In the Jeans: The Right Pair for Every Body

jeansBlue jeans have come a long way from their early days when they clothed gold miners in 1880s California. No longer are they strictly for farmers and ranchers. Blue jeans are a staple in the wardrobes of men and women of all ages and from every part of the world.

While everyone may have a pair of blue jeans, you may not be wearing the proper pair with the proper fit. Designers have made great efforts to create various types of jeans that work for many different body types, so it’s a good idea to get an idea of which pair is right for you before you go shopping.

Today’s jeans are available in a variety of styles, so there is a pair for every body type. However, to avoid fitting room frustration or buyer’s remorse, follow these tips to ensure you find the perfect jeans.

For the Guys

In the jeans department, men tend to have it easier than women do. Men’s styles are generallysimpler and better suited for wide variety of body types. However, that does not mean guys get a free pass. It’s still important to accurately assess your shape, and try on several pairs of jeans in different styles to make sure you find the right one.

  • Tall and thin.  Tall men have a distinct advantage. They can wear just about any style in any situation. The classicLevis five pocket style is perfect for tall and thin men, as are the trendy boot cut styles. The loose-fit styles that contain more fabric in the seat and thigh areas also look good on tall men, but make sure you don’t choose a pair with too much loose fabric. Thin guys are the only ones who can pull off skinny jeans, but this style on men often makes a personality statement beyond flattering your body type.
  • Short and stocky.  Men with this type of build may feel a little overwhelmed when shopping for jeans. However, there are only a few styles of jeans stocky guys should not wear. Skinny jeans tend to be out of bounds, as are boot cut styles that can makes legs appear shorter. What you should be wearing are slim-fit styles in the classic Levis five pocket style, or the roomier, loose-fit types. Always choose the darkest wash available and consider wearing boots with a heel to add an inch or two to your frame.
  • Athletic.  Men with an athletic body type have to be careful to avoid looks that are too tight. While you may be tempted to show off your physique in a snug pair of jeans, it’s best to resist. Choose a pair that offers a bit more room in the thigh and butt areas, as this will allow you the freedom to move and sit down comfortably. Never choose the boot cut style, especially if you have well defined thighs, and stay far, far away from skinny jeans.

For the Ladies

Women have more choices of jeans than men do. While the variety is definitely a good thing, it can also make the right choice of denim that much harder. Ensuring the proper fit is crucial, and that all starts with determining your specific body type.

  • Tall and thin.  Tall, thin women can look good in a number of jeans styles. Skinny jeans might seem like the obvious choice, but make sure to pair them with either an ankle boot or an equestrian style boot to keep legs from looking too thin. Boot cut jeans look great on tall women, as they offer some definition in the lower leg area. Choose styles that offer back pockets with flaps and buttons to add some shape to your derriere, if needed.
  • Curvy.   Many curvy women used to shy away from jeans as it was sohard to find the perfect fit, but those days are over. Choose a style with a higher waistband and a flared leg to play up your curves. A darker wash can do wonders to make your bottom half appear slimmer. Pair your jeans with a heeled shoe to add height and to elongate your frame.
  • Athletic.  For those ladies with strong, defined thighs and calves and an athletic build, you have a few different choices. If you want to show off that definition, opt for skinny jeans and pair them with pumps in a bright color to show off all of your hard work.If you’d prefer a more understated look, choose jeans with a wide flare in a dark color. Top them with a blousy shirt in a lighter color to draw attention toward your face.

The right pair of jeans takes your look from frumpy to fabulous almost immediately. Make sure you’ve correctly assessed your body type, and be choosy when trying jeans on. The right look will be yours in no time.

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