How to Keep Your Skin from Ageing in the Summer Sun

As we age, gradually skin loses its fat layers and begins to form lines and wrinkles. While the effect of ageing on the skin is inevitable, some factors can predispose you to faster ageing. 

Sunlight is the number one factor responsible for weakening the skin tissue and facilitating the appearance of wrinkles. Sun exposure can also cause abnormal pigmentation, dry skin and skin cancer. Even the smallest amount of exposure to UV and UB rays can have effects on the skin.

You do not have to stop going out during the day to avoid sunlight. With the following tips, you can keep your skin from ageing prematurely;

Always use sunscreen

Sunscreens provide a layer of protection, absorbing sun rays before it reaches the skin. Applying sunblock regularly is the most crucial skincare routine that you should follow. As studies have shown that UV rays can penetrate through clouds, you should use sunscreen regardless of the intensity of the sun.

Look for a broad-spectrum sunblock that has SPF 15 and above. For people with lighter skin, SPF 30 and above will be more suitable. Rub a substantial amount into your limbs, face, ears, hands and all other areas that will be exposed, 15 to 30 minutes before you step out. Reapply every two hours or less if you are swimming or sweating.

Wear protective clothing

You should endeavour to limit the amount of skin that is directly exposed to the sun. Long-sleeved shirts, skirts or pants, preferably in darker shades, can offer significant protection for your skin. A hat with a brim of at least two inches is also ideal, to protect your ears. A baseball hat may not be substantial as it only covers your face.

Protect your eyes

Apart from their aesthetic quality, sunglasses provide much-needed protection for your eyes. Abundant exposure of the eyes can result in the development of cataract and other eye problems. The bigger the sunglasses, the better. You should try to shield as much of your eyes as you can.

Avoid or reduce sunbathing 

The act of spending hours in the sun to achieve a darker skin tone might serve more harm than good in the long run. Dermatologists have advised that the sun should be avoided between 10 am and 4 pm. 

The amount of time spent on tanning beds should also be limited. Self-tanning creams and lotions can be used; however, tanning pills should be avoided as they have not undergone adequate testing.

Use anti-ageing creams

A lot of formulations that reduce the effects of ageing are now available. Though their results are not as pronounced as surgery, they provide visible improvements and can delay the onset of wrinkles. 

Conduct research and choose a cream that works best for you. Avoid using lotions that irritate your skin as this can cause adverse effects. However, creams that burn or cause redness can be tolerated if a qualified dermatologist prescribed them.

Opt for laser skin treatment

Laser treatment works by producing small damages on the skin, causing the body to release collagen for healing, thereby leading to the formation of new and firmer skin. Depending on the laser treatment, you can go back to carrying out your normal daily activities a week after the procedure. 

Book yourself in for a laser skin care treatment in Newcastle. A few sessions of therapy can provide very noticeable results.

Consult a qualified dermatologist

A lot of people purchase and use skincare products based on online reviews or the popularity of the product. While this practice is usually safe, it is advisable to consult a certified skin specialist to find out what is suitable for your skin. 

Choose your skin products carefully. Using the wrong ones can hasten the effects of ageing and cause other avoidable problems. You should also schedule an appointment and get enough information before undergoing any surgical and nonsurgical procedures.


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