Get healthy with the wet stuff

Get healthy with the wet stuffPoor complexion, fatigue, headaches and a general feeling of being a bit under the weather can mean a lot of things; things that one of the hundreds of thousands of beauty and health products on the shelf claim to remedy. But when creams, lotions and potions fail to make a dent on your health and well being the chances are that you’ve probably overlooked the one thing that really can – and does – make a difference. Water, and lots of it. gives us the lowdown on how to get more of this simple liquid into your diet everyday.

Some of the biggest complaints that people have about water include it being boring, a bit tasteless and not being able to drink enough. It’s true that sitting at a desk all day doesn’t inspire anyone to guzzle a couple of litres of water; especially when it sits colourless in a glass staring at you. Putting the kettle on for a nice and sweet cup of tea is often a more tempting option. It may sound a bit silly but popping your water in a container that’s slightly more appealing will subconsciously encourage you to drink it. Water bottles in brighter colours probably won’t trick you into thinking that you’ve got a tasty and exotic juice in front of you but they will make them look more interesting.

There are other ways to ensure that you are drinking enough water in order to enjoy its health benefits and it involves getting a little more active. Anything from a simple walk to a long distance run encourages the body to seek hydration so once you’ve started exercising a little you’ll find that you don’t just want water, but need it. Getting outdoors is a great way to improve your fitness levels and get more water down you but if you are going to enjoy an outdoor adventure then it’s essential to make sure you’ve got enough food and liquids with you because when your body needs hydrating, keeping it waiting can result in you feeling much worse. Packing a few bottles of water into a rucksack isn’t just an awkward way of taking up valuable bag space but it’s also heavy and unnecessary. Hydration rucksacks are the perfect solution as they combine a lightweight bladder to carry as much water as you might need, with a spacious backpack for all of your adventuring essentials. What’s more, a hydration rucksack is also hands free so you’ll never have to fumble around in your bag desperately trying to find your drink.

Throw a bit of adrenaline into the mix and you’ll help your water intake to go up, up, up. Taking part in a sport and getting involved in something a lot more active is a great way to encourage your body to get hydrated because water becomes a necessity. Cycling is a fantastic option as regular breaks for water mean that you not only want it but look forward to it and work harder for it too.

Drinking water is a much cheaper way to stay hydrated than spending everyday on fruit juices and fizzy alternatives, it’s much better for you too. Any by making a few small changes to your everyday routine you can easily increase your intake of this simple yet effective drink.

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