Fashion Meets Art – Fine Art By Ane

It’s no exaggeration to say that Ane Howard is rapidly becoming a phenomenon. Not only is her superb and original work seen on apparel from her fashion range, but also on furnishing and home décor, as well as in print form.

Ane brings color and style to the often-staid world of fashion, with garments that one can comfortably wear. A doyen of the slow fashion movement where respect for people, animals, and the environment is paramount, Ane uses organic and recycled fabrics.

The larger fashion conglomerates contribute significantly to the decline of the environment. Using chemicals and synthetic materials doesn’t have a place in Ane’s world. Eco-fibres such as cotton and bamboo are the way forward.

Art-To-Wear is another phrase associated with Fine Art By Ane, and the latest creations take the idea of museum pieces, for example, and apply them to everyday apparel. The result is clothing that has an impact on looks and creation.

More about Fine Art By Ane

The inspirations behind the FABA collection are many. Art-To Wear is one aspect, and the eco-friendly fabrics another, and it’s no surprise that Ane’s work is gaining recognition among fashion-loving artists and celebrities.

Cropped windbreaker Buzz – recycled polyester.

Yet Ane’s passion is bringing art to the everyday person, those who love art but see it as aloof in the way it is presented. Fine Art By Ane is about ordinary people being able to buy, wear, or decorate their homes with genuine items of beautiful fine art. That’s what FABA is all about.

Seeing work in galleries and museums worldwide gives Ane’s creations even more credence. Here are designs recognized as art by the leading names in the art world, and you can buy them. The slow fashion movement is rapidly gaining support throughout the industry, and designers such as Ane lead the way.

Original Style and Beautiful Colors

Check out the FABA range of fashion items, and you’ll be struck by the use of colour and patterns. This is clothing to be worn and seen, rather than the monochrome style we have accustomed to.

Short Slip Dress Chakras, Beauty and Love and leather crossbody bag Chakras, Beauty and Love.

Ane pushes the envelope in terms of colour, with liberal use of bold and bright yellows, reds, purples, and more – the entire spectrum, in fact – yet is not afraid to be more demure in presenting a pretty beautiful bamboo lounge wear set in simple plain grey.

Creativity abounds throughout the collection, and the men’s bomber jackets range is wonderfully unique and original. From tie-dye style splashes of colour to quite arresting prints on organic cotton hoodies, there is something for everyone here.

These are not designs that pander to the usual fashion norms. Ane is committed to adhering to the slow fashion ethic, which shines through in this spectacularly different range of clothing.

Check out Fine Art By Ane and browse the ranges of clothing, furnishings, and prints, and you’ll be looking at work by one of the finest and most inventive artists of the moment.

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