Girls: Don’t Miss These Steps Out of Your Prom Beauty Routine!

Girls, prom season is finally here! At this point you have probably looked at dozens of gorgeous prom dresses. Once you’ve got your dress and accessories, the only thing you need to focus on then is ensuring you look gorgeous. Here are some steps that shouldn’t be missed out of your beauty routine to make sure you look your best:


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Home Facial

It isn’t hard to give yourself a home facial to make sure your skin is glowing for your prom. All you need are products that suit your skin type (if you don’t know it, look online for advice or go to a beauty counter). I like to cleanse, exfoliate, apply a face mask, tone, then moisturise. Start a few weeks in advance and do it weekly for the best effect!


Don’t forget to exfoliate your body either girls. This will keep your skin smooth and supple, and ready to absorb moisturisers better.

Hair Masks

Nobody want’s dull, dry looking hair on their prom day. You can make your hair look amazing by applying a hair mask, leaving it on overnight and then washing it off in the morning. I do recommend you do this a few days before prom, however, so your hair isn’t too clean to style on the day.

Clever Makeup Techniques

No matter what style of makeup you want on your prom day, you can use some clever techniques to make yourself look even more gorgeous. Look on Youtube for amazing tutorials! Just be sure you leave yourself time to practice and get it right first. I recommend you practice wearing a subtle lip liner, defining your brows, and contouring your face. You’ll transform your look and look like a celeb!

Self Tan

Some self tans can look orange and fake, but the best indoor tanning lotion will give you a lovely, subtle glow. I recommend you prepare your skin by moisturising, exfoliating, and shaving the night before you’re due to apply it. You can then apply your tan with a mitt, carefully working your way up from your feet. Buy one with a guide colour so you can see if you’ve missed anywhere. You’ll usually need to leave the tan to develop overnight, when you can then shower it off. You could also go for a gradual tanning lotion, which will need to be applied every day until you achieve your desired colour.


Eyelashes can look as full or as natural as you like, but they really open up the eyes and enhance any makeup look. They also look fantastic in photographs, so you know your pictures are going to look gorgeous.


If you want to look beautiful, you need to look after yourself from the inside out. Drink plenty of water, and eat a healthy diet to go with it.

If you follow this advice, I guarantee you’ll look sensational for your prom!

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