The Health Benefits of Drinking Champagne

The last time you cracked open the champagne you may have never thought about just what the health benefits were when you first took the champagne flute to your lips and tasted those trademark bubbles.

According to recent research, it is suggested that three glasses of champagne a week can improve your memory.


Image taken from Flickr via Andrew Parrish-Geyer

Champagne has always been a favourite at Birthdays, Christmas, New Year and any other celebration that may be held throughout the calendar year. For some people, the novelty of a bottle or glass of champagne has worn off. You no longer need an occasion to crack the bottle open nowadays; instead it is seen as a treat, or something you drink on a night out.

However, champagne still holds its class, a statement of wealth and a person place within society. What will this new research do to our current champagne drinking habits?

Let’s take a look at the research:

Scientists who conducted this research believe that a regular tipple of champagne can help prevent brain disorders such as; Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. There are plenty of believers out there too, even before the research results were published; certain public figure heads often supported a regular glass of the bubbly stuff. Barrister and writer Sir John Mortimer famously told people that he drank a glass of champagne every morning. Why did he carry this on? Because he said, it was his secret to his long and happy life. Sir John Mortimer was an intellect, and enjoyed life; he died at the age of 85.

Whilst people like Sir John Mortimer had been advising others of the health benefits of drinking champagne, none of it was proven, until now.

The study at Reading University is the first time that these health benefits have been identified. The research suggests that a compound within the black grape in Pinot noir and Pinot Meunier is the element that offers the health benefit to us champagne drinkers.

Of course, this study is great news for drinkers and suppliers of champagne alike. You can buy french champagne online from Jim’s Cellars, or pop down to your local supermarket.

The research into the health benefits of drinking champagne stems from previous research into the health benefits of red wine. Jeremy Spencer, a biochemistry professor who led the research, said that the grapes that are found in red wine have given us an insight into the health benefits of drinking red wine, and that he was curious to find out if there were any, or the same, health benefits in champagne. Well done Jeremy Spencer!

Not only is this great news for those who may suffer, or be prone to suffer, any form of memory loss diseases such as; Alzheimer’s disease and dementia, it is another reason why we can all start to enjoy a glass of the bubbly stuff on a more regular basis.

The next stage of the research is to trial 50 to 60 people, all aged over 65, to drink champagne for three years. And they say research is not fun!

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