Great Interior Design Tips for Caravan Owners on a Tight Budget

Great Interior Design Tips for Caravan Owners on a Tight Budget

Perhaps you have a rusty, old, seen better day’s caravan that you want to breathe new life into or a new caravan that you just want to make it look and feel more like it’s yours.  Whatever the situation is, if you are looking for great interior design tips on a budget and want to emulate The Wilson’s budget transformation, you have come to the right place.

In the following article we give you a brief guide to some of our favourite interior design and decorating tips, regardless of how little money you have to spend.

Make Your Own Art

Whether you make your own paintings and drawings, or find prints online or make photocopies of things from books, they can still help to make your caravan stand out from the crowd and make it feel more like home.  Particularly if you place them in glass frames to make them look really sophisticated.

Hang Canvas Paintings

For a unique approach to making blank walls look better, why not paint onto canvases using latex paint to bring different colours and tones inside.  The idea is to use the biggest canvases you can find so that they can fill the wall space.

Use Natural Accessories

Why not turn that trip down to the beach into an expedition and treasure hunt for goodies that you can use to accessorise and add the finishing touches to your caravan’s interior.  Shells and bits of driftwood are great choices for hallways and kitchen to give a very rustic and back-to-basics feel.

Hang Decorative Plates

You don’t have to look just in the DIY store to find great accessories and finishing touches to decorate your caravan.  There may be things right under your nose that you have never considered before, such as those decorative plates you have in your cupboards.  These are perfect for making an eye catching wall display, particularly if you try to use different sizes, colours and textures.  A great recommendation would be to place the most dramatic plate in the centre with the others surrounding it.  You can attach wire plate hangers and hang them from picture nails.

Lighten the Place Up With Wicker

Wicker may be very inexpensive, but even a small piece here and there can change the look and feel of a room.  Wicker chairs are great at serving two purposes – a piece of furniture for you to sit down and a decorative piece.  Even if you don’t have the space for a chair, you could use other wicker items to bring a little more of the outdoors indoors, which is a look that works well with caravans and fits in with the very ethos of caravanning.

Make Use of Family Photos

If you do not feel like you are a particularly artistic person and are struggling for way to make the walls of your caravan less dull; why not look for hidden gems in your old photo albums?  You could have a themed gallery, for example, of vacation pictures that your family have taken over the years and put a collection of different shots from different places in identical frames for something that is not only very sentimental and nostalgic, but a focal point that will help you feel more at home.

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