Give Your Man A Makeover For 2014

As women, we take a great deal of pride in our appearance. Our make up; clothes, hairstyles and shoes are chosen with the utmost attention to detail. Most of the time, this is done with the premise of making ourselves look, and feel, good. Sometimes, and only sometimes, we do this because we want to look nice for our significant other.

Picture your boyfriend/husband/partner/soul mate. He’s not changed his jeans in four days; his hair is reminiscent of a (rather cute) birds nest & he’s wearing the same grotty t-shirt that he’s been wearing since the day you met. You don’t want to change him, per se; you simply want to change the way he looks. After all, you have his best interests at heart.

Your man definitely needs a style overload. What’s more, you’re just the woman to do it.

It is said that we are all creatures of habit. My fiancé detests the very notion of me digging through his wardrobe in a desperate bid to update his style. With this in mind, the key is subtlety. Start thinking about special occasions early. Buy him a selection of men’s gifts this Christmas and inspire the fashionista in him.

Make small changes, little and often. After all, you don’t want to appear to be changing him too much, and you certainly don’t want to cause him offence. Next time you’re hitting the shops, pick up a t-shirt for him, something with a funky graphic design. If you’re treating yourself to a well-earned pair of new, killer heels, you could pick him up a pair of shoes, perhaps something that is an extension of your own style. This could be a cool pair of converse or maybe a dapper pair of brogues. Jeans are a wardrobe staple, but if he is still stuck in his baggy, jeans with a distinct lack of shape, think about what may suit him. If he is a tall, slender guy, slim fit jeans will work wonders making him look even more tall and slender. If your man is on the heavier side, a straight cut jean will flatter his physique.

Clothes aside, hairstyles are equally as important to update your other half’s look. When you book yourself in at the hairdressers, do the same for him. Men’s hair trends for 2014 are incredibly varied, from the pompadour to the undercut. There is something for every taste. It’s wise to seek the advice from your hairstylist, who will be able to give their professional opinion and what style will suit your man’s face shape and colourings. What is most important is that way you get to spend time together as well as giving him a fashion overhaul. It’s not money that you spend that is important but simply the time that you share together.

It is vital that you don’t offend your partner or make too many changes too soon. This may make him feel belittled and, dare I say, unloved. Remember, you love him the way he is. He just needs a little TLC.

Go on ladies, give your man a makeover today!

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