A Guide to Kicking the Habit: Stop Smoking Now!

Quitting smoking for good can be a scary thought, especially if you’ve been at it for some time. You might think that this is an impossible task, but the truth is you CAN do it. People have smoked for years and years only to stop smoking and never look at cigarettes the same way again. Want to know how to do it and stick to it? Read on to learn more:


Think Positive Thoughts

The key to being successful at anything is thinking positive thoughts. You automatically attract what you think – whether you think you can, or you can’t; you’re right. If you think you can’t do it, you won’t do it. If you tell yourself you know you can do it, you will. It’s a fact! Constantly think positively and support yourself!

Change Your Diet

If you normally eat a pretty junk filled diet, then try to eat a healthier selection of foods to put you off the unhealthy habit of smoking. Also, some foods make cigarettes taste better than others, like burgers and steak. If you enjoy an after dinner cigarette, eat more fruit and veg and you won’t feel like smoking, as they make cigarettes taste awful! Drink more water too, rather than fizzy drinks and alcohol.

Get Support

There are many different ways you can find support. If you have any friends or family that would like to give up, do it with them. However, make sure everybody is fully aware of your decision to quit so you don’t get roped into having a fag. You can also get professional support from an NHS stop smoking advisor if you feel you need it.


Simply walking for 5 minutes when you get a craving can help you to forget about it – it can even produce chemicals in the brain that are anti-smoking!

Keep Your Hands and Mouth Busy

Let’s say you’re at a party or in the pub, somewhere you would normally smoke. By keeping your hands and mouth busy, you can forget all about smoking and have a great night! This doesn’t mean you should try it on with everybody who looks at you, rather hold your glass in your smoking hand and drink it through a straw. On occasions like this where you might give in, it may also benefit you to use an e-cigarette with E liquid in emergencies.

Make A List of Reasons Why You Want to Stop

There are many reasons out there why you should stop, but why do you want to stop in particular? Whether it’s for your family, your future, your health; make a long list and remind yourself constantly when you feel like giving up. Look at pictures of your kids, think about how proud of you they’ll be when you finally kick the habit, and how satisfying it will feel to know that you’ve done it!

Scare Yourself

Look up smoking horror stories and pictures online to scare yourself out of it. Memorise the gross things you see and then remind yourself of them when you feel like smoking!

The tips above will help you to kick the habit, providing you have a positive attitude you’re half way there!

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