The Gorgeous Girls Guide to Beautiful Hair

Summer is coming and after all winter of burying our beautiful head  of hair under woolly hats or tying it up to prevent that frizzy, rained on look, the time has come for our crowning glory to become exactly that. Many of us tend to look after our hair, and some of us are quite fanatical about the products that we use on it. The thing is, with so many products available on the market it is hard to know which ones are worth using and which ones are not. The important thing to remember is that products alone are not vital to having a luscious mane of your hair remains healthy from root to tip and have beautiful locks ready for summer.

Take a Look at Your Diet:

Your hair is your most beautiful asset, so treat it like you would any other part of your body. Your hair needs regular maintenance as well as the right foods to ensure that it looks gorgeous. Like the rest of your body, your hair simply glows when you are eating a healthy balanced diet and drinking plenty of water. You know that when you eat properly and cut down on your junk food intake that your skin looks positively radiant and your nails seem to grow at an alarming rate, well, your hair is the same. With a healthy balanced diet, your hair can look as amazing as the rest of you. Protein and Vitamin D are vital to healthy, strong hair, so ensure that your diet contains plenty of this to give your hair chance to shine.


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Are You Washing Your Hair Properly?

Remember to wash your hair properly. While this may seem a little patronising, many people do not wash their hair correctly. Massage shampoo into the scalp for 40 minutes. Should you be prone to oily hair, repeat the process with shampoo only. Once the shampoo has been washed out, apply conditioner from root to tip. For those wanting silkier, softer hair, leave the conditioner in for a couple of minutes before rinsing. Your hair will look incredible.

 Go Organic:

So, now that you have your diet sussed (and you’ve been reminded how to wash your hair) it is time to consider hair treatments. Have you considered going organic? Some of the best organic leave-in conditioners can leave your hair looking and smelling amazing. Organic or natural products are sweeping the nation by storm and many people are turning to organic beauty products as they want to use the most natural ingredients available. Organic products are all the rage and are great for those wanting  a more natural boost to their beauty regime. Many people are put off by the fact that because the label states ‘organic’ they are going to be hit in their purse, this could not be any further from the truth. Organic shampoos and conditioners are as reasonably priced as the rest of the products available on the market, so it depends whether you want to splurge or save on your next hair treatment.

Treat Yourself to a Trip to the Salon:

Diet and cosmetics sorted, now it is time to do what we love doing best. Visit your hairdresser! Going to the hairdressers is a real treat. There is no better feeling than being pampered and having someone else do the pampering for you. Do make sure that you have you hair cut regularly. Most hairdressing professionals recommend a cut every five to eight weeks to remove any split ends, or burned ends, from hair dryers, straightening irons, curling tongs and other heated products that can damage your beautiful hair. While it is easy to say you will ditch the heated hair styling kit, the reality is very different!

 Do remember not to scorch your hair when you are styling it with heated hair electricals. You can easily avoid hair damage by concentrating on the following:

Invest in good hair tools: Don’t go for the cheap option when buying hair care products. Remember to invest in products that have temperature ranges, which can allow you to turn down the heat and prevent further hair damage. Try to use the lowest heat setting if possibly to prevent burning your hair. Burnt hair can look frizzy and unmanageable, which is not ideal if you are searching for summer perfect hair.

 Style your hair accordingly: Work with your hair, not against it. If you have natural curls, avoid straightening them and vice-versa. Work with your hair’s natural texture and look fabulous without harming your beautiful locks.

Use heat-protection sprays: Should you feel it absolutely necessary to use heat to style your hair, then do invest in a good heat-protection spray. Be liberal to ensure that you prevent any further damage. Remember to go to the hairdressers more regularly, should style your hair using heat to rid your hair of unhealthy ends.

 Ask your stylist for advice: Hair stylists love to be asked the tips of the trade. Even if you have been styling your own hair for a lifetime, the advice of a professional should always be welcome. They will be able to give you insider tips on how to make your hair look even more fabulous than it already does!

 Other Tips and Hints:

Of course, hair styling is completely individual and many of us choose to use heated products, whilst completely aware of the damage that it can cause (we are all guilty of this) but there are some other tips and hints to avoid damaging your hair. Never use a brush on wet hair. This is because hair is much more prone to breakage when it is completely wet. Try using a wide toothed comb, for sleeker locks. Similarly, never use a hair dryer on soaked wet hair. Try to towel dry your hair first to avoid further damage.

Your hair should be your crowning glory, so prepare your hair for the summer of its lifetime and give your lustrous locks their time to dazzle and amaze. Plus, it’s always nice to take the time to pamper yourself in the process.


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