How to Prevent your Newly Done Nails from Chipping



Everyone likes the look of newly manicured nails. That is why it is so upsetting when the polish chips or cracks soon after they are painted at a nail salon. There are some sound strategies you can take to maintain your high quality nails. This article will review these strategies and provide tips on how to prevent chipping and cracking. Steps like choosing a good nail polish and making sure your nails are ready to paint will be covered by a quality nail salon. These steps are completed after your nails are done.

Tip 1. Dry your Nail Beds

Prior to going into the salon, make sure that your nail bed is dry. This can be accomplished by buffing your nail and then putting rubbing alcohol on them.

Tip 2. Choose Sparkly Colors

This might seem like an odd tip, but the sparkles in the nail polish help it to adhere to your nails. So if you are on the bubble between two colors and one has sparkles, choose that one!

Tip 3. Painting Process

Whether you venture out and do your nails on your own or go to a salon, someone will be making decisions about which nail polish to use and how to apply it. Make sure the salon is using a high quality nail polish, applying it in thin coats, and putting a little bit of nail polish on the underside of the nail. All of these tricks will help the nail polish to stick to the nail.

Tip 4. Allow your Nails to Dry

After you get your nails done, the salon will want you to stay and make sure that they have adequately dried. This is the first thing you can do to make your polish last longer. Whether it is an ultraviolet or traditional dryer, keep your nails in the dryer for as long as your manicurist says.

Tip 5. Apply Lotion

Sometimes nails chip because they get caught or stuck on items that the nail polish sticks to. After the nails are dry in the salon, but lotion on them so that they are somewhat lubricated.

Tip 6. Avoid Certain Activities

There are naturally some activities that can chip your nails more than others. You want to avoid activities like typing, doing dishes, or anything that will cause you to excessively wash your hands you want to avoid. If you have to do these activities, make sure to wear gloves or in some other way protect your nails.

Tip 7. Don’t Bother your Nails

Many people subconsciously pick at and bite their nails. This is a sure-fired way to ruin a perfect manicure. Make a conscious effort to not bother your nails when they have a newly applied coat.

Tip 8. Reapply Clear Coat

At the nail salon, you will have been given a finishing coat on top of your nails. This finishing coat will not last as long as the underlying polish so make sure that you reapply the clear top coat every few days.

Hands are used in many daily interactions and having nice fingernails exudes a sense of professionalism, style, and the fact that you take great pride in your overall well-being. Excellent nail salons have the materials and techniques needed for a long-lasting and beautiful manicure or pedicure.

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