How to Get a Smoother, Firmer Body in Time for Summer

Anybody want a smoother, firmer body in time for all of the summer festivities? Thought so! Well, I can tell you exactly how to get just that in this post. That’s right; you’re about to learn exactly how you can get the body you’ve always dreamed of in just a few months, and learn how to constantly make improvements. However, if you’re hoping I’m going to tell you that eating 3 bars of chocolate every day will work for you providing you take a magic pill sold by gypsies then I’m afraid you’re mistaken. Hard work is the only way to get anything you want – it wouldn’t be worth having otherwise, would it? Here’s what to do:


Change Your Attitude and Lifestyle

You need to think of this as a lifestyle change. No matter what magazines tell you, this isn’t something you can do for a few weeks and then go back to the way you ate before – what good will that do?

  • Realise that you CAN get the body you’ve always dreamed of, no matter what you look like now. All you need to do is put in the work. Humans were built to be active and eat natural produce, so do more of what we’re supposed to do in order to succeed.
  • To make this a lifestyle change, you shouldn’t go too crazy to begin with. If you drink a few cans of pop every day as well as eat other processed, sugary foods (including ‘diet concoctions), then the best thing to do is cut down gradually. If you go straight to having nothing then you’ll probably feel deprived and fail.
  • You don’t need to cut out all of your favourite foods to be slim, healthy, and firm. However, you do need to limit them to succeed. For example, eat a healthy balanced diet Monday – Saturday and then have a couple of treats on Sunday, like your favourite meal and a chocolate bar for after. Providing you go straight back to your healthy lifestyle you’ll succeed. Consistency is the key!
  • Realise that diet is much more important than exercise, so you need to get this right first. You can’t out train a rubbish diet, so don’t try to kid yourself.
  • It isn’t just about ‘losing weight’ (this is virtually meaningless), but burning fat and changing your body composition too. More about this later.
  • If you’ve genuinely tried everything above and you still don’t feel comfortable with your body, liposuction is an option. You may feel encouraged to continue with this lifestyle once you see the results too!


Work on Resistance Training with a Small Amount of Added Cardio

In order to burn fat and change your body composition, which is what you need to do to get a slim, firm body; you need to focus on resistance training with a small amount of cardio included to keep your heart healthy and your metabolism speedy. You can choose to do bodyweight exercises and practice planks, pushups, pullups, crunches, and so on, or you can do weights (or a mix of both!). Getting stronger will give you that lusted after ‘toned appearance’ that all of the celebs have – hours of cardio is pointless and will only eat away at your muscle until you’re ‘skinny fat’.


Make it Fun!

Your new regime needs to be fun, otherwise you won’t stick to it, and consistency is the key. Make it fun by researching delicious clean recipes, and exercises you enjoy doing. If you don’t enjoy your exercise routine, it isn’t right for you. Remember, you can always make adjustments as you go on. Don’t rush, make it fun, and you’ll continue to make improvements and look stunning!


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