The Frugal Fiancé’s Guide to Low Cost Engagement Rings

Some women, and some men, believe that the true value of an engagement ring is how much you pay for it. If it’s real love, you can save up for it, right? But an engagement ring doesn’t have to cost the Earth. Plenty of people can’t afford to spend an entire month’s or even two month’s paycheck on one ring. And why should you have to? Affordable engagement rings don’t have to be shoddily made. You can get a beautiful, well made, quality ring for a great price if you’re willing to compromise.


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Smaller Stones – And More of Them

Obviously choosing a ring with a smaller stone will reduce the price of your ring. You don’t have to pick a huge rock to wave around. Small and subtle stones can look just as glamorous as their larger counterparts. What’s more, if you choose a smaller stone you can have more of them. A number of little diamonds will save you more than a ring with one large one. Whether you go big or small, make sure the cut is a good quality. A well-cut diamond is what distinguishes a shiny, bright one from a dull one.

Compromise on Colour and Clarity

The four Cs of diamonds are colour, clarity, cut and carat. Carat is the size, while cut is the shape. That leaves you with colour and clarity. When you think of a diamond, you probably think about a beautifully crystal clear gem that you can see through. Diamond colour goes from D to Z, with D being a rare, colourless diamond. As you move along the scale, the diamond will take on colour, usually yellow or brown. Go a few letters down the scale when you look at diamonds, and it will be a lot cheaper. It isn’t easy to tell the difference between a D and G or H diamond set in a ring. Both will be dazzling, so you may as well go for the cheaper option. The clarity refers to blemishes in the diamond. Again, the lesser quality diamonds aren’t easily distinguished, unless you have a magnifying glass to hand.

Shop Around

Make sure that you don’t just walk into the first store you see. Some retailers will be better value than others. You can find Houston engagement rings at great prices from, whereas if you head straight to Tiffany’s you’ll be in trouble. Use both stores on the street and online to make sure you get the best deal. With some retailers, you can use both, by first looking on their website and then going in-store for a closer look.

With a little bit of forethought, it’s easy to save money on your engagement ring. Being open-minded and recognising that it’s not all about the price-tag is all it takes. Remember, you still have the wedding ring to look forward to.



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