How to Destress Yourself and Boost your Confidence

Boost your ConfidenceWhether it’s been a long week at work or a stressful few days at home with the children, each and every one of us sometimes needs a pick me up, or a boost, at some stage. These situations can get you down and leave you devoid of energy and confidence, but there are many ways that people can de-stress and clear their heads. While each person is different, and, as a result, has different ways to unwind, we detail our favourite ways of forgetting all about the daily grind and rebuilding our confidence levels.

Top of the list after a long stressful week at the office, with non-stop queries and short deadlines, we love nothing more than a relaxing Friday and/or Saturday on the town. Whether it be a swanky restaurant followed by a wine bar or a night at the theatre the dressing up in our finest clothing straight from the catwalks is the best part of the night itself. Wearing the latest clothes for the first time while looking sharp (even better when complimented on it when out on the town!) is a massive confidence booster and works wonders to unwind after a long week.

If we’re not in the mood for a night or two out with friends and loved ones, heading away for a pampering Spa weekend with the girlies helps blow away the cobwebs for the drudgery of the daily grind just as well. Full body massages, as well as facial and body treatments on top of manicures and pedicures, help banish the built up stresses of the week to leave us feeling refreshed and full of confidence for the upcoming week and its many challenges to come. Of course, the evening cocktails with friends while analysing the recent ongoing sagas and issues in life help plenty too!

If we feel like this during the week and are looking for a way to boost our confidence and ensure that we’re back in shape and in form the following days work, nothing makes us feel better than taking an extra half hour in the gym to burn the away frustrations of the day. On these days we leave the gym radiating after treadmilling our tensions away knowing that we’ll sleep well that night.

On top of that, we know that a glass of wine and a takeaway has already been accounted for with the extra time pounding the treadmill so no cooking or clearing away after dinner make it all worthwhile. With that extra time at home too, we’ve found that firing up the laptop to play a few online games helps take our minds off the world.

No matter if you’re feeling social or anti-social there’s a game for you. Casino or slot games allow you to play by yourself without any interaction, while we’ve found online bingo sites to be the perfect place to chat the night away with likeminded people, just like in the live bingo halls. As well as seeing time fly by and winding down, our main reason for playing is that we hope to be able to emulate one of the big winners on these sites, like Lincolnshire resident John O. who won more than £5.8m at online bingo site from a 30p spin, and be able to throw in the towel when it comes to working!

We’re yet to find anyone that wouldn’t love to win big and take early retirement, and nobody has disagreed with us that taking almost £6m in winnings would be the best way to relax and de-stress yourself either!

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