How to Look Amazing Wearing Absolutely Anything

What woman doesn’t want to look amazing wearing absolutely anything? Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case – why can’t we all just look like Cheryl Cole? Don’t worry ladies, you might not be Cheryl (who spends a lot of money to look as nice as she does, by the way), but you are YOU, and you can look amazing wearing absolutely anything. It’s true! Here’s how to do it…


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Get a Sunkissed Glow

Nobody’s saying you need to slap on so much fake tan that you could rival Katie Price in the tangoed stakes. However, even if you just use a gradual tan to get a light sunkissed appearance, you’ll look a lot healthier. Tan also makes you look slimmer! The pasty look can make us look ill and tired, so get to grips with fake tan to look healthier.

Stand Up Straight

Stand up straight. If you slouch, you instantly look tired, plumper, and the clothes you wear can look unflattering. The key is to walk tall with your shoulders and head up high – be confident! If you look confident, then it’ll shine through whatever you wear.


Smile! So many girls pull something called the ‘troutpout’ or ‘duckface’, and to be frank: it isn’t attractive. A lovely smile is much more attractive, and men are more attracted to girls who smile rather than pout or scowl. This should be your favourite accessory.

Wear the Correct Underwear Underneath Your Outfit

The incorrect underwear can make a good outfit look bad, so make sure you’ve got everything you need to complete your look. For example, great quality designer lingerie is perfect underneath a formal dress, or if you’re conscious of any lumps and bumps you might want to try some shapewear. There are all different styles of shapewear made for going underneath any outfit, whether it’s a long dress, mini dress, or playsuit! There’s something for everyone, and you can smooth your tummy, legs, and perk up your bum in an instant.

Blowdry Your Hair

Smooth, silky, blow dried hair always looks more luxurious and touchable than hair that hasn’t been washed or styled. Take a tip from the celebs and never be spotted without your bouncy blowdry!

Choose Clothes to Suit Your Body Type

We all have unique body types, so some clothes will look better on you than on your best friend, and vice versa. Take advice from Gok Wan and choose clothes that suit your body type to look your absolute best. Play up your best assets and play down the parts of your body you don’t like so much.

Be True to Yourself

The most important tip of all is to be true to yourself. Don’t wear clothes you feel uncomfortable in, and definitely don’t try to be something you’re not. So what if nobody else likes the clothes you like? You’ll look amazing in them because you feel comfortable! When you feel uncomfortable in an outfit, it shines through, so only wear clothes you love!


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