of warmer colours, buying some new flowers and placing them on the window seals, repainting the walls and most of all adding bright and colourful decorations like a shell vase can be effective.  Your living space should be stress free and simply adding new colours can do the job.

Redecorating the little ones’ rooms

Not too much is needed for redecorating your child’s room for the summer. The most essential thing to remember when redecorating your child’s room is to make sure that the change is positive and most of all enjoyable. Some might find this difficult but however, it is easier than you would think if you follow some simple steps. Again as always mix it up with the colours. Colours represent happiness, playfulness and it compliments their restless nature. Children have seemingly a never ending supply of energy so it is advised not to use strong colours but a mixture of cool, warm and hot colours. This will give the right balance neither for a child not to be too calm nor to aggressive. Just like adults, children feel the warm presence of summer and just like us they need some positive changes once in a while to help diversify their minds.

Fun in the Office

Designing your home office so that the computer faces a window with a great view could be the best thing you can do for your mood. Enjoying sunshine from your office, while working, will keep you feeling energized all day.

Of course, you need to use proper furniture in your office too. Uncomfortable chairs or desks of wrong length for your height are just enough to stress you just one tiny bit, and that tiny bit is more than necessary.

Plants inside the office are what always lifts the mood, especially during summer, when most of the plants reach their peak, as far as beauty is concerned.

Outdoor Barbeques

Bringing out the barbeque and cleaning it is a good way to begin. Outdoor barbeques are an obvious factor during summer. We all tend to enjoy spending time outside when the weather is fine. Nice barbeques can help you enjoy your backyard, front yard or even just your balcony that little bit more. Having the barbeque out not only is good for you and your family but it also the unofficial symbol of summer. A barbeque represents cooking food outside and it promotes the gathering of friends/family to eat together.  An outdoor activity, like barbequing, is a great way to build and sustain a positive vibe within your home.

If you respect a few simple rules such as cleaning and colour schemes you can ultimately improve your home and in turn your life. Embracing summer in your home offers the opportunity for you to reconnect with yourself and your loved ones, and having a positive “summer feel” to your home is indeed a great way to start!


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