High Street Vs. Designer: Which Will You Choose?

Many women lust after designer clothing although few can afford to buy it. The good news is though, if you’re lusting after a designer item, you’ll more than likely find ‘dupes’ of it in one of the high street stores. It’ll probably be a fraction of the price too. However, we all know that designer clothing is the highest quality, and can last a lifetime. Is it worth splashing out on a designer item, or saving your money and getting the cheaper version?


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Buying Designer Clothing

If you’re going to spend your money on designer clothing, then it should be for one reason only; the design. Runway shows are more like an art gallery that you quickly whizz through. It’s like a look inside of the mind of the designer, but many of the creations would be unwearable in normal circumstances.

However, entering a designer store can have a different effect. Just looking through designer collections and seeing how the outfits are put together on the mannequins can inspire just about anybody. You’ll often leave a designer store with a whole new view on fashion, even if you were looking at designer fashion online rather than in a physical store. You don’t even have to purchase anything to be inspired by fashion.

Making a designer purchase is also about branding and quality, as well as design. Whenever you think of buying something designer, think of those three things and ask yourself which one you’re making a priority and why.

Buying into designer clothing for the branding is something a lot of people with money succumb to. You should think very carefully before buying anything for the branding. Buying something for the quality is a much more sensible thing to do. It’ll last much longer and look brand new for longer too. Just bear in mind that designer doesn’t always mean quality, it depends on where you buy it!

Design is a valuable reason to buy designer clothing when you wouldn’t be able to find anything like it anywhere else. When it comes to belts, hats, and sunglasses, they can be easily copies on the high street. Items that are usually worth buying for the design are things such as dresses, shoes, and jackets.

Buying High Street Clothing

High street clothing can look just as good as designer clothing, but it won’t always be in the same league when it comes to quality. That being said; you need to assess whether you will still like this item in a years time. Spending money on designer is all good if you know you want the item to last, but if something is just a fad then buying ‘throwaway fashion’ doesn’t matter.

Analyse the value to you of the design, quality, and branding before making a purchase. This should make it simple for you to decide what to do. Regardless of where you spend your money, remember anything can look superb if you style it correctly!

Thanks for reading. Happy shopping!

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