Fashion trends that are tipped to cross over into interior design

Fashion trends that are tipped to cross over into interior designIf you’re looking for some inspiration to update your home décor in 2014, you can do worse than look towards the fashion shows for help. Keeping up with design fashions is even easier than buying a magazine. All you have to do is switch on your computer and ask it to show you design blogs. There are some fabulous designers out there, publishing images of their home interiors, and happily they’re telling the world about them. Tips for this year include wearing it large andbold, and that grey is the new white as far as interiors go.

Accent those colours

The best thing about grey is that so many colours go with it. Well, now it’s making its debut in the home, with soft shades of orchid, and purple pastels on the walls, and accents of fuchsia, orange, and the highly fashionable chrome yellow to lift. If you can’t do grey, or even the blue and purple pastels that are part of grey’s spectrum, white will be fine, as long as those bright flashes are there. Find them in a rug, in the colour of your sofa, or even just the scatter cushions (if you’re a scatter cushion type of person).

Individualize at all times

Fashion this year is about accessorizing and individualizing, so the same can go for your home. Chunky jewellery has made a huge impression on the catwalks in the last year or so, and it’s set to continue, so when it comes to accessorizing your home, feel free to do so as loudly and brashly as you want.

You can look towards handmade gear on sites like Etsy and eBay, where you’re really talking about one-of-a-kind items, and things that will make your home special, or just mooch in the crafts and gift stores nearer to home. Chunky lamps studded with flashy jewels, make a superb standout piece, and you only need one in a room to carry off the look.

Funky fabrics can see you right

Look at the catwalk and you’ll see feminine lace paired with bullish leathers. You can do exactly the same thing in your home. Leather sofas with one-off lacy scatter cushions, or even a pouffe in a fancy printed material, instead of matching it to the sofa. Huge prints are firmly back in, with over sized florals and butterflies. Whether you fix them to the wall using decals, find a few pieces of designer wallpaper, or just get some fabulous fabrics in place, you can make the most of this craze with aplomb.

Retro sticks, yet again

The 1960s is back, with tufted chairs – wing chairs, no less – and any amount of geometric designs – we’re talking bold and forthright, with similar colouring to match. Animal prints in the fabrics, and buttons and nail heads showing their stuff. One of the places to look for this great gear is Furniture Village.

Beautiful wing chairs, like Duresta Berkeley, and Parker Knoll can work with accent fabrics of your own choosing – and there are lots of ways to make your chair bespoke. Alternatively, you can look at updating the bedroom, with tufted headboards, divan beds to die for, and animal prints accenting the bed linen with scatter cushions and bolsters. Yep, you can tell, we love the range at Furniture Village.

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