Your Guide to Preventing Stretch Marks

Stretch marks can leave you feeling deflated. Your body has undergone change, and you are left with a series of marks that you seemingly cannot get rid of. Stretch marks can occur for a number of reasons. Primarily, weight loss, weight gain and pregnancy are to blame. So, while your body has undergone change, you also need to contend with the fact that your body is marked. You don’t have to worry about these blemishes any longer.

There are some fantastic ways that you can prevent further stretch marks. But, there are also things that you can do to treat the existing ones. You don’t have to feel unconfident anymore.

Eat a Healthy Diet

Okay, so you may be doing this already. But seriously consider how you are eating and if you can improve it. A healthy and diverse diet is the key to combating stretch marks. Think about your nutritional intake. Are you eating enough greens and protein? Oily fish is perfect for fighting these dreaded blemishes. Think about your skin. It’s the largest organ on your body. The key to keeping it looking fantastic is to make sure that you are eating all the right things. Forget about fad diets. It’s all about eating properly. So, when your skin does stretch, you won’t end up with stretch marks.

Massage Your Skin

Getting down to the beauty salon can be expensive. But you can massage your own skin at home. Using oils and a washcloth, massage the areas that are affected. Using a body polish is great for combating these issues. By rubbing the skin, you are encouraging blood flow. This is necessary for keeping nasty stretch marks at bay. You can even buy Trilastin to keep these marks at bay. The cream can be massaged into the affected area thus visibly decreasing the signs of stretch marks. Make sure that you keep rubbing the affected areas though. This will be a great help.


The importance of water cannot be stressed enough. Not only is it good for your skin overall, it can be a great help in reducing the signs of stretch marks. Your skin should glow. Water is a positive way to do this. The best thing is, is that water is free. So, take advantage of this and have fantastic looking skin all year round.


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Vitamins and Minerals

Optimising your nutritional status is imperative. So, make sure that you are getting extra help with your body. Ensure that you take cod liver oil and other supplements to help your body fight the signs of marks and blemishes. Not only will your skin look fabulous but your hair will too. It’s a win-win situation.


Keeping your skin hydrated is the key to combating and preventing stretch marks. Make sure that you moisturize your body every night after showering or bathing. It’s vital that your skin is hydrated. Not only does your skin look dry when it is not scrubbed and polished, but it also lacks elasticity. So, make sure that you are hydrating your skin and keeping it supple.

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