Why Green Cleaning While Pregnant is Essential

pregnantNaturally every mother wants her baby to have the best start in life possible. It’s no wonder then that when women find out they’re pregnant they stop drinking, give up smoking, and start to eat more healthily. Many women will even make these lifestyle changes while trying to conceive. Although most of us are all aware of how alcohol and nicotine can present health risks to a baby, not all expectant mothers are quite so aware of the dangers that simple household chores can pose.

For a start, many of the cleaning products kept under your kitchen sink contain harmful chemicals that could be hazardous for both baby and mother. The good news is that cutting out the chemicals and cleaning your home with natural, organic products couldn’t be easier. These are a couple of simple tips to make sure your cleaning regimeis a pregnancy-friendly one.

Always read the labels

Don’t throw out all your existing household cleaners just yet – you’ll probably find that some of them are safe for use. Alarm bells should start ringing as soon as you see words like ‘corrosive’ or ‘poison’ however. These products will contain ingredients that will be particularly irritating during pregnancy when your skin is extra sensitive and your defensive systems are weaker than usual. Don’t be afraid to ask store assistants for advice if you needhelp finding safer cleaning products.

Create your own cleaners

Making simple all-purpose cleaning products is as straightforward as mixing water and white vinegar together in equal parts. You might think that when it comes to tough jobs such as cleaning the oven there aren’t any alternatives to dangerous and corrosive chemicals, yet you’d be surprised just how effective it is to coat any burnt on bits with baking soda before squirting it with water. Just leave that to soak in overnight and wipe away in the morning (disclaimer: this might be a wash and repeat job if you have an exceptionally dirty oven). Meanwhile you can make a paste with lemon juice and baking soda to clean the oven window.

Wear gloves (and slippers)

Since your skin is super sensitive during pregnancy it doesn’t hurt to take extra precautions even when using ‘safe’ cleaning products. Wearing slippers inside the house will stop all those germs from the bottom of your shoes ending up all over your home.

Keep away from mould

While there isn’t any conclusive evidence to show that exposure to mould is harmful to your unborn baby, tests on animals have resulted in birth defects. If you find mould in your bathroom or kitchen, nominate someone else to tackle the problem – it just isn’t work taking the risk.

Reduce your workload

Being pregnant is a job in itself, so don’t be shy when it comes to asking for help. During the later stages of pregnancy it’ll become much harder to do even the simplest of tasks, so it won’t hurt to kindly inform your partner that they will have to increase their share of the work!

Continue your good habits

These improved, safer cleaning habits shouldn’t stop when you eventually give birth – if anything having a baby growing up in your home is a great reason to keep harmful chemicals out of the house. And continuing to use natural cleaning products won’t just benefit you and your family – it’ll also help the environment.

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Written by Amanda Stockhillof green cleaning company Ecocleen.

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